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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Sarfraz B.
Submitted on 8.7.2022

Ana and her team from this travel agency made our first international family vacation absolutely magnificent! Ana in particular was patient and attentive from the moment I started describing what my family wanted to see and do on this trip. She helped curate an itinerary that was enjoyable for not only my wife and I, but also our 3 children ranging in age from 6 to 12. Her attention to detail was evident the moment we arrived, where she made sure our airport transportation provided a child seat for our 6 year old, to the moment we departed, where she arranged breakfast-to-go with the hotel for our early morning flight. Working with our travel company and their amazing network of tour guides made us feel like we had (very knowledgeable) friends taking us around the country. The end result was an unforgettable vacation for us!

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Travel agent Andres in Iceland

Andrés' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Michael G.
Submitted on 3.13.2022

We had such a good time in Iceland.  The travel planner made the trip amazing even with some bad weather!  He planned for flexibility in the schedule to accommodate times when we had to make adjustments due to weather which was great.  This flexibility meant we still got to see and do everything we had planned.  It was really nice to experience different areas of Iceland over the eight days we were there.  Our planner ensured we saw some of everything with the itinerary he put together for us.  Glacier hiking on a beautiful day was so amazing!  And Diamond Beach and the ice caves are beautiful!

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Travel agent Adam in France

Adam's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kathryn D.
Submitted on 8.19.2022

We had a brilliant time traveling in the South of France and Provence! The hotels our travel company allocated were absolutely fabulous! Our drivers were always on time, polite, friendly and the cars were lovely. Our experiences were top notch. We would absolutely use their services again!

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Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Robyn F.
Submitted on 7.11.2022

Anna was great to work with and created a trip of a lifetime for me and my family! She listened to my ideas and offered suggestions that truly enhanced our trip. Without her expertise and ideas, we would not have had the unique experiences and personal touches that made this a phenomenal trip for all of us.Not only would I recommend Zicasso to my friends and family, but I will continue to use Zicasso for all my future trips! All the details from private transfers and tours as well as stays at boutique hotels were taken care of for us—so easy, so pleasant, so memorable.

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Travel agent Marco in Portugal

Marco's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Terry p.
Submitted on 6.15.2022

      The guides were awesome....for the most part. Well-informed and personable....responsive to needs and questions.       Would have liked a hotel closer to water and/or 'action'       Better reviews/evaluations of restaurants needed. On days we were on our own suggestions for restaurants would have been appreciated.       Needed better communication and follow thru when one of our flights was canceled which meant... when we finally         did reach our destination ...our ride was no where to be found. Then had to catch a taxi of which there was 3 outside            but did not return for another fare.....left us with a wish and a prayer.       With our return flight on June 12 we should have ne notified by Zicarro and/or Hotels that the negative Covid test to        reenter the US was lifted at midnight that day.... saving us from finding a testing spot and the cost of test. We were        fortunate that a friend had made us aware of this development. Our final guide on this trip when asked if the airport        had a testing facility....said it did not.....when in fact there was a testing spot at airport. Very irritating he gave us      wrong info.     

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Travel agent Sabina in New Zealand

Chelsea's Travel Agency


 Based on 18 reviews

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New Zealand

Verified Review

Emily M.
Submitted on 3.12.2020

We worked w/ Chelsea and found her to be prompt, attentive, and responsive. She did an excellent job w/ following up with us, developing our itinerary, and following our guidance about priorities which included focusing on experiences over lodging. That said, there was a fair degree of variability within the lodging and I would definitely not stay again or recommend some of the places we stayed.

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Travel agent Jeff in Scotland

Jeff's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Joyce B.
Submitted on 8.22.2022

The trip was once in a lifetime. All my dreams came true during this trip (except I have to go back to see more). We were treated like queens that we pretended to be. Water was served, a daily snack provided and our luggage carried in and out of a sparkly clean vehicle. Everything I asked for was organized and delivered with extra attention to detail. I can't say enough positive comments about this travel company.

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Travel agent Rachel in Africa

Rachel's Travel Agency


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South Africa

Verified Review

Stephanie H.
Submitted on 8.25.2022

Extremely well organized trip. All transfers were on time. All accommodation was exceptional. Rachel at this travel company was quick to reply to any comments or questions I had during the planning stages.

