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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Tomaz in Slovenia

Tomaz's Travel Agency


 Based on 181 reviews

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

David N.
Submitted on 12.21.2022

A BIG BIG thanks to Tomaz and Zala for putting together a wonderful itinerary for my wife and I. It was an amazing trip and we had a fantastic time exploring the beautiful Swiss countryside. 

Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


 Based on 220 reviews

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Verified Review

Donna L.
Submitted on 10.19.2022

We had a very enjoyable trip and Eleonora was very timely in response to our requests, both before and during our trip.They managed to accommodate our wishes in terms of when and where we wanted to go and were successful in getting us the hotels we had selected.While most of the time we were on our own, the tour guides we had were knowledgeable and very accommodating.The travel company provided many helpful recommendations for tourist sites, restaurants, and shopping that we utilized.

Travel agent Robert in Italy

Robert's Travel Agency


 Based on 155 reviews

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Verified Review

Eryn K.
Submitted on 11.17.2022

Robert helped us plan an amazing honeymoon! Travel was difficult in the aftermath of COVID-19, and he really helped us have a great trip under the circumstances. After speaking with him on the phone, it was easy to choose the travel company to plan our trip, as I could tell Robert was super knowledgeable and understood what kind of trip we wanted to have. It was very easy to communicate with Robert while planning the trip. He gave us lots of options from which to choose, adjusted things as we requested, and gave us advice based on his travel experiences. It was great not having to worry about researching hotels, coordinating transfers, and finding tours.During our trip, Robert and his team were there for us whenever we needed. Jeanne was incredibly responsive to calls and texts at all times of the day, and helped resolve any issues that arose.  We had to make some last-minute adjustments to some flights and a hotel reservation, and the company helped us sort that out quickly, adjusted our airport transfers, etc. We are very thankful to the travel company and would love to work with them again in the future!

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Travel agent Cameron in Italy

Cameron's Travel Agency


 Based on 125 reviews

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Verified Review

Larry W.
Submitted on 10.16.2022

Our travel company designed and executed an exceptional visit to Puglia, Italy. I was kept well informed during the planning process and they responded very quickly...usually leading me to do research and make decisions. I was completely impressed with their knowledge. During the trip, everything happened exactly on schedule and the guides and drivers provided were uniformly excellent. While I carefully examined the suggested hotels in advance (the travel agency provided all the info for me to do that), I was very impressed upon arrival and my stays were excellent.

Travel agent Darya in Italy

Darya's Travel Agency


 Based on 6 reviews

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Verified Review

Caitlin C.
Submitted on 1.3.2023

We had a great experience working with this travel company. We worked with Darya to plan our honeymoon to Italy and she put together a fantastic, comprehensive itinerary. She was very knowledgable and maintained an open line of communication with us to proactively ensure everything went smoothly.She even went out of her way to meet us at a rental car pickup, as she anticipated a clerical issue with the booking and wanted to be there in person to mitigate it! 

Travel agent Bjoern in Switzerland

Bjoern's Travel Agency


 Based on 12 reviews

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Verified Review

Isaac S.
Submitted on 1.6.2023

Bjoern did a terrific job structuring our itinerary; very thoughtful and greatly put together. We were happy he placed us in hotels just meters away from the train stations, as traveling with bags can be hectic at times with large volumes of people.  He was also very responsive when we needed him for anything. Out trip was a total pleasure and we will be back to Switzerland.

Travel agent Vanessa in Italy

Vanessa's Travel Agency


 Based on 71 reviews

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Verified Review

Charlene P.
Submitted on 10.23.2022

The trip could not have gone any better. Not only was everything well planned and timed, changes as we went along were handled quickly and with better than expected results. Using a travel company that puts you together with local experts is for us an absolute must for a first class experience. It is the small details and the out of way places that you would miss that makes you want to do this versus doing it yourself or in our case using a US agent. The hotels were great, drivers were professional, and the restaurant recommendations gave us the taste of Italy that you dream about. One example of great service was the cancellation of the boat tour of Cinque Terre. We had already explored Cinque Terra with a guide on foot but the sea was too rough for the boat tour. Very quickly Viviana arranged for a tour of the Carrera marble quarries. This turned out to be an unforgettable experience that added to the experience. We plan to come back to Italy and will use Viviana again based on the quality of the tour. We would highly recommend anyone who wants to experience Italy to work with Viviana.

