Resort pool with bungalows and Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Steve D.
Submitted on 7.4.2022

Our family had a wonderful trip to Spain in late May and Early June 2022. Lalo from our travel agency was extremely kind, helpful and patient as we worked together to define an itinerary for our family. He provided great insight as we considered the specific cities we wanted to visit and made good recommendations based on taking the time to get to know us and our interests. He always followed up very quickly on any actions he took and emailed or texted the information back to us. In addition, Lalo was a tremendous help when two of our family members surprisingly tested positive for COVID and we could not return to the U.S. as planned. Lalo helped us extend our trip by a few days, found us a hotel (when all hotels in the city were sold out) and arranged for us to get additional COVID tests a few days later and new transportation to the airport. He took the time to make sure we were well taken care of, even though our itinerary with our travel agency was technically complete. Lalo did not request any additional fees for these extra services.I would highly recommend Lalo and this travel company for anyone considering a trip to Spain or Portugal. Having someone who is a local (based in Madrid) with great knowledge of the country definitely beats a company based in the U.S. (or another home country) who may have visited Spain a few times.Thank you again, Lalo - - we loved your country and hope to return to visit northern Spain next time! 

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Travel agent Vasilis in Greece

Vasilis' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Arnold F.
Submitted on 6.28.2022

Our travel agency provided us an outstanding trip! From the accommodations, to the drivers, to the tour guides, our experience was better than we could have dreamed possible. Seetha, from our travel company, even met us at the airport with our driver to welcome us to Athens and presented us with a gift of Greek goodies. We highly recommend this company, and Seetha, to everyone.

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Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Tara D.
Submitted on 6.30.2022

Our travel agency planned a wonderful itinerary for our family of four (myself, my husband, and our 23-year-old and 18-year-old children). We enjoyed just under 2 weeks total; the first part of our trip was in Norway and we ended with three days in Copenhagen.We originally booked our trip for June of 2020, but due to Covid we didn't actually travel until June of 2022. Our adventure was worth the wait! We were in regular contact with our travel team throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022. We were always confident that they were working to preserve the deposit we had submitted, re-booking pretty much everything for our rescheduled dates. With so many aspects of all of our lives being interrupted and uncertain for so long, I really appreciated how diligently our team kept in touch with us. Our 2022 trip turned out to be just marvelous - and all the more magical for having anticipated it for so long.We started with two days in Bergen and then spent about a week driving north, stopping to stay and explore in several lovely locations along the route to Trondheim (where we had about a day-and-a-half). We flew to Copenhagen for the final leg of our itinerary.The itinerary itself was perfectly planned for a self-driving experience. We were very comfortable in all the hotels that were booked for us. Without exception the staff we met were helpful and gracious. We were extremely pleased with the experiences planned for us by our travel specialist, and with the balance of unscheduled time in which we could do whatever seemed interesting to us. Our daughter is an avid runner and she was delighted with routes that she found (and those recommended to her by hotel staff) both in the cities and in the more rural settings.I would take this exact trip again - but I am sure I would also love a completely different journey planned by the team at our travel agency. It was our first time visiting Scandinavia but it will not be the last...

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Travel agent Carl in Japan office

Carl's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Azarmeen P.
Submitted on 1.12.2020

This travel company created a meticulously planned trip that allowed us an authentic insight into Japan, its people and culture. The travel company is particularly adept at giving its clients an insiders look into Japan. They spent time in finding the best people who represent the local art and culture and ensured that we were able to have hands-on, immersive experiences that resonated with us and that we will remember. I was most impressed by the fact that unbidden, the travel planner and his team took time to curate a list of bakeries and confectionaries and their specialties because they knew that was an interest and passion that I have.While everything that they had planned worked like clockwork the few things with which we were not completely happy were changed with alacrity. It should be noted that after our first full day with our guide it was clear to us that we had enjoyed everything except our guide's company. The travel company promptly made changes and provided a refund as well! We also did not like our hotel in Tokyo (we had requested to stay at this hotel- the planner did not recommend it). Despite it being a busy time, this travel company found us an alternative hotel that we loved. This company is extremely responsive and adaptable if you need changes made during your trip; a real advantage of using local travel agency like this one over US based ones.

