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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Marco in Portugal

Marco's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jennie D.
Submitted on 12.26.2021

The trip was well organized and the travel company was responsive to my requests.  The hotel selection  in Lisbon was excellent--great location, outstanding service and well appointed rooms.The tour guides were top drawer, punctual, professional friendly and knowledgeable.

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Travel agent Filomena in Portugal

Filomena's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jeanne J.
Submitted on 3.12.2022

My recent trip to Portugal felt effortless due to the exceptional, thorough, and personalized service from the travel designer and her team at the travel coompany. I was blown away by their attention to details and on-the-spot problem-solving. My trip was complex--a solo tour (mostly driving in rural areas) with 7 hotel reservations, rental car arrangements, small group tours and special events. My travel designer personally supervised the itinerary development, booked hotels and tours, arranged the rental car and communicated with me throughout the process.The extra-special service included providing me with a pre-programmed GPS with all my routes, hotels, sites to visit and key details (parking considerations, etc.) She also provided a wi-fi hotspot with local 4G data service and an emergency power pack. The pre-programmed GPS, in particular, made the trip so easy---particularly since I was traveling alone without a partner to help navigate.My designer's guidance led me to the most amazing sites, some of which were not in the guidebooks I used while researching. My sojourn led me to tiny mountaintop villages, 12th century castles, ancient monasteries, coastal viewpoints, vineyards, cityscapes, palaces and cathedrals. It was truly the trip of a lifetime, enriched vastly by my travel designer's expertise and caring.I was most impressed by her personal availability to resolve any issues that arose--right in the moment. This is the difference in having a travel professional locally who knows all the contacts and all the work-arounds to keep me in 'vacation mode' and not worrying about pesky logistics. In addition, she worked with me on my budget to keep costs manageable and shifted some hotel/tour recommendations to fit my expectations. Her team is so friendly and personable--truly a joy to work with! Thank you so much!

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Travel agent Devaki in Italy

Devaki's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Pamela S.
Submitted on 10.21.2021

We had a great trip and the travel agency put together a great package of hotels and experiences for us.  Further, the agency did a great job of steering us through the whole COVID mess over the 18 months it took to reschedule our trip from 2020 when the pandemic hit.  We felt the travel agency was always there for us to answer our questions and meet our needs.

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Travel agent Pedro in Portugal

Pedro's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Terry W.
Submitted on 9.30.2021

César helped us plan an amazing mother-daughter trip to Portugal to celebrate my daughter’s 30th birthday. From the beginning planning phases through the final days of the trip, it was a pleasure working with him. He listened closely to our ideas and goals and communicated very well. His warmth and sense of humor shined through in our email communications and phone calls. The trip he helped us plan reflected our goals and was exactly what we’d hoped for. We visited Porto, the Douro Valley, Aveira, Óbidos, Lisbon, and Sintra.The trip was wonderful in every way. We stayed at beautiful, well-located hotels, our guides were outstanding, fun and friendly, and the range and pace of activities was just right. Our days were full, but we also had down time to relax and just enjoy taking in the whole experience.Thanks César and our travel specialist company for a dream trip!

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Travel agent José in Portugal

José's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Laurie Z.
Submitted on 2.29.2020

Our trip to Portugal was fantastic! This travel company was wonderful to work with, and planned an extraordinary, fun, educational, & comprehensive 10 day privately escorted tour.

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Travel agent Steven in Portugal

Steven's Travel Agency

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Agency Description

We are a bespoke company focusing on luxury concierge service in Portugal. We design highly personalized trips by combining authentic experiences that focus on different themes, such as food, wine, wellness, nature, adventure, and more. We carefully consider accommodations, from charming cozy guesthouses to boutique farm country villas, with each opportunity providing cultural immersion and meaningful experiences that create long-lasting memories. Let us create your tailor-made journey to discover the soul and hidden gems of Portugal.
Travel agent Jose in Portugal

José's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Tom K.
Submitted on 4.6.2020

Our travel planner and his staff carefully planned a trip for us, after talking with us and testing out some suggestions to see if they were what we had in mind. We made a few revisions to the plan, and then, having completed an itinerary,  at the last minute we had to indefinitely postpone the trip. They were gracious about it, and patiently waited for us.After months, we revived the itinerary, but of course that necessitated a few more revisions. They carefully refined the details and we put the trip on the calendar.It was just what we had in mind. We were very glad to have hired them to guide us to the right places, and to make all the arrangements. We were especially glad to have them available when we wanted to make one or two more changes, in the middle of the trip.But the real benefit to us came near the end of the trip. We had arrived in Portugal unconcerned about the epidemic in Asia. But while we were there it had become a pandemic that had reached into Portugal. Travel bans upended our itinerary. In the middle of the night our travel planner responded to our anxious call and helped us to make arrangements to leave the country within hours. He was committed to taking care of us and is an experienced professional.