Travel agent Stefania in Italy

Stefania's Travel Agency


 Based on 11 reviews

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Verified Review

Nancy D.
Submitted on 6.27.2022

My best friend and I went to Italy for the first time for either of us and we had a fabulous time! The travel planner did an amazing job with not only helping us plan our trip, but with foreseeing problems ahead of time.  We had heard from a few other travelers during our trip that some of their activities were delayed or cancelled and we felt so lucky to be in our planner's hands.  She was in contact with us the entire time and really made us feel at ease.  I know I am definitely coming back to Italy, and I will definitely use the travel company again!

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Featured Reviews

Switzerland & Italy Vacation Review: Interlaken, Sirmione, Peschiera del Garda, Bike Tours, 2-Week Family Trip


Annie R.
Dec 06, 2022
Susanna helped us create the perfect trip to Switzerland and Italy for our family of 4. I was very nervous about traveling overseas with my toddler for the first time, but Susanna helped me with all the logistics to make it as seamless as possible. We enjoyed the tours that she selected in Switzerland and in Italy. She is a lovely person, easy to talk to and always quick to respond. I would definitely recommend this travel company for creating a customized travel experience.

Italy & Switzerland Vacation Review: Rome, Colosseum, Vatican, Swiss Alps, Waterfalls, Lakes, Vineyards Visit, History


Steven G.
Oct 17, 2022

This travel company was an excellent partner for our trip to Switzerland and Italy. Our original scheduled trip was to leave Dallas Texas for Switzerland at the end of August 2022. Due to a COVID outbreak at my wife's place of work, we had to reschedule for the end of September. Mario at our travel agency made all of the changes including air with no additional charges for our trip, amazing! Our travel team had a 24/7 service that you could contact for any questions or concerns. The service also alerted you of your next day’s events and how and where you would be picked up. Overall this was an exceptional service.

Austria, Switzerland & Italy Trip Review: Hallstatt, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Interlaken, Zermatt, Hiking


Dianne C.
Oct 11, 2022

This travel company did an absolutely amazing job of planning our 15 day trip to Austria, Switzerland and Italy! 

They learn about what you’re interested in doing and where you would like to go and then develop an itinerary that allows you to see the highlights of where you’re visiting in a detailed, easy to understand way, especially for us first time European travelers.Every day was filled with a new adventure! They work with a network of tour guides, personal drivers, hotels and have thorough understanding of the regions you are visiting, which really personalized the trip for us in a way that we couldn’t possibly have done on our own.Tomaz and his team are the ultimate professionals, following through on every detail to make your trip fun and seamless. We can’t wait to plan our trip with them and cannot recommend them enough for their expertise and professionalism.Thank you all for planning our favorite vacation ever!!Dianne & Frank C.

Switzerland & Italy Travel Review: Zermatt, Lucerne, St Moritz, 2-Week Trip


Isaac S.
Jan 06, 2023
Bjoern did a terrific job structuring our itinerary; very thoughtful and greatly put together. We were happy he placed us in hotels just meters away from the train stations, as traveling with bags can be hectic at times with large volumes of people.  He was also very responsive when we needed him for anything. Out trip was a total pleasure and we will be back to Switzerland.

