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Hermes, the Greek God of travel, was revered as a “bringer of dreams.” Much like Greek mythology, travel rewards open minded indulgence, never failing on promises of unexpected enrichment and enchantment. Zicasso connects you with the world's best boutique tour companies, handcrafting itineraries that fulfill Hermes's legacy and turn longstanding reverie into travel reality.

China: The Silk Road from Yunnan to Tibet

12 days in China

Travel ancient trade routes from China's culturally rich southern Yunnan province to the mysterious high Tibetan Plateau, where Buddhism permeates every aspect of life.

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Art, Food, and Culture Tour of Italy

10 days in Italy

From awe-inspiring art to luscious landscapes, from the Trevi Fountain to Siena’s Campo to Florence’s unforgettable Duomo, this is a tour that will take you past your wildest... Read more...

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Discover Piedmont, Liguria and Lake Como Tour

8 days in Italy

Sapphire blue waters and the charms of the best resorts in Italy await you in its incomparable northwest. The scenery here is breathtaking, the weather sensational, the culture... Read more...

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Classic Italy Tours 2015-2016

9 days in Italy

From intriguing history to incredible food and wine, this classic amongst our Italy tours has it all! Become captivated by the eternal beauty of Rome, the Renaissance splendor of... Read more...

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A night view of Big Ben in London.

5 Star London Vacation

7 days in UK

From high tea to strolling Hyde Park to a Saturday afternoon at Harrods, London is a place built for style, class and luxury. Personally guided tours and evenings at a five-star... Read more...

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Italy Cooking Tour: Parco Fiorito & Villa Pitiana

7 days in Italy

Mangia Bene (Eat Well)!  Tuscany and Umbria will win both your heart and stomach with regional delicacies, warm hospitality and celestial landscapes. Journey outside the kitchen,... Read more...

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South Africa Whale Watching Tour and African Safari

13 days in South Africa

Relish the rich natural beauty and diversity that South Africa has to offer, and enjoy the finest marine viewing experiences. Get up-close-and-personal to marine mammals in their... Read more...

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Luxury Romantic Getaway to Ireland: Manor Houses & Castles

8 days in Ireland

Fall in love again in Ireland. Sumptuous interiors and elegant facades, rich and supple furnishings and striking balustrades, the castles and manor houses of Ireland are among the... Read more...

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South Africa: Johannesburg & Rhino Walking Safari

6 days in South Africa

South Africa’s Kruger National Park is one of the best wildlife viewing destinations in Africa. This huge park is the size of Israel or Wales, and boasts a tremendous diversity of... Read more...

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Luxury Africa Safari at Sabi Sabi: Pristine African Wilderness

5 days in South Africa

The Sabi Sands Reserve ranks as one of the premier wildlife viewing destinations in the world, where incredible encounters with the Big 5 and other animals are all but guaranteed... Read more...

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16 days in Italy

This is Italy with no-holds barred, an excursion of such incomparable luxury that it beggars description. Private tours of the Vatican Museum and after-hours visits to Venice’s St... Read more...

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Luxury Golf Vacation in Scotland...with Whisky!

9 days in UK

Speyside spirits and sixty-foot putts, the incomparable pleasure of birdie and the unmatched delight of an aged single malt, a future that stretches ahead to tomorrow and... Read more...

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Botswana & South Africa Safari for Seniors

10 days in Botswana, South Africa

Designed with senior travelers in mind, this exclusive Southern Africa itinerary combines three iconic wonders. It starts in Cape Town, one of the world's most beautiful and... Read more...

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An Adventurer’s Honeymoon to Zambia

11 days in Zambia

Life is an adventure, meant to be explored and discovered alongside your indispensible partner. It’s about venturing together into unknown lands, thrilled by the spectacular... Read more...

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Celebrating Your Love in Enchanting East Africa

12 days in Tanzania

Gaze upon the towering rise of Mount Meru and marvel at the thousands of wildebeest grazing on the lush Serengeti. Snap pictures of the amber glow of the sun setting over the... Read more...

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Romantic Tahiti Honeymoon Package: 10 Days

9 days in Tahiti

There is a place where time stands still, where the real world ends and living begins. There is a place where all your plans are yet to be determined and where all your worries... Read more...

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Croatia and Slovenia Luxury Tour

7 days in Croatia, Slovenia

Do you long to experience the past with the luxurious comforts of the present day? Do you dream of exploring antiquity's hidden gems while discovering the modern pleasures of... Read more...

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Croatia Nature and Wine Tour – Zagreb, Plitvice, Split, Hvar, Kor...

10 days in Croatia

Nature lovers will revel in the sensational scenery and history buffs will rave over the relics the past. Foodies will love the vibrant culinary scene and art aficionados will... Read more...

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Croatia Tour 2015: Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split

9 days in Croatia

With its ancient church towers lining the sapphire expanses of the Adriatic and the rolling hills of ochre shingles fringed with the emerald green of primeval trees, Croatia is... Read more...

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Best of Croatia and Slovenia Tour

15 days in Croatia, Slovenia

Marvel at the soaring peaks and tumbling caves in Slovenia and delight in the bell towers and winding streets of Zadar. Ogle at the spectacular opulence of the Saint Dujam’s... Read more...

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Croatia and Game of Thrones Tour – Hvar, Dubrovnik, Split

9 days in Croatia

From its city streets to the shores of the Adriatic: for a vacation that is truly limitless, there is no place like Croatia. Experience the boundless beauty of the Plitvice Lakes... Read more...

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Best of England Tour 2015-2016

7 days in England

From afternoon tea to “God Save the Queen,” England is a place unlike any other, filled with adventures waiting to be had and memories waiting to be made. And with private tours... Read more...

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Shakespeare Tour

7 days in England

There is only one Shakespeare, only one man who could create King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, only man who could so skillfully blend theatre and poetry, only one man who... Read more...

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Luxury England Tour

7 days in England

Manor houses and Michelin-starred restaurants, rural serenity and urbanity in the capital, members of the landed classes and of the nouveau-riche, the United Kingdom is a country... Read more...

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