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Travel agent Jeff in Scotland

Jeff's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Brenda F.
Submitted on 6.5.2022

From start to finish this trip was everything we could have hoped for. I told Jeff a bit about our interests in Scotland and he put together a trip that hit all the marks. Great itinerary, hotels, sights and distilleries! Jeff and Linda took care of all the details from the moment we landed in Edinburgh until we said a sad goodbye to Scotland in Glasgow.Our guide was incredible! Knowledgeable, funny, tireless and a wonderful storyteller - she made the trip perfect for us.

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Travel agent Andrea, specializing in Croatia, Montenegro; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia

Andrea's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Julie M.
Submitted on 6.7.2022

Jack, the Kellers, and I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful itinerary. After the initial bump in actually getting a flight to Dubrovnik, we thoroughly enjoyed every single day and every hotel – each was beautiful and unique. Everything ran like clockwork once we arrived in Dubrovnik – hotels expected us, the rental car pickups and returns were smooth, and the transfers were on time. Our travel company, and specifically Andrea, made sure that we had a memorable trip.

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Travel agent Paulo in Argentina

Paulo's Travel Agency


 Based on 28 reviews

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Verified Review

Brent S.
Submitted on 3.2.2022

The travel planner and his team did an exceptional job planning our 10-day vacation to Chile! We went to Patagonia, Santiago, Colchagua Valley, and the Atacama desert. What we really enjoyed about working with our planner was that the trip was tailored to our interests rather than many other travel agencies where they send everyone the same trip outline. Our itinerary was thoughtfully assembled and took into consideration all of our interests (wine, hiking, site seeing, etc.). Additionally, the travel planner and his team were there for us every step of the trip. Whether it was preparing all of the necessary documents to enter the country or sending us daily app messages to detail our day/excursions, they were on top of everything! They are also available 24/7 and will always answer your message or call. We were truly grateful to have their support this entire trip. Without the travel company, we would have been lost and struggled mightily to plan a trip of this caliber. I would highly recommend using the planner and his team for your trip to Chile, Argentina, or any other country in South America. We had an incredible time on every step of the journey. You will not regret it! 

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Travel agent Hassan in Morocco

Hassan's Travel Agency


 Based on 16 reviews

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Verified Review

Melinda H.
Submitted on 6.22.2022

This was an OUTSTANDING trip!!!! We Love Morocco & our travel agency!For a recent, post-covid, 2-week trip, it is quite a feat to execute a beautiful, action-packed, culturally rich, trip without hiccups, and that's exactly what it was. Hassan was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He answered all my questions throughout any point. He was incredibly responsive and ensured that we had exactly the type of experience we desired: authenticity, real sights and experiences away from the crowds, and getting to see a lot of the country. Our tours were given by all local guides who grew up in the town we toured, which added to the experience and highlighted their expertise, and we loved to support local people and local businesses.Hassan's team is also incredible. We were lucky to get to spend our time with driver/guide, who was MUCH more than a driver. He was kind, knowledgable, flexible, patient, and enthusiastic to share the beauty, tradition, history, and culture of his country at all times. He thoughtfully answered all of our questions and made the trip incredibly fun and a learning experience. We were able to ask him about any topic, place, practice, or thing anywhere in Morocco and he was able to create a rich discussion on the matter. He thought deeply about our preferences and goals and tailored our trip seamlessly. He constantly ensured we were enjoying ourselves and were getting what we wished for from each and every day and made adjustments as needed with pleasure. We are SO grateful for our guide; he truly went above and beyond to make the trip as perfect as it was.This travel agency is an incredible company run by kind, professional, enthusiastic people who are eager and happy to share their beautiful country with you. Thank you Hassan & to our guide!! 