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Featured Reviews

Azores Portugal Travel Review: Scuba Diving Pico and Faial Islands, Wine Tasting, Tours & Dining


Robert K.
Jul 13, 2021
We had a fabulous 15 day vacation in the Azores that was planned by the travel agency!  Every aspect of the trip was perfect.  Our guides were super nice and knowledgeable.  The excursions were varied and allowed us to see so much of three islands. We had two days of scuba diving in Pico and Faial which were also excellent.  The accommodations were amazing with ocean views from private balconies and terraces.  We really cannot say enough about how professional and smooth our relations were with the travel agency,  even with the complexities added by ever changing Covid rules.  Get vaccinated and go to the Azores with this agency!

Luxury Portugal Travel Review: 15-Day Tour, Duoro Valley, Sao Miguel, Azores, Lisbon, Cooking Class, Wine Tasting, Hot Springs


Srinivas G.
Aug 25, 2021

Our 15-day vacation to Mainland Portugal & Azores was absolutely amazing and something we will always remember!

Thanks to Filomena for planning a perfect itinerary that included sightseeing, history, authentic Portuguese experiences and mini adventures. She customized our itinerary to fit our needs and every aspect of our trip was beautifully crafted. Filomena herself greeted us at the airport and was with us in a couple of transfers. Getting to actually meet the person we have been coordinating with for weeks certainly made it extra special.

Although EVERYTHING in Portugal was an awesome experience, our top 3 experiences were Portuguese cooking class, Wine tasting & picnic in Douro Valley, and Thermal hot springs bath in Sao Miguel.

We would not change a thing about our trip and hope to go back some day.  This Portugal travel company met and exceeded all of our expectations. They were available whenever needed, and very responsive and understanding of our needs and questions.

Portugal Tour Review: 7-Day Azores Vacation, Furnas, Nordeste Region, Hiking & Nature


Deborah L.
Jul 26, 2021
Our travel planner did a fabulous job planning a week-long trip to the Azores. They really listened to what I was looking for and were highly responsive in finding the perfect fit, as well as full of ideas for what would be most workable and for things I hadn't thought of. Every detail worked out perfectly, whether it was being picked up at the airport, identifying excellent lodging that was full of character, or finding the perfect company to coordinate hiking and jeep travel into interior forests and dirt roads. Guides they found were highly knowledgeable and absolutely delightful. Will be recommending them to friends, and if I decide to go to mainland Portugal, these are the first people I will turn to. A great experience!

Portugal Travel Review: Waves of Nazare, Obidos, Alentejo Region, Cork Factory Tour, Local Artist, Food & Drink


Denise B.
Dec 24, 2021
I booked this trip before the CoVid pandemic. We postponed the original trip scheduled in March of 2020 to December of 2021. I just returned from Portugal with my daughter. The trip was amazing! We were fully vaccinated and boosted and Portugal is doing an excellent job with safety! Testing was frequent and everyone was masked. We spent three nights in Porto and five in Lisbon. The waves at Nazare are a sight to behold as are the towns of Obidos, Sintra, and many more. Be sure to have a cherry drink of Jinha served in a chocolate cup! The Alentejo (wow, cork factory tour pretty cool) and Douro regions (the winery!) provided delicious wines and Ports as well! Oh and the food…delicious! I cannot say enough about the kind, warm people we met and our guides were amazing! If you go in December, the Christmas lights, roasted chestnuts and shopping are all incredible. The hotels that Zicasso/the travel company chose were above and beyond also! They clearly know the area and provided a top notch experience to us. We will be traveling with this company again! Thank You!

Luxury Trip to Portugal Travel Review: Basque Country, Pintxos Tour in San Sebastian, Azores Islands, Grape Stomping, Food Tour


Kathy a.
Oct 24, 2021

From the first inquiry with our travel designer at this travel company, she took the time to find out what was important to us on the trip, how we liked to travel and what we hoped to see and do. She offered a custom itinerary, which included some items we may not have considered without her guidance. She talked with us several times by phone and helped to ease our pandemic-related concerns (i.e. what’s open, what will be limited etc.).