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Featured Reviews

Luxury Portugal Travel Review: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Douro Valley, Boat Ride, City Tours, 10-Day Trip


Tracey A.
Jul 08, 2022
We had an outstanding trip to Portugal! Filomena and her team are top notch, I highly recommend them. From planning to execution, everything was perfect! The tour guides and drivers in each city were outstanding- friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable. We loved them all!! Thank you- Filomena, Walter, George and Ricardo!! The tours were exactly what we asked for and more!! Filomena listened to all our requests for tours, hotels and restaurants and booked incredible selections! The small touches go a long way!! Filomena and her team are a 5 plus, plus start group!We have travelled a lot and to many countries with many different travel agents and Filomena has far surpassed all the other outfits. 

Italy & France Travel Review: Paris, Florence, Rome, Vatican, Colosseum, Chocolate & Pastry Tour, Seine Boat Ride, Cooking Class


Mary J.
Jul 04, 2022
When I initially decided to take this trip to Europe I didn't have a travel agent. I started to explore companies on the internet.  I read the reviews of several companies and decided Zicasso was the one I was going to pursue. They put me in touch with a couple different agents. The one I was most impressed with was Rose at this travel agency. She is a joy to work with and very thorough. She tailored our trip to our specific interests. Through out the planning stage she was very prompt with answers to any questions that arose. During our trip we kept in touch. She inquired as to how our trip was going. During our trip our travel agency was there for us making sure things were going as planned. All the drivers and guides that we worked with were top notch and professional.

Belize Travel Review: Placencia, Mayan Ruins, Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, 8-Day Vacation


ben m.
Jul 04, 2022
My wife and I had an amazing trip to Belize. Catarina was amazing, I had planned this for a couple years and Covid hit. I texted her years later in March, she responded immediately by name. She planned a perfect vacation understanding who we were and what we liked. Very easy to get a hold of. Belize is beautiful. The resorts in the Jungle and by the Sea, were top notch. Love the Mayan ruins and went horseback though the beautiful grounds. Went to an awesome 4 mile caye to snorkel for the day. All tours and staff at the hotels were awesome. Loved Placencia the peninsula, used golf carts to get around! 

Costa Rica Vacation Reviews: Monteverde, Cahuita National Park, Osa Peninsula, Manuel Antonio National Park


Mark R.
Apr 11, 2022
Catalina and her team at the travel agency are great. She facilitated a wonderful trip to Costa Rica, she was a pleasure to work with, very professional, and very flexible and responsive when planning the trip. This travel agency both has their own staff - drivers and guides - and contracts with outside agencies to provide services. Their drivers and staff were awesome and the best we had on the whole trip. Wish we had them everywhere - but we booked pretty late and during a very busy season so that was not possible. Catalina even arranged to provide us with a sim card as soon as we arrived in Portugal, with some minutes already loaded, so we could immediately start communicating with the agency and with our friends. This was a wonderful service. Some of our activities and guides (from outside companies were not as good as we would have liked) but we really appreciated that Catalina welcomes our feedback so that she can provide the very best service to the next clients. Thank you Catalina and travel agency - with a special shout-out to Randy.

Italy 9-Day Vacation Review: Tours, the Food & Cities


Michael N.
Apr 26, 2022
This was the trip of a lifetime! I can't say enough about the travel company and the associate we worked with, the travel agent, was absolutely amazing. She developed an itinerary that met all of our needs and wants. We were shocked at how wonderful our tour guides were too. My recommendation is to call the travel company and talk to one of their fantastic travel agents. They are widely available and flexible. I don't ever write reviews, but after the unforgettable time we had in Italy, I felt compelled to give as much credit to the travel company as I could.

Luxury Greece Honeymoon Trip Review: Athens, Santorini, Peloponnese Region, Culture, 12-Night Tour


Phil B.
Aug 13, 2022
This was our first time using a travel agent and we loved our experience with this travel agency and Zicasso. Every step of the trip was taken care of in advance and all guided tours and events were led by amazing, local guides in the country. We didn't have a single driver or tour guide meet up or pick us up late and every person we met was beyond friendly. Being our honeymoon, our travel company tailored our trip to be extremely romantic yet adventurous and set us up with amazing tours, meals and surprises along the way. We will definitely be recommending our travel agency and Zicasso to anyone interested in traveling through Greece. 

