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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Jaouad in Morocco

Jaouad's Travel Agency


 Based on 55 reviews

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Verified Review

Kevin R.
Submitted on 5.28.2023

Excellent in the pre-planning stages.  Listened and responded to the group's wants and desires. Execution flawless.  Great accommodations, fantastic driver and quick to react when we made changes on the fly.  Very good local guides provided in each destination that required it.  Always got us restaurant reservations and our driver was available to us at any time.  Can't say enough about this company.  5 stars well deserved. 

Travel agent Jorge in Spain

Jorge's Travel Agency


 Based on 7 reviews

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Verified Review

Henie K.
Submitted on 4.27.2023

We were exceptionally satisfied to work with Mr. Jorge from the travel agency.  He spent a great deal of time with us prior to the trip in order to get to know us by phone and in writing.  He did not try to fit us into a one size fits all package.  Instead, he attentively listened to our preferences and got a sense of our personas.  In so doing he designed our personalized dream vacation.  He made sure that our special needs were met. He provided us with first class guides, hotels and transportation.Whenever we needed to speak with him during our trip, he was available to us and responded with patients, grace and humor.  Mr. Jorge went beyond his usual services and arranged a vegetarian meal for our flight as well as to reserve a wheelchair for me.  He was even able to intervene on our behalf at the Madrid airport when we arrived and could not get a wheelchair that was specifically reserved for me.It has been a great pleasure for us to work with Mr. Jorge.  Thank you Ziscasso for recommending this travel agency.Sincerely,  Henie Kurzman 

Travel Agent Marcus in Morocco

Marcus' Travel Agency


 Based on 216 reviews

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Verified Review

jyoti L.
Submitted on 5.24.2023

Marcus from the travel agency planned our amazing  itinerary. He provided guidence as to when to visit Morocco. We followed his advise and delay our trip on account of Ramadan and Eid. Every attention to details of itinerary was exhibited. He also prepared us with what to expect and discuused with us in great details before we started our trip. His local Morocco team was very helpful. Having same guide and Driver is a great idea. They were excellent, open minded and very knowledgeable and trustworthy. They became our Moroccan family.I am BK  amputee and for me Marcus arranged shower chair and that helped a lot.I did talk to Zicasso and another travel agency for our visit to Morocco. I am glad I decided to go with this one. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and relatives going toMorocco.

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Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


 Based on 36 reviews

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Verified Review

Elaine &.
Submitted on 5.13.2023

We can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Lalo and the travel agency. After several phone conversations with him, it felt more like a friend was arranging a memorable trip to Spain and Portugal for us rather than a travel specialist. All we had to do was schedule our flights to and from Barcelona; Lalo took care of everything else. He paid very close attention to everything we requested, made suggestions for alternative/additional places to visit and provided us with a very detailed proposal. We could not have been more pleased with the results, and we could not have developed as good a program on our own.During the trip, everything went as planned, and from time to time, Lalo checked in with us to see how things were going. The hotels were all excellent, transfers/drivers on time, and guides knowledgeable and engaging. The one time we needed assistance at a hotel, it was taken care of immediately. We felt that Lalo took a personal interest in making sure everything went well on our visit to Spain and Portugal. He specifically requested particular guides in many of the cities and locations we visited and even arranged to meet us for ice cream while we were in Madrid. Lalo was a blessing to us. If we were to rate the trip on a five-point scale it would be a five. If we were to rate the personal services he provided through the travel company, it would be six on the five-point scale. We had a fantastic time and were able to see a great deal of Spain and Portugal in a relatively short period of time.

Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


 Based on 248 reviews

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Verified Review

Fred M.
Submitted on 5.29.2023

We had a wonderful trip to Spain with the help of Ana and Sara from our travel agency.Both Ana and Sara responded quickly to our many questions and made all our Hotel Reservations in lovely Hotels and most of our dinner reservations.  We had incredible meals!They also arranged all the tours/guides that we wanted.  All of our guides were amazing.  They had great knowledge and were very kind.  They also provided us with directions to every Hotel and every Restaurant.We can't say enough about how well our trip was planned and the kindness of both Ana and Sara.We will certainly use their Company again when we return to Spain.Call them/email them!  You won't be disappointed!Mary Ann M.

Travel agent Emely in Europe

Emily's Travel Agency


 Based on 74 reviews

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Verified Review

Sharon S.
Submitted on 5.31.2023

Emily goes far and beyond! Our trip was wonderful and free of any stress and worry as Emily handled everything. If there were any questions, whether prior to the trip and during, she responded immediately. When we needed more time at a location, she took care of it and let the driver know. Not only this, but all her recommendations, itinerary, reservations (hotel, tours, restaurants...) and visits on our trip to Spain were amazing. The tour guides and drivers selected were wonderful too. She even reserved our train tickets and flights within Spain. This was such a special trip that I wish Emily could plan all of them!!! The pricing was reasonable too, especially for all that we were provided. She is so great that we already recommended Emily to my sister and several friends. Emily gets an A+++++. Words cannot even express how appreciative my family and I are! Thank you so very much Emily for planning such an amazing, special, memorable vacation for my family!

