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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Hassan in Morocco

Hassan's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Gwen B.
Submitted on 11.30.2021

Our trip was truly an amazing experience. Hassan worked with us through countless drafts to put together an itinerary that was both fast-paced and full of movement/exploring but also had some down movements too.  We visited 6 cities in two weeks and everywhere we went had something great to offer. All of our riads were top tier and peaceful spots to be each night after a day of sight seeing. Our main driver/tour guide was the best and very informative. He always gave us great food recommendations for lunch or dinner and also great advice for navigating the cities during our free time. We also had amazing local guides in each city. This was our first experience booking a trip through an agency and we were not disappointed. There was something very comforting about knowing that all of our plans were taken care of especially in a place we had zero knowledge of. 

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Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Shree S.
Submitted on 1.11.2022

Our travel planner was great to work with and was available at any time. All the drivers and guides were great and on time. For the most part the accommodations were nice. I do feel for the cost I was expecting a bit more. My only negative comment would be the hotel in Granada which I have relayed to our travel planner. It was truly horrible. The staff upon arrival was very unfriendly which didn’t help once we got into the awful dirty rooms. The breakfast was a joke as well as congested since they share it with the adjacent hotel. We were happy to get out of there. 

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Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Ashley C.
Submitted on 3.12.2022

Our trip to Spain and Portugal in November 2021 was AMAZING in every detail starting with the travel designer who organized and planned everything of our trip. The designer was spectacular because he wanted to make sure we had a fabulous trip! He did exactly what we wanted and we saw everything we had wished for and made it always the best!!We had such educated tour guides and superior drivers that were always on time and helpful.We were taken care of our entire trip and the travel designer was ALWAYS available if we needed anything!! I highly recommend and cannot say enough positive things about our travel designer and his team! Next time I hope to meet the designer because I feel like he is a friend!SPAIN AND PORTUGAL ARE BOTH WELCOMING COUNTRIES!!! Happy Travels!Ashley 

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Travel Agent Marcus in Morocco

Marcus' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Submitted on 11.30.2021

Marcus is a treasure!  He listened to everything I asked for and delivered.  Every decision he made in terms of lodging was exceptional! He was truly an expert on what we should anticipate making it an almost seamless trip.   The travel team in Morocco starting with our local travel agent, our driver to our tour guide provided quality service.  Every aspect of our trip was memorable.  Money well spent!

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Travel agent Manlio in Spain

Manlio's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jennifer G.
Submitted on 3.3.2022

I can't say enough good things about our trip. It was a completely seamless experience! Everything went as planned without a hitch.   The hotel was beautiful and situated in a great neighborhood.  The travel company knows the meaning of five stars, and the guest service was superb. They arranged easy COVID testing for us prior to flying home, and when our son became ill we had a doctor to our room within an hour (not COVID, and nothing to do with Spain).Our guide was AWESOME!   She has a PhD in Art History and was able to give us so much information; we never asked a question that she didn't know the answer to. We wanted to take her home with us.  The family agreed that she was the best guide we have ever had, and we were so sad to leave her.  As you know, a guide can make or break the day, and she always made our day.Barcelona was wonderful; it met and exceeded our expectations.  We would absolutely use the travel company again and will recommend them to anyone we know who is interested in going to Spain!

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Travel agent Jordi in Spain office

Jordi's Travel Agency


 Based on 52 reviews

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Verified Review

Justin W.
Submitted on 9.30.2021

The trip was completely seamless. We were met as scheduled at every meeting point throughout the trip. The car types were as promised and the drivers professional at all times.All the guides that we toured with were the best I have been associated with and are highly recommended. The hotels were 4 stars or better, clean and well-appointed. The superlatives that come to mind when I think of this travel company are precise, professional, creative, knowledgeable communicative and 100% dedicated to the customer's needs and wants.