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Featured Reviews

Honeymoon in Greece Review: Paros & Mykonos Island, Wine Tour in Santorini, Acropolis Tour, Sunsets & Relaxation


Kelly T.
Jun 14, 2022
Our travel agents were great to work with and allowed us to experience a relaxing, stress-free honeymoon! We stayed in four locations throughout Greece, including three islands, and the timeline they provided was fantastic. They catered to our needs in terms of budget and excursions, and all of the transportation and logistics were seamless. We greatly enjoyed our beautiful trip to Greece, and would definitely recommend Zicasso and this travel agent to others. 

Costa Rica Vacation Reviews: Monteverde, Cahuita National Park, Osa Peninsula, Manuel Antonio National Park


Mark R.
Apr 11, 2022
Catalina and her team at the travel agency are great. She facilitated a wonderful trip to Costa Rica, she was a pleasure to work with, very professional, and very flexible and responsive when planning the trip. This travel agency both has their own staff - drivers and guides - and contracts with outside agencies to provide services. Their drivers and staff were awesome and the best we had on the whole trip. Wish we had them everywhere - but we booked pretty late and during a very busy season so that was not possible. Catalina even arranged to provide us with a sim card as soon as we arrived in Portugal, with some minutes already loaded, so we could immediately start communicating with the agency and with our friends. This was a wonderful service. Some of our activities and guides (from outside companies were not as good as we would have liked) but we really appreciated that Catalina welcomes our feedback so that she can provide the very best service to the next clients. Thank you Catalina and travel agency - with a special shout-out to Randy.

Italy & France Travel Review: Paris, Florence, Rome, Vatican, Colosseum, Chocolate & Pastry Tour, Seine Boat Ride, Cooking Class


Mary J.
Jul 04, 2022
When I initially decided to take this trip to Europe I didn't have a travel agent. I started to explore companies on the internet.  I read the reviews of several companies and decided Zicasso was the one I was going to pursue. They put me in touch with a couple different agents. The one I was most impressed with was Rose at this travel agency. She is a joy to work with and very thorough. She tailored our trip to our specific interests. Through out the planning stage she was very prompt with answers to any questions that arose. During our trip we kept in touch. She inquired as to how our trip was going. During our trip our travel agency was there for us making sure things were going as planned. All the drivers and guides that we worked with were top notch and professional.

Belize Honeymoon Review: Stay on Private Island, Ambergris Caye, Drinks & Food, Relaxation & Dives


Robert T.
Apr 24, 2022

First, we want to say that our trip to Belize was exactly what we were hoping for! We reached out to Zicasso for help planning our honeymoon to Belize and were matched up with the travel agent at the travvel company.  We had envisioned a beach honeymoon that included relaxing on the beach but also scuba diving multiple times during the week.  We are also foodies and love to experience a countries cuisine via private dinners or cooking classes wherever we travel.  Our agent heard all of our requests and brought it to life for us.  It was a perfect combination of romantic and relaxing, while also being fun and adventurous at times.We spent 7 days total in Belize. The first portion was spent on a private island resort close to Dangriga.  We could only utilize a boat to get on and off the island.  We had one day of diving and the rest of the time was spent relaxing on the beach, drinking fruity drinks, and eating delicious food.  The resort was very welcoming and accommodating. Our final night on the island included a private dinner with the head chef of the resort.  That was certainly a highlight of the trip! This first leg of our trip was truly incredible and forced us to unwind and really detach ourselves from our hectic home lives and enjoy the moment in time that we had on this beautiful Caye. The second portion of the trip was spent on Ambergris Caye at another 5 star resort just outside of bustling San Pedro.  We stayed in a beach front cabana.  Having our front door open up to the sandy beach, with the ocean steps from our front door was breathtaking! The food and service at the resort were top notch and the diving excursions we had were something we will not ever forget. Throughout the trip the travel company was just an email or phone call away.  They checked in on us throughout the vacation making sure everything was going smoothly.  We constantly felt taken care of and that our happiness and satisfaction with our trip/experience were the most important thing to this travel agency.  We cannot recommend the travel agent and her affiliates enough if you are planning a trip to Belize. Everything service related (both by the agency and the resorts) was impeccable and executed seamlessly and took any and all travel related stress away.  When we go back to Belize we will be using the travel agency again!  Thank you so much for the amazing honeymoon and the fantastic memories we created while in Belize.