Travel agent Manlio in Spain

Manlio's Travel Agency


 Based on 76 reviews

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Verified Review

Submitted on 5.29.2023

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the company to help make this a very successful vacation.  We had several options for companies, but chose this onebecause of our interaction with Manlio.  He helped us design the program by understanding ‘who we are’ and what our goals were.  We could tell the company really listened to us. The driver/guides were always on time and professional and treated us like VIPs.   This trip occurred during our anniversary and my birthday and the nice touches like have a bottle of Cava and chocolate strawberries waiting at our hotel room made us feel welcome.  

Travel agent Samuel in Spain

Samuel's Travel Agency


 Based on 455 reviews

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Verified Review

Vincent G.
Submitted on 5.29.2023

Foremost, the travel agency provided all services promised and contracted. They are an honest and transparent company and show concern for their customers.  Thank you Samuel and Paloma.I was very impressed with the tour guides provided. All were knowledgeable about the cities and museums I toured them with.  All are experts in the art, architecture and culture and history of Spain.  I learned so very much from them.  And all spoke excellent English, which was appreciated since, sadly, I do not have much knowledge of the Spanish language. Thank you to all our guides.All transfers from/to airports, hotels, and train stations were prompt and efficient.  I also very much liked the hotels selected.  They were clean, safe, provided good service, and excellently located.  All in all, this travel company provides an excellent service and provided excellent value.  This was my first journey to Spain and I am determined to return soon. Thank you.

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Featured Reviews

Spain & Morocco Luxury Tour Review: Culture, Local Cuisine, 18-Day Trip


Bridget R.
May 15, 2023
I can’t possibly tell you how wonderful our trip was with only a few words. Every day was packed with informative guides and exciting places to see new foods to eat and to top it off we just happened to be in Spain when there was festivals galore! It was the best I could have hoped for. In Morocco we had an amazing driver who was there for us everyday and made sure to handle all our needs especially to try all local foods and even meet his wonderful family. It was the best vacation ever!Bridget R

Spain & Morocco Travel Review: Marrakech, Fez, Seville, Ronda, Cordoba, Granada, Alhambra, Olive Farm, Culture, History, Cuisine


Ali K.
Mar 17, 2023
My wife and I had a wonderful time exploring Morocco and Spain. The travel agency looked after our specific needs and were very accommodating. Both countries were very different yet both experiences were magical!Jess from the travel agency was very responsive to any queries and we felt well looked after throughout.

Luxury Spain & Morocco Travel Review: Andalucia, Sites & Culture, 2-Week Trip


Mary W.
Mar 16, 2023
Samuel and the staff at the travel agency were critical to the success of our trip to Morocco and Andalucia. Samuel gave us personal attention. He listened so carefully, sized us up correctly, gave critical advice, and, finally, he developed the perfect plan for us.   All of the transportation arrangements were smooth and the accommodations were lovely.  The guides were outstanding!  Each one was knowledgeable and engaging.I am already thinking of Portugal and additional areas of Spain to explore, and I would definitely use Samuel and the staff.

Luxury Spain & Morocco Travel Review: Andalusia, Madrid, Marrakech, Culinary Experience With Berber Family, 3-Week Tour


Michael A.
Nov 25, 2022
This past September my wife and I embarked on a three week trip to Morocco, Andalusia and Madrid. Every part of the itinerary was custom tailored for us by Paloma and Samuel at this travel company. I have read several reviews written by others concerning their experiences and I can say I have very little to add. It was an awesome adventure. I would advise anyone who wants a luxury, custom tailored travel experience that would exceed all of their expectations to hook up with Paloma and Samuel. You won't be sorry.

Luxury Spain, Portugal & Morocco Travel Review: Seville, Tangier, Festival, Culture, 10-Day Trip


Sarah D.
May 04, 2023
Emily and her team created the most memorable experience for my husband and me on our recent trip to Spain and Portugal. The itinerary catered to our travel preferences and included experiences that wouldn't have been possible without her expertise. Emily was available during the entire trip and upon request, instantly booked a magical last-minute trip to Tangier, Morroco during our trip. If you are planning to travel to Spain and the surrounding areas, I give Emily and her team the highest recommendation. We have traveled globally for years, and their expertise, flexibility, and responsive and caring approach went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you, Emily and team! 

Spain & Morocco Family Tour Review: Barcelona, Granada, Nerja, Malaga, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Sevilla, Madrid, Ronda, 2-Week Trip