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Travel agent Jaouad in Morocco

Jaouad's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kamran S.
Submitted on 11.28.2021

Excellent trip, really enjoyed our company, accommodations and historical sites/tours. Had great time with our guide Mohamed and driver Hamid. Both were funny, respectful, humble, knowledgeable and accommodating. We ate local foods, went to local hammam and visited their family. Accommodations were amazing especially in the Atlas Mountains.

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Travel agent Javier in Spain

Javier's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jerry G.
Submitted on 10.14.2021

This was our first trip using Zicasso and the experience could not have turned out better. First, the agents that they recommended were attentive and experienced in their efforts to determine what we wanted out of our trip and to make it happen to meet our expectations. The most difficult part of the planning process was having to make a choice of which agent to choose. They were both excellent in their planning and their proposals.We chose a travel designer at this travel agency to be our agent and we really needed his expertise to make this trip happen without a problem. It was planned for the spring of 2020, but of course the Covid 19  pandemic changed everything. Our agent was there with us throughout the complete experience. We finally were able to complete our two-week tour of Spain this September into October. It was as stress-free as traveling could possibly be. He was in constant contact with us to make sure our transportation, guides, hotel, and dining experiences happened without any problems. Would I use the travel agency as my agent again? Absolutely, our travel designer is a consummate professional who has earned my complete trust.Would I use Zicasso again? Absolutely, they not only recommend two agents, but they also assign a contact person at Zicasso to offer help and guidance in the selection process. Once your choice has been made they continue to be in contact with you to make sure that you have an additional resource during your planning process.I have again used Zicasso to plan a graduation trip to Italy for my granddaughter in 2022. I cannot offer a greater recommendation for a company than to be a repeat customer.Jerry G.

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Featured Reviews

Travel Review: Spain, Portugal, & Morocco Honeymoon Vacation, 2-Week Tour


Felicia L.
Dec 07, 2021
Danny was completely fantastic to work with from start to finish on our trip to Portugal, Spain and Morocco. He listened to our preferences, travel style, budget and was able to come up with the perfect honeymoon itinerary. Every destination we had a guide, who were all so knowledgable and friendly. The hotels we stayed in were just our style. We had the right balance of planned moments and free time. Danny was there while we were traveling if we needed any advice or recommendations. Truly 5 star service. I've planned multi destination trips like this on my own, but working with Danny took all the stress out of it (especially with Covid and navigation of country requirements etc.)I cannot recommend his company enough, you will not be disappointed! 

Spain & Morocco Travel Review: 20-Night Tour of Sahara, Gibraltar, Alhambra, Atlas Mountains


Romana C.
Sep 29, 2021

Luxury Spain & Morocco Tour Review: Gaudi Art & Architecture Tour, Montserrat, Toledo, Food & History


April W.
Jan 24, 2020
The trip was fantastic! The tours, tour guides and drivers were all top notch. We felt safe, very well informed about the history of every place we visited and had fun. The accommodations were nice although once location was too dark. All in all we were very pleased with the trip planned by this travel team. We would recommend them to friends or family.

Travel Review: Luxury Morocco & Spain Vacation, Barcelona, Wine Tasting, 11-Day Trip


Michael M.
Nov 10, 2019
Our travel consultant is a top notch trip planner and coordinator. Without hesitation I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to travel along the same lines as us. Our trip to Spain and Morocco was perfect. I do not say this lightly, as I have traveled throughout the world. Let's just say some of those travels were challenging but not this one. Out trip was perfectly executed from air travel, to hotel accommodations and our personal guide and driver. Those gentlemen did a great job. They took great care of us. We truly enjoyed their company and admired their knowledge and professionalism. This travel company earns an A+++++++ in our book !! 