Due to COVID-19, it took two years for our trip to finally take place and when it did, the designer’s attention to detail was evident. Every transfer, guide, and activity took place without a hitch. She helped us navigate in-transit COVID-19 testing as required by the locations we visited. COVID-19 testing was a small interruption on the days we had to test, but we knew going in it would be worth it to be able to travel again.

The guides were all wonderful and we would specifically mention:

Our guide for pintxos tour and our guide for French Basque and La Rioja with a local tour agency in San Sebastian – both were outstanding

Our guide with a local agency in Porto – excellent recommendations on local restaurants; helped us call the medical center when a COVID test didn’t come back for one member of our group; enthusiastic and genuine; having WiFi in the vehicle was especially helpful in checking COVID results

Our guide with a Lisbon food tour – we’d adopt her if we could (see next question about her tour being a highlight of the trip)

Our guide in Lisbon was amazing for the history buffs in our group 

The hotels the designer recommended were all in good locations for walking to the local sites and were exactly what we asked for in terms of having some character (boutique vs. chain).

We would highly recommend the travel designer to others and hope we can use her services again in the future.

Portugal Travel Review: Coimbra, Sintra, Cascais, Douro Valley, Food & Wine, Culture & History


Fred R.
Jan 08, 2022
We had an absolutely amazing trip to Portugal organized and hosted by the travel company.  The travel designers and their team were wonderful.  From the start, our travel designer did a great job working with us to understand the type of trip and experiences we were looking for and then crafting a customized itinerary for us.  We spent 5 nights in Lisbon and 4 nights in Porto with numerous day trips to include Sintra, Evora, and the Duoro Valley.  We also were able to stop at several historical towns on our transfers between Lisbon and Porto to include Coimbra, Obidos, Tomar, and Nazarre.  The designer organized several tours for us to include food and wine tasting tours in both Porto and Lisbon that were incredible.  She also did a wonderful job providing us with some great cultural and historical experiences throughout our time. We were very fortunate to have our travel specialist for our transfers between Lisbon and Porto and back as he is a wealth of knowledge on the history of Portugal and really made our stops at various historical sites come to life.  We could go on and on, but, suffice it to say, we had a phenomenal time and would highly recommend the services of this travel company to anyone considering a trip to Portugal.  You will not be disappointed!

Travel Review: Spain & Portugal Luxury Vacation, Culture, the People


Ashley C.
Mar 12, 2022

Our trip to Spain and Portugal in November 2021 was AMAZING in every detail starting with the travel designer who organized and planned everything of our trip. The designer was spectacular because he wanted to make sure we had a fabulous trip! He did exactly what we wanted and we saw everything we had wished for and made it always the best!!

We had such educated tour guides and superior drivers that were always on time and helpful.We were taken care of our entire trip and the travel designer was ALWAYS available if we needed anything!! 

I highly recommend and cannot say enough positive things about our travel designer and his team! Next time I hope to meet the designer because I feel like he is a friend!SPAIN AND PORTUGAL ARE BOTH WELCOMING COUNTRIES!!! 

Happy Travels!Ashley 

Portugal Travel Review: Tours, 8-day Vacation


Nancy f.
Jan 05, 2022
The travel company was an invaluable help in planning our trip. Between the amazing staff at the hotel in Portugal, our guide and having the peace of mind that we had everything in place for Covid testing throughout our stay, we were able to experience the country to its fullest.   

Portugal Travel Review: Cooking Class, Market Tour, National Park, History & Culture


Julie D.
Mar 14, 2022
Absolutely Fantastic! Every detail of each tour was saw to making for a relaxing and extremely interesting time. Our guide taught us so much about the history and culture of Portugal. We plan to return and to use the travel company again!

Travel Review: Spain, Portugal, & Morocco Honeymoon Vacation, 2-Week Tour


Felicia L.
Dec 07, 2021
Danny was completely fantastic to work with from start to finish on our trip to Portugal, Spain and Morocco. He listened to our preferences, travel style, budget and was able to come up with the perfect honeymoon itinerary. Every destination we had a guide, who were all so knowledgable and friendly. The hotels we stayed in were just our style. We had the right balance of planned moments and free time. Danny was there while we were traveling if we needed any advice or recommendations. Truly 5 star service. I've planned multi destination trips like this on my own, but working with Danny took all the stress out of it (especially with Covid and navigation of country requirements etc.)I cannot recommend his company enough, you will not be disappointed! 
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