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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Jay in India

Jay's Travel Agency


 Based on 240 reviews

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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Jessica M.
Submitted on 9.20.2021

Our travel specialist did a great job in working with us during a difficult time of traveling! COVID-19 certainly provided a lot of roadblocks and extra hassles, but they were able to help us go on a wonderful vacation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They did a good job of checking in with us and arranging our COVID-19 tests. The driver and the activities they picked were very good, fit our needs, and there was a great mix of different things in our itinerary that we liked. We also loved our accommodation options. Overall we had a great vacation!Some things that could use improvement: Attention to detail- there were some things that were overlooked. For example, their travel contract clearly said we were responsible to get our own country tourist visas. We used another service to help us with this and when there were delays, our travel specialist seemed upset. When we reached out to them, they said that was a mistake and they were doing our visas and the hold-up was on us because we had used another agency to help us with the visas. Very frustrating communication. We had given them our passport and other information months before the trip. I am a US service member and was deployed and did not have access to email at that time- I usually am on top of details like my passport expiring, but this was an unusual circumstance. We then found out two weeks before our trip was set to leave that my passport expired 5.5 months after our trip and we almost were not able to take the vacation- we then had to rush to get a passport. This is why we pay a travel agent to have an eye for detail and the way in which our travel specialist responded to this issue was less than ideal. During the vacation, we had no scheduled lunches. Every day we had breakfast at the hotel, and dinner was planned at a hotel, but during the day we would sometimes wait a very long time before we were able to have our driver find a place for us to eat. Definitely something that should be considered for the next trip.

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Travel agent Martin in Germany

Martin's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kenneth F.
Submitted on 10.1.2021

We had an extraordinary travel experience in Germany with the help and guidance of our travel specialist.  In spite of traveling in the midst of COVID-19, Ellen worked with us to develop an extraordinary journey in Deutschland. Our travel specialist certainly lived up to every aspect of the company name. My wife and I covered several states during our seven day excursion on the ground. We visited the Rhine Valley, Mosel Valley, Ramstein, Heidelburg, Rothenburg, & Munich and several other stops along the way. The accommodations, transportation and overall care was comforting and exceeded our expectations. The guides were top notch, and I can’t image this trip without them. Trustworthy, detail oriented, and assuring: you can’t go wrong with our travel specialist!

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Travel agent Andrea in Croatia

Andrea's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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North Macedonia
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Verified Review

Kurt D.
Submitted on 10.29.2021

Didn't know a lot about Croatia before talking to the travel company service. They were very informative, helpful and prompt. They set up a really varied and interesting trip and really listening to our interests. We couldn't have been happier with the trip. The transportation, hotels and activities were all top-notch. The service people we dealt with were all very friendly, helpful and always on time. Croatia was such a beautiful country. The food was wonderful and the hospitality was great. Our travel specialist, who helped us through this was wonderful to work with and always considerate of our interests. The guides we had were all very experienced and informative. We've travelled all over the world and this was definitely on the top of the list.

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Travel agent John in Indonesia

John's Travel Agency


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Bali / Indonesia
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Myanmar (Burma)
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Verified Review

Sari M.
Submitted on 1.15.2020

We had a terrific trip but I feel compelled to only give this tour company four stars because of the difficulties we had in the planning stage. We quickly signed a contract with them based on an itinerary and hotels they proposed and then they told us that most of them were booked and offered alternatives, some of which were not equivalent to what was initially in their itinerary. We eventually got it straighten out with the help of zicasso customer service. I might also add that once we were en route, we had an excellent trip. Great guides, great experiences, lovely hotels and just about everything was executed well. 

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Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