Women's Luxury Vacation Review: Morocco, Spain & Portugal, Biking, Sailing, Cooking Classes, Camel Ride, History, Culture & Art


Laurie J.
Nov 15, 2019
Six adventurous women decided to plan a 3-week trip abroad and leave their significant others at home.  Beginning with the initial contact and continuing throughout the trip - to Morocco, Portugal, and Spain - this small company of travel professionals provided amazing guidance and service.  We had a variety of interests and each request was met with enthusiasm and professionalism.  We hiked, biked, sailed, cooked and learned about history, culture and art.  The guides were outstanding and engaging, spoke good English, and provided us with in-depth expertise.  The travel planner was in continual contact with us, and the guides, during the trip and was always available for questions.  It was an amazing journey.

Luxury Morocco & Spain Vacation Review: Fez, Seville & Madrid Private Tours


Ruth B.
Oct 23, 2019
We worked with a travel designer who provided us with an excellent itinerary for our private tour of Morocco and Spain. Not only did they give us a detailed explanation of what we were doing each day, but also kept in touch with us through emails and then actually met with us in Madrid. The guides and drivers were on time, courteous and very knowledgeable. The information provided to us before (Tips for Morocco and Spain) were very helpful in planning for our departure and while we were traveling. I would definitely use them again and will recommend them to our friends.

Morocco, Spain & Portugal Travel Agent Review, Luxury 13-Day Vacation


Carolyn L.
Oct 29, 2019
My friends and I are experienced independent travelers. I am the one who always plans and books our trips. After some research about the country of interest for our next trip, I often try to find a travel agent who specializes in that country. I've had some good experiences doing this over the years. BUT, I have never had as GREAT an experience in the planning, and in the attentiveness during the trip, as we had with this travel planner of the travel agency.Our group of 6 friends traveled to Morocco, Portugal and Spain, the three countries that are the planner's passion so his knowledge and resources are considerable! During the planning he listened, he made suggestions that indicated that he knew many interesting options, he was responsive to my ideas and concerns, he kept to budget and made it all fun. During the actual trip, our travel planner was right there when we had a problem. He had said he was available by text if we needed him and he meant it! He checked in often to see all was going well and even met up with us in San Sebastian for a cocktail! We opted to have drivers and private guides all along our journey and the planner has a wonderful network that provided us with experienced guides, including a special art guide who met us at the Guggenheim for a private tour. Our planner provides thoughtful lists of things to do in each city as well as. personally recommended restaurants. He even made a few reservations for us. The travel planner is attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. I would never go again to Spain, Portugal or Morocco without him!     

Spain & Morocco Vacation Review: Guided Tours, 11-Day Trip


Howard H.
Nov 12, 2019
Absolutely top notch planning and execution. The smallest details were covered with the same completness and the highlights.

Spain, Portugal & Morocco Luxury Tour Review: Barcelona Architecture, Marrakesh Medina's & Camel Ride, Porto, Lisbon & Food


Sylvia J.
Oct 03, 2019
We have just returned from a fantastic 3 weeks tour of Spain, Portugal & Morocco.  I found this travel company online and liked what I read about them... I contacted them and got our trip planner.  This trip started with our planner's diligent, efficient, considerate planning and everything was tailored to what our interests were.  We were delighted to have met our trip planner in Madrid; always so cheerful and patient with all our queries.  She kept in touch through text and phone calls as our tour went on.  She was just fabulous.  Loved all the 5 star accommodation selected for us in excellent locations.  We enjoyed all our tour guides, the chauffeurs, the culture, traditions, culinary experience, religious and heritage sites that was in our detailed itinerary.  If we had an issue or questions which were minimal, the planner and her team were always prompt to attend to it.  The WIFI provided for each couple was a bonus and we really appreciated it.  My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend this travel company to our family and friends.

Travel Review: Luxury Spain & Morocco Tour, 10-Day Trip


Carol M.
Oct 14, 2019
The agent I worked with responded to all of my questions and concerns and crafted the perfect trip for me and my family. She was prompt and thorough and thought of everything in the paperwork and service she provided. Her selection in hotels was impeccable and the tour guides she chose were perfect. I would happily use this service again because I feel it allows me to have the trip of my dreams with little effort and planning. Thank you!
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