Luxury Tanzania Honeymoon Travel Review: Zanzibar, Serengeti, Safari, Sunset Dhow Cruise, Private Tours


Danielle C.
Jul 10, 2022
We planned our honeymoon to Tanzania with this travel agency and could not be happier with our experience! Every detail was thoughtfully curated by Jessica to reflect what we we looking for from this trip. She did an amazing job designing the perfect honeymoon itinerary for us including adventure and excitement with our private Safari in Tanzania and then followed with relaxation and fun in Zanzibar. The properties she selected for us to stay at were perfect, clean, and so romantic! She also went out of her way to include all private activities and tours for us, which we were surprised by and so appreciated for the occasion! If you’re looking for a high quality travel experience, look no further! Our honeymoon was the stuff dreams are made of, thanks to Jessica! 

Italy Travel Review: Culture, Relaxation & Activities, Luxury 16-Day Vacation


Azarmeen P.
Feb 05, 2022

This agent organized one of our top 5 vacations of all time! Impeccable attention to detail. Excellent communication and extremely responsive before and during the trip. I have a rule of never using American agents to plan a foreign trip but I’m very glad I made the exception here because the agent’s ties to the country as well as employees on the ground in Italy mean that they have an intimate knowledge of the best that Italy has to offer. They created bespoke tours based on our interests and these would not have been possible if they were not themselves immersed in their destination. Once you choose this agent though, do listen to their advice trust that they know what they’re doing. 

Travel Review: Italy Luxury Tour, Truffle Hunting, Food Tours, Cooking Class, Wineries, Pompeii, Rome, Tuscany


Victoria M.
Apr 19, 2022

Our agent with the travel company is a dream come true. I’ve been hesitant to use a travel agent after our family travel agent retired. I've never found anyone like her and at her caliber. However, we’ve discovered the travel agent! This is our first time using this agent and her first time getting to know us. Overall, she did a fantastic job learning about us through a pandemic and executing our postponed honeymoon with finesse. I'm picky about travel agents, and finally, I've found someone I adore as much as my retired travel agent. Our agent was always available when we got there and always had a suggestion when we asked. We cannot recommend enough the agent and travel company. You will not be disappointed! 

The drivers were top-notch. The other quick drivers were great, but we spent so much time with the above, and they were the perfect personalities for our journeys together. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by our three mentioned drivers and the level of detail they each provided. We tipped them more than usual because they worked hard, and we have seen so much lack of care from

People everywhere with work; it was genuinely refreshing to see them go above and beyond. We know it’s hard right now for everyone. It’s sometimes just enough to make it through the day. That is why we wanted to show our appreciation. And, *hint, we want them again if we are in those areas. 

Not only were the drivers great, but we also loved our accommodations! The agent provided choices, and we made selections based on her input, and sure enough, we were so pleased in totality. We stayed in 4 exceptional accommodations across several cities and towns. Our favorite was the Rome hotel, followed closely by our Tuscany hotel, with our Positano final hotel closing out the top 3 out of 4 favorites. 

From the tours to the transportation, everything she arranged was great for just getting to know us. The quality was excellent as well. With her now knowing a bit more, We are excited about what details she will recommend for next time.

Luxury Trip to Spain Review: Concert at Casa Batllo, Antoni Gaudi Tour, Winery Tours, Dance, Food & Architecture


Kathleen H.
May 14, 2022

We have worked with many excellent agents through Zicasso but the owner of this travel company stands out above the others.  She helped plan our trip 2 years ago which had to be cancelled due to COVID, and has been in steady contact with us ever since to make our fantastic trip to Spain this spring. The owner set us up with an app, which contained our itinerary, online tickets for transportation and activities, and sightseeing and dining recommendations for each location.  She provided us with a phone upon arrival with another app to facilitate communication and answer any questions we might have. The owner always responded immediately to any texts we sent.  Her hotel recommendations were exceptional-we loved each one!  Our guides were extraordinary-extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and provided us with so much information about the local sites and culture.  The owner arranged for two VIP winery experiences which were truly amazing! The owner set up our tours and transportation both with paper tickets in our packet and online in our app.  She recommended an event at Batilo’ House with a rooftop concert and what a special night that was!  The owner provided excellent recommendations, top notch personal service, and we consider her a friend now. Kathy H

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