 Based on 57 reviews

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Verified Review

Amy A.
Submitted on 7.28.2021

The trip was wonderful and we loved almost everything about it. We did need help a couple of times with issues with reservations and we got very quick replies and help. One day a boat tour was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Refund for the tour was super easy and it ended up working out for us as we were a bit tired on that day so we had a slower pace that morning. That same day, we showed up to our horseback riding tour and they had set the tour for the wrong day. The place sorted it out but that was a bit frustrating. I called the wrong number (not the emergency number) at the travel company so it took a bit for us to hear back and the place had already resolved the issue. A bit later in the trip we had another tour not have our reservation for the correct day. That was the full day Jeep tour of the Askja crater. While we were disappointed to miss this, the replacement tour worked well for us. We did get a quick response from the travel company this time and we got resolution to the issue pretty quickly. Also had no trouble getting the refund for the difference in tours. When we arrived we made a last minute decision to add on a tour to the erupting volcano. Our travel designer made that happen with ease. That turned out to be everyone's favorite day as well. She was very quick to respond to our last minute changes and did a lot of work behind the scene to make the change seamless for us. I really think 4.5 stars is a better rating and the only reason not 5 is due to the small scheduling hiccups we had. While for the most part it didn't really impact our enjoyment of the trip, it was a little frustrating in the moment.  However how a company responds to problems is extremely important and this travel company was absolutely on top of resolving the issues that did arise. The tours that were chosen were amazing and we loved all the people we met. Iceland is an exquisitely beautiful, otherworldly country that I feel should be on everyone's bucket list. I wholeheartedly recommend both Zicasso and this travel company to anyone looking to travel to Iceland Our travel designer was able to craft a tour that gave us an excellent taste of what Iceland has to offer and the itinerary was perfectly detailed and guided us well. The trip was pretty close to perfect.  

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Travel agent Camille in Brazil

Camille's Travel Agency


 Based on 13 reviews

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Verified Review

Brenda M.
Submitted on 3.2.2022

We loved working with a local, eco-friendly travel company for our week-long trip to Rio de Janiero and the Amazon.  Our travel designer was able to provide us with answers to all our questions, as well and provide top-notch drivers, guides and hotels. We were met at the airport by a driver and a guide who spoke great English, transferred to a great hotel (and room) overlooking Copacabana Beach -- and the travel designer had arranged for us to check in to our room at 7 am!  After an overnight flight, this was very much appreciated.We kept the same driver and guide later that day for a leisurely tour of the Botanical Garden and Park Luje. A lovely way to de-stress after a long, long day of travel. We were suppose to do a helicopter tour late this afternoon, but when the clouds rolled in to cover the views, our guide made alternate plans for the next morning.  Again we were promptly picked up by the same driver and guide, and taken directly to the heliport for a fantastic helicopter tour (arranged by our designer, of course). Then we were taken to a clinic for Covid tests (required to stay in the Amazon) on our way to the airport to catch our flight.The travel designer arranged all flights & transfers: Rio to Manaus, overnight stay, then Manaus to Tefe where we had a transfer by boat to our Amazon lodge. The small lodge she recommended was delightful.  At the end of our stay she arranged for boat transfer and airline flights with all the necessary transfers. We were delighted to have booked thru our travel designer because she made sure all our guides and transfers had English speakers, which were immensely helpful in hotel and airport check ins, etc.The travel company made our trip stress free and allowed us to see, experience, and learn so much about Brazil thanks to her knowledge and her staff's quality assistance. We would highly recommend the travel company and won't hesitate to use them again for our next trip to Brazil. 

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Travel agent Alex in Japan office

Alex's Travel Agency


 Based on 43 reviews

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Verified Review

Ken M.
Submitted on 12.23.2019

The travel planner and I worked on our trip (9 days to Kyoto, Nara and Toyko) for months before we left. I changed the itinerary several times and the planner was very patient and accommodating.The trip went off without a hitch, everything was perfect and as advertised. We had two guides, our guide in Kyoto and our guide in Toyko who spoke very good English and were a pleasure to be with. They were very nice, knowledgeable and fun to tour with.The hotels we stayed a were 4 to 5 star and were great, the meals that were set up for us were great (best sushi in Toyko I ever had).My son who traveled with me got sick during the trip and our travel planner was communicating with us twice a day on how he was doing and offering to help anyway he could. He was very concerned.The planner's follow-up is excellent, for me that's really important. Through out the whole process from beginning to end his response time was amazing.Our planner gave us a hot spot wifi device to use for free for our entire trip, it was a great amenity as we could text, email and google while we were touring. Little amenities like that can make or break a trip.For anybody traveling Japan the language is a real problem unless you speak Japanese, not many English speaking people. I would strongly recommend having a guide to make your trip more pleasant.  Overall our travel planner gets a 5 star rating from both my son and I. He was terrific.One last thing, I've traveled a lot over the last 30 years and been to just about everywhere including Antartica, Madagascar and the Arctic, Japan is a very safe and cool country to visit. I always do private tours and I put the planner's company at the very top for detail, price and planning. Trust me he's well worth the investment.