Emily W.
May 27, 2023
Emily and her team were incredible right from the start when she listened to our wishes for our trip and came up with an itinerary that included all of the history and cultural experiences that we wanted from our 14-day trip to Spain and Morocco.Our itinerary was Barcelona, Granada, Nerja, Malaga, Tangier Morocco, Sevilla and Madrid.  We were a 3 generation group- myself 66 years old, my stepdaughter 55 years old, and 23-year-old granddaughter.   Emily respected our budget guidelines and was extremely flexible as we made a few last-minute changes to our plans to accommodate the wishes of my 23-year-old granddaughter, who was not into history as much as I was.  While we were traveling, Emily and her team were constantly in touch with us via the Trip Planner app, and they were extremely responsive whenever we had a question or a request to tweak our plans.  I don't know how they do it, but they typically responded within a few minutes every time. The guides and drivers that Emily chose were excellent- all were very knowledgeable, professional, and nice. Many of our guides had lived their entire lives in the city they guided in, so it was nice to get a local's perspective on politics, family life, sports, etc.  Had we done this trip on our own, we would not have had as much of an opportunity to talk with the locals as we had with the guides that Emily booked for us.This was my second trip on Zicasso. I wasn't sure how this trip could have topped the wonderful trip to Greece we had booked through Zicasso a few years ago, but this Spain trip certainly lived up to the standard I have come to expect from Zicasso. I look forward to booking another trip through Zicasso later this year. 

Spain & Morocco Travel Review: Agafay Desert, Toledo, Costa Brava, Madrid, Wineries Tours, 16-Day Trip


Vinay P.
Oct 29, 2022
Our trip to Morocco and Spain was truly fantastic. Our travel company did a wonderful job of setting us up across 4 cities. We were able to hit all of our key interests from outdoor activities to a tour of local wineries. Both our agent and our local guides were incredibly friendly and flexible. We felt very comfortable and well-taken care of at all times.

Spain, Morocco & Portugal Luxury Tour Review: Barcelona, Madrid, Casablanca, Atlas Mountains, Sintra, 2-Week Trip


Maxine L.
May 21, 2023
We have traveled all over the world and the tour guides that the travel agency provided us were the best we have ever had. They were so knowledgeable and experts in their city and gave us such a wonderful tour of the various cities taking into account what we wanted to see and do and the pace we wanted to travel. As we planned our trip we felt listened to and the ideas of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see were followed fully.The drivers were always on time and very professional. Our last driver took us to the airport and then came in with us at the Lisbon airport to make sure we got into the correct que. We were so impressed. I would recommend this travel company to anyone looking for a wonderful trip to Spain and Portugal as well as a side trip to Morocco.Hotels were excellent and all located in the center of the cities we visited, so made for easy walking to see the various sights and walk around on our own in the evening. We were always given a host of ideas to fill our free time. Restaurant ideas and little hidden treasures (such as pastries the city was known for or the oldest cafe) in various cities were provided and were wonderful.We had wanted to go to a restaurant which was not in the original itinerary (Rick's Cafe) in Casablanca. Angela made sure we were able to not only eat there, but also have our guide take us there and pick us up before continuing our drive to the next city. A fun packed two weeks which were busy but relaxing and gave us many wonderful memories.The best organized trip ever. 

Luxury Spain, Portugal & Morocco Vacation Review: 14-Night Tour


Alan Y.
May 18, 2022
We spent 14 days in Spain, Portugal and Morocco and had the time of our lives. As busy professionals we did not have time to prepare for the trip - only booked a round trip ticket. The team at our travel agency handled everything in between in no time, are super professional and extremely attentive to our needs during the trip. Every location is properly researched and local guides were selected with really good knowledge of the area. Logistics for the trip was handled with every detail, including entry requirements, Covid test arrangements and flights and ground transportation. They are ‘on call’ 24/7 and will solve issues quickly and efficiently. We’re extremely happy and it was worth every penny. 

Morocco & Spain Luxury Tour Review: Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Marrakech, Casablanca, Gaudi, Museums, Cooking Class, 9-Day Trip


Joanne B.
Apr 08, 2023

This trip planned by Samuel was fantastic. He was very patient with us during the planning process as we had many emails back and forth and many questions and changes. We were impressed with the arrangements, the drivers and especially the guides. 

Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and however, we didn’t have a lot in common with him to converse over the tapas. We were more than impressed with all of the other guides and especially the last one (perhaps because he was the last and he is mostly in our recent memory) but he was enthusiastic, funny and adjusted to our needs and especially went out of his way to provide an olive oil experience. We felt they all went out of their way to accommodate our needs and interests. We enjoyed all of the hotels but most especially the Sevilla hotel. We did not care much for the Barcelona hotel, due to the arrangement of the bathroom. We felt the service was not as superior, although the front desk personnel were very helpful. The pool on the roof was outstanding but we didn’t have time to use it. We missed having bathtubs in Madrid and Barcelona. The breakfasts were all wonderful and the Riad in Marrakech went out of their way to bring us a breakfast tray at 3 am before out very early departure that day. 

There is one thing that always bothered us a bit and Samuel tried to explain it but we wondered why we could not have flown into Marrakech instead of Casablanca and therefore have avoided the long drive to Marrakech and the expense of it and then on departure why we could not have flown from Marrakech to Sevilla rather than going back to Casablanca. While in Lisbon we saw on the flight schedule board a flight going into Marrakech that departed about 5” after our flight to Casablanca??It was great having the What’s Ap group for trouble shooting and questions along the way - I have not had that before with Zicasso and we found it very reassuring and helpful and used it on a couple of occasions. I must say that I always recommend Zicasso to friends who are travellers  

 At the moment this is all I can think of - if I do think of something else I will contact later.   



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