Switzerland & Italy Vacation Review: Cinque Terre, Interlaken, Truffle Hunting, Wine Tasting Experience, 16-Night Tour


Milagros M.
Nov 08, 2022
It was the one big vacation we looked forward to for this year. We did the French Riviera in August of last year and we’ve always thought that the Italian Riviera and Switzerland would be spectacular as well. Well, it didn’t disappoint. The places in the itinerary were nothing short of spectacular, the accommodations outstanding. We really enjoyed the truffle hunting and the wine tasting experience. The only thing that I hoped for, and I hope you take it as constructive criticism, is that we hoped we had a tour guide for some of the places we visited like the Cinque Terre for example or the Interlaken. We have traveled with Zicasso for a while now. I believed this was the sixth time and always we had a guide. In the beginning, it was hard for us taking the train from point to point in Switzerland but later on got adjusted to it. In summary, my husband was pleased with the coverage of the whole trip, so thank you most sincerely.

Luxury Italy & Switzerland Trip Review: Lake Lucerne, Mt. Pilatus, Lake Como, Venice, Positano, Wines & Cicchetti Tour


Robert B.
Oct 28, 2022
Our 23 day trip began on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland and gradually progressed south to Positano Italy. We got very lucky and had bright sunshine every day but one with un-seasonally warm temperatures for October. Everything went so very smoothly for the 4 of us and our travel company stayed in contact daily to make sure we wanted for nothing.

Italy & Switzerland Vacation Review: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Lake Como, Bellagio, Bologna, Hiking, Cooking Class, Wine Tasting


Jane S.
Jun 12, 2022
Our travel agency planned an extraordinary 18-day custom vacation through Italy and Switzerland based on our requested activities that exceeded all our expectations. They also suggested additional ideas for fabulous experiences, local guides, hotels and restaurants that made all the difference for an exciting, world-class getaway! Robert was the most expert and friendly travel professional we've ever encountered - who made great things happen and handled all the details.

Luxury Switzerland & Italy Vacation Review: Lucerne, Mürren, Montreux, Lake Como, Milan, Winery Visit, Cruise, 2-Week Trip


Debra B.
Oct 28, 2022

This travel company planned an excellent trip for our party of four to Lucerne, Mürren, and Montreux, Switzerland, and then a finale to Lake Como and Milan. We can’t say enough about the accommodations that were chosen for us. Stunning water and Mountain views. Locations were excellent.  

We were given excellent guidance for tipping, packing, and all things travel. Dev and her team were available at all times to guide us through any unexpected or uncomfortable situation.Some favorite excursions were a charming visit to a family owned winery in Montreux for a tasting including fondue in a stone cottage with a wood fire. Also the cruise on Lake Como in a beautiful wood boat with a glass of wine. Stunning.Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Multi-Country European Family Trip Review: Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, England, 1-Month Vacation


Kristen C.
Sep 06, 2022

The planning portion of the trip was fine. We ran into communication issues in the 3 weeks leading up to the trip. Part of the challenge was having a month-long trip seemed to have too many variables for the tour company to manage in advance. All of the apartments we originally booked were no longer available due to the pandemic by the time we traveled. However, instead of booking us in 5-star apartments (as we had in our proposal and what we paid for), the housing was incredibly varied. One of the flats was lovely - great location, comfortable. One was horrific - filthy, bad location, loud, uncomfortable, terrible amenities. Some were in between but nothing as nice as what we paid for in our proposal. The travel commpany didn’t want to take responsibility for any of the issues we experienced. Their claim was to continue to blame The reason we use zicasso is to avoid sites like and to use local agents who have relationships and know the right places to book. Overall it was a very stressful trip with so much communication throughout trying to fix issues. We have booked numerous other travel groups through zicasso and never had a single issue. Sadly, this was not the case. The first day we arrived in Europe our accommodation was not available and we sat jet-lagged in a park with our kids for 6 hours waiting for a resolution which only happened when we got zicasso involved. We do not recommend this group.

France, Italy & Switzerland Honeymoon Trip Review: Paris, Rome, Interlaken, Mürren, Tuscany, Hang Gliding, Hiking, Food Tours


David P.
Jun 23, 2022
Tomaz and Mojca were excellent to work with!