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Travel agent Victoria in Peru

Victoria's Travel Agency


 Based on 83 reviews

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Verified Review

Robert M.
Submitted on 9.5.2021

Working with Zicasso and most importantly with this travel company was one of the best decisions I made for my trip to Peru. Not only was it quick and easy to work with them, but the quality and detail of every single thing from the trip was top-notch. From the moment we spoke with Victoria about going to Peru to the moment we left Peru it was amazing. The tour guides she chose for me and my girlfriend were all great people that truly loved their job and country. Never did we feel lost, confused, or need to ask for anything really, it was all prepared for us. If there was a way to make it easier, Victoria made sure it was! The hotels were all great, the service second to none, it should honestly be the standard for all hotels. Our tour guides Eduardo, Victor, and Juan were of the best and really took care of us in every aspect. It felt more like we were touring with friends and not strangers and that says a lot about them as people. I truly am grateful for her guidance, and for all her hard work in making this once dream a reality of visiting Peru. Tour guides and drivers all handle themselves with extreme professionalism and prove to be very knowledgeable about the Incas, country, and culture of Peru. If you are planning a trip to Peru go with this travel company, they will take care of you like if you were family. Viva el Peru, y mucho amor a todos. I'll be back for the Inca Trail!

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Featured Reviews

Italy Travel Review: Culture, Relaxation & Activities, Luxury 16-Day Vacation


Azarmeen P.
Feb 05, 2022

This agent organized one of our top 5 vacations of all time! Impeccable attention to detail. Excellent communication and extremely responsive before and during the trip. I have a rule of never using American agents to plan a foreign trip but I’m very glad I made the exception here because the agent’s ties to the country as well as employees on the ground in Italy mean that they have an intimate knowledge of the best that Italy has to offer. They created bespoke tours based on our interests and these would not have been possible if they were not themselves immersed in their destination. Once you choose this agent though, do listen to their advice trust that they know what they’re doing. 

South Africa Luxury Honeymoon Review: Sabi Sand, Table Top Mountain, Botanical Gardens, Cape Point Nature Reserve, 11-Day Tour


Brittney F.
Sep 10, 2021

We had an amazing and very memorable honeymoon! It is honestly hard to put into words just how fantastic the whole experience was. We have been telling all our friends and family that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. My husband and I can not say enough great things about Natalie. She made planning our honeymoon such a pleasure and we credit her with the amazing time we had. All of her suggestions, tips, and planning made this experience great for us. She stayed on top of everything, was quick to respond to our questions, and follow up was greatly appreciated. We had a couple of schedule changes due to flight changes and weather and she took care of everything, we have nothing to worry about because she was on top of it all. 

When we started planning our honeymoon, we looked at several travel companies but they all seemed to have basic itineraries; however, Zicasso and our travel agent, Natalie, got to know us and our interests and created a specialized itinerary that was perfect for us!

Travel Review: Solo Italy & France Trip, Rome, Paris, Colosseum, Food Tour, 12-Day Vacation


Sophia M.
Nov 28, 2021
I did a rome/paris customized trip and I would say overall went well. I am pretty sure for the price for a solo traveller package that this could have been done much cheaper. I believe Rome was worth the package/tours. Paris is a city that can be adjusted on your own because the tours/hotel were not as great. I would need to experience other travel agencies to have a better review and frame of reference. But, overall went well. Thank you

Spain Travel Review: Luxury Family Vacation, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Flamenco Show


Sue J.
Jan 03, 2022
Thank you for planning this vacation for us. You did a fabulous job. Travelling with kids requires a lot of mindfulness, but you had it all covered! Every one of your drivers and tour agents were on time, very presentable, professional, courteous and friendly. Each hotel was centrally located to the main attractions. This was my first time booking with Zicasso and I'm absolutely going to do it again. I had zero stress on this vacation as you handled it all. We dealt with the travel designer in Barcelona and every time I reached out to her on my trip, she was quick to respond. While booking the trip she listened to what I wanted and worked around it make sure we got it done. Thank you.

Luxury Kenya & Tanzania Travel Agent Review: Nairobi, Giraffe Manor, Safari Game Drive, Snorkeling, Hot Air Balloon Safari


Brian M.
Dec 10, 2021
We were so blessed to have been able to do this trip. It was truly amazing! It was a great idea to choose a local travel agency because anytime i had questions or new requests i was able to contact them directly and the responses were quick. We were received with so much welcomed. The accommodations, activities and the safari were wonderful. This trip made us fall in love with Africa and would love to come back. We thank Zicasso for pairing us with the right agency. And Maurice (Our travel agent contact) for preparing a wonderful itinerary based on our needs. I definitely recommend their services. The main highlight of our trip besides the safari was staying at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. When discussed this with other agencies, nobody was able to get us in, as this place is very hard to get into and most people have to book 1 year or 2 years in advance! However, Maurice was able to get us in. This is one of the reasons why we choose Zicasso and Maurice's travel agency. He is a local travel agent and i think our chances were better with him than with other travel agencies. Thank you so much for making our dream come true We love to travel and think of using your services in a near future!

