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About Europe
Europe’s appeal is as diverse as its endless history. An epic patchwork quilt of experiences await, each idiosyncratic country knitted together with pervasive charm and vibrant culture. You’re not just visiting different countries, but you are exploring a whole continent of distinctive fabrics, compelling narratives, and rich traditions. No two vacations in Europe are ever the same.
Main course at Restaurant Bareiss, Baiersbronn - rated three Michelin stars

12 Michelin Stars in Seven Days: Journey to Germany’s Unexpected...

8 days in Germany

Discard the schnitzel and ditch the bratwurst as Zicasso forges an edible journey to the world’s most exciting culinary center - the Black Forest. With 12 Michelin Star dining... Read more...

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Game of Thrones Spain Tour: Season 5

8 days in Spain

From the majestic Water Gardens of Sunspear to the grand palace of the Martell’s, your soon-to-be favorite moments from season five of Game of Thrones are here waiting for you to... Read more...

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A golden moment in Florence that takes your breath away

Italy: The Gold Standard Tour

10 days in Italy

Succumb to the beauty and savor the wealth of culture in Italy. As one of Zicasso’s 5 year anniversary signature tours, this Italian journey literally sets the gold standard! From... Read more...

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Highlights of Andalucia & Madrid Tour with Barcelona Option

10 days in Spain

Allow the magic of another place to touch your soul, as you immerse yourself in the splendors of Andalusia—Spain’s most vibrant culture. This is the region where Christians, Jews... Read more...

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Amazing Dubrovnik old town and city walls, view from the St. Lawrence Fortress

Game of Thrones: A Unique Tour of Croatia

7 days in Croatia

Game of Thrones is a series so rich that it beggars description, so alluring that it cannot be resisted, and so captivating that it leaves you eagerly awaiting the next episode.... Read more...

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Luxury Romantic Getaway to Ireland: Manor Houses & Castles

8 days in Ireland

Fall in love again in Ireland. Sumptuous interiors and elegant facades, rich and supple furnishings and striking balustrades, the castles and manor houses of Ireland are among the... Read more...

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Family Friendly Tour to Turkey & Greece

11 days in Greece, Turkey

As the Mediterranean twinkles and Roman splendor cascades down mountainsides, this family tailored vacation effortlessly combines two paradigms. Explore the riches of Istanbul and... Read more...

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Central Europe Tour 2015: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest &...

13 days in Austria, Czech Republic...

There is only space for the exceptional on this 13-day journey through the highlights of Central Europe. There is majesty in the medieval stone bridges that link Prague’s shores,... Read more...

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Luxury Spain Tour 2015-2016

14 days in Spain

Delight in the sheer joy of Spain as you visit the country’s most beautiful sights and indulge in the good life. On this two-week luxury tour, you’ll stay in upscale boutique... Read more...

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Behind-the-Scenes Paris Tour: An Intro to its Luxury Lifestyle

7 days in France

Our hand-crafted tour of Paris introduces you to its emblematic luxury industries - haute couture, art and antiques, gastronomy and fine wines, along with its legendary... Read more...

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A Perfect Greece Vacation Package 2015-2016: Mykonos, Santorini,...

9 days in Greece

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Athens and the Greek Islands, combining remarkable archaeological sites, magnificent beaches, white washed villages, scrumptious food and great... Read more...

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Italy Vacation Packages 2015: Customized Tours

13 days in Italy

Europe’s richest culture will enchant you with its incredible sights and irresistible charm. Ancient ruins, beautiful cities and the mesmerizing Mediterranean await you. Amongst... Read more...

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Highclere Castle: On this tour, enjoy an exclusive expert-guided tour inside the home of the Crawleys. Photo by JBUK_Planet on Flickr

Downton Abbey Season 4 Tour

7 days in England

Relish the glitz, the glamour, the dazzling drama, the fairy-tale castle and fabulous Jazz Age entertainment. To truly experience Downton Abbey is to be magically drawn into... Read more...

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Scotland Castles Tour

8 days in Scotland

The castles of Scotland are as stunningly impressive as they are gloriously unique, ranging from the fortresses of the Middle Ages to the elegant manor houses that saw the births... Read more...

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Culinary Traditions and Treasures of Paris

7 days in France

For art, architecture, fashion and culture, Paris is one of the great treasure houses of the world. Steeped in history and tradition, food and wine are the heart and soul of her... Read more...

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Spain & France Tour of Art and Beauty

13 days in France, Spain

The sun sets low over the Catalonian fields and spreads its rays over the glittering azure expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Modern cities and darling villages greet you at every... Read more...

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Self Drive Tour of Southern Spain: Andalucia

7 days in Spain

Dare to experience the joys of Andalusia, the birthplace of so many famous Spanish traditions: festivals, siestas, bull fights, tapas. After a few days, you will be under the... Read more...

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Madrid & Toledo: Spain Tour

5 days in Spain

Open your eyes to the beauty of Spain. The awe-inspiring art, magnificent monuments, convivial culture, and unbelievable nightlife will dazzle you. Celebrate the moment and... Read more...

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Italy for Chocoholics! A Unique Tour of Umbria

8 days in Italy

Reset yourself to a new rhythm: rest, relaxation and indulgence. Allow yourself to be pampered at luxurious accommodations in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Wake up to the... Read more...

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Unique experiences designed for you

Amazing Family Italian Vacation: Rome, Venice, and Florence

8 days in Italy

See the greatest cities of Italy through the eyes of a child and learn how to make the country’s culinary specialties. Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, a guided tour of Rome, and a... Read more...

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Luxury UK Vacation: England, Scotland & Ireland

12 days in UK

Hallowed halls and boisterous bars, Scotch-Irish brogues and the aristocratic lilt of Shakespearean England, the United Kingdom is filled with the sights and sounds that remind... Read more...

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London, Paris & Barcelona Tour in 14 days

14 days in France, Spain, UK

These are three of Europe’s greatest metropolises, the urban conglomerations that have become synonymous with fine taste, fine food and fine scenery. They’re the places that set... Read more...

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Spain, Morocco & Gibraltar Tour

12 days in Morocco, Spain

Give in to the subtle allurement of the sunshine and the seaside, the fun-loving festivals, and the spectacular sights. This special vacation takes you to two of Spain’s most... Read more...

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Best of Catalonia: Barcelona & Monastery of Montserrat Tour

5 days in Spain

Centuries of history, and the dazzling promises of the future. Wide and bustling streets lined with dreamlike buildings and exclusive boutiques, and the inspiring beauty of a... Read more...

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