Turkey & Greece Honeymoon Travel Review: 2-Week Tour


Juan L.
Jul 06, 2022
I booked my honeymoon to Turkey and Greece and it was a fantastic experience! First, they are very attentive and respond to any questions or concerns very promptly. They do a great job on listening to what is important for you and what you want your trip to be like, and tailor it to your preferences. All the hotels, guides, activities they recommended were excellent! Also, having all the internal transportation taken care of removes a lot of the trip’s stress and makes it much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this travel agency to anyone, you will not regret it!

Argentina Honeymoon Travel Review: Villa La Angostura, Mendoza, Fishing, The Food & People


Brett I.
Jan 04, 2022
The travel company planned the perfect tip for our honeymoon. They listened to what we wanted and planned a seamless trip that had private service which we greatly appreciated over other travel agencies. Everyone on their team was very responsive at all times and coordinated everything to make our trip amazing. Argentina is such a beautiful country with wonderful food, scenery, people and experiences. I highly recommend visiting Argentina it has been one of my favorite countries I have traveled too and using the travel company to help plan it you wont be disappointed.

South Africa Luxury Honeymoon Review: Sabi Sand, Table Top Mountain, Botanical Gardens, Cape Point Nature Reserve, 11-Day Tour


Brittney F.
Sep 10, 2021

We had an amazing and very memorable honeymoon! It is honestly hard to put into words just how fantastic the whole experience was. We have been telling all our friends and family that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. My husband and I can not say enough great things about Natalie. She made planning our honeymoon such a pleasure and we credit her with the amazing time we had. All of her suggestions, tips, and planning made this experience great for us. She stayed on top of everything, was quick to respond to our questions, and follow up was greatly appreciated. We had a couple of schedule changes due to flight changes and weather and she took care of everything, we have nothing to worry about because she was on top of it all. 

When we started planning our honeymoon, we looked at several travel companies but they all seemed to have basic itineraries; however, Zicasso and our travel agent, Natalie, got to know us and our interests and created a specialized itinerary that was perfect for us!

Luxury Greece & Italy Honeymoon Travel Review: Athens, 3-Week Trip


Lauren V.
Jun 11, 2022
My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things. We were hesitant to use a travel company to help plan our 19 day Italy-Greece honeymoon at first because we have never used one before but it was the best decision we made. From day 1 it was a fun a collaborative experience. Our travel planner Panos made it a 1 of a kind experience and knew so much about every location, hotel and excursion it made decision making so easy. And was so incredibly responsive. Each time we took his opinion about something, it ended up being a highlight of our trip. Everything was planned including stays, transportation, dinner reservations, tours you name it so once we stepped off the airplane we didn’t have to think about a thing other than enjoying our trip. We even were able to contact him whenever we needed throughout our trip with questions and asked for suggestions and he always responded happily and immediately. We would not change one thing about our trip. It was the trip of a lifetime and it was perfect and we owe it all to Panos and our travel agency.

Croatia Trip Review: Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, History, 10-Day Tour


Kathleen C.
May 17, 2022
This trip was one of the top trips we have ever taken due to the excellent work of Jen. She was one of two travel agents in Croatia that Zicasso provided us with to provide possible itineraries based on the number of days we wanted to travel and the amount we wanted to spend. Zicasso's response was quick and they followed up several times to make sure we had everything we needed. Both travel itineraties were excellent, we had a difficult time choosing between the two that Zicasso sent.

Luxury Greece Honeymoon Trip Review: Athens, Santorini, 10-Day Tour


Shaina B.
Jun 05, 2022
George did an amazing job planning our honeymoon to Greece. He took into consideration everything that we wanted to do and made it happen. We did not have to think about transportation between hotels or for activities, it was set up for us. This was nice so that we could just sit back and enjoy our vacation. Thank you for giving us a great trip, I would highly recommend working with this travel company. 
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