Spain Travel Review: 10-Night Tour of Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia


Oct 12, 2021
We were connected to two agents, both had excellent itineraries. We chose our travel specialist because they had a better understanding of the type of travel we prefer so there were very few changes. Elena was excellent and extremely professional and all of the tours she provided to us were really top-notch with excellent guides who were engaging, knowledgeable and professional.Elena and her team were available via text when we had any issues and provided an easy-to-understand itinerary which we could follow. I have a few minor suggestions to improve communications, but nothing that would prevent a 5-star rating.

Honeymoon Trip to Greece Review: Athens, Milos, Santorini, Parthenon, Acropolis, Wine Tour, Boat Cruise, 10-Day Tour


Taniya B.
Oct 04, 2021

My husband and I got very lucky and were married right before COVID hit. However, we weren't able to go on our honeymoon. We waited almost two years before we could enjoy some newlyweds time and since we couldn't go anywhere, we decided to splurge and use our savings for Greece. My husband and I don't travel often, which makes it very hard for us to look for where, when, and how, so we decided we should find an expert who can help us have a memorable trip. 

We found Zicasso by searching on google and after reading some great reviews for this company we decided to contact them and really it was hands down the best decision. They set us up with an expert who can create an itinerary for us in our budget and preferences. We were matched with Thodoris. He was basically on top of everything from the beginning. He checked with us where in Greece we would like to go and also suggested a few things too which we appreciated. We trusted him from the beginning as he seemed very genuine and experienced. We finalized our trip and visited Athens, Milos, and of course Santorini. 

My husband and I work a lot, and that's why we did not have the time to book each little thing for this trip. However, doing it through this company made it super easy for us. Our flights, hotels, transportation, tours, and tour guides all were included in our package and that was so much appreciated as it is not always easy to find a ride in Greece. We even got to meet with our travel advisor the day we got there and we were welcomed with a gift bag, coffee, and lunch. 

Thodoris made sure we got the best views as we specifically asked for that for our trip and was always on top of everything. Very communicative even though we are 10 hours behind Greece's time zone. Such a great trip advisor and human being. Would totally recommend Zicasso and will use them for our future travels. And if you get Thodoris, I promise you your trip will become even better. Thank you, Thodoris, our special tour guides, and other members of the Zicasso Team.

Chile Travel Review: Santiago, Colchagua Valley, Atacama Desert, Wine, Hiking


Brent S.
Mar 02, 2022
The travel planner and his team did an exceptional job planning our 10-day vacation to Chile! We went to Patagonia, Santiago, Colchagua Valley, and the Atacama desert. What we really enjoyed about working with our planner was that the trip was tailored to our interests rather than many other travel agencies where they send everyone the same trip outline. Our itinerary was thoughtfully assembled and took into consideration all of our interests (wine, hiking, site seeing, etc.). Additionally, the travel planner and his team were there for us every step of the trip. Whether it was preparing all of the necessary documents to enter the country or sending us daily app messages to detail our day/excursions, they were on top of everything! They are also available 24/7 and will always answer your message or call. We were truly grateful to have their support this entire trip. Without the travel company, we would have been lost and struggled mightily to plan a trip of this caliber. I would highly recommend using the planner and his team for your trip to Chile, Argentina, or any other country in South America. We had an incredible time on every step of the journey. You will not regret it! 

Thailand Travel Review: Touring Islands, Wildlife, Temples, Food & Cooking Tours


Nancy S.
Jan 23, 2022
The travel company was excellent in listening to our ideas and requests and making them a reality. They planned the trip according to our needs and went back and forth until everything was just right. The trip was then executed perfectly, even with covid. The tours were interesting with very informative local guides. I strongly recommend this company to set up a trip of a lifetime!

Greece Honeymoon Travel Review: Santorini, Food Tours, Sunset Cruise, History


Gina P.
Feb 17, 2022
There aren’t enough words to describe how happy we are with our experience! Our travel agent did an amazing job at planning our trip. She went above and beyond to plan an amazing honeymoon for us and we are beyond thankful! We went on so many fun tours and had such a great time. It was all because of her that our trip went so smoothly. We will definitely be using this travel company for any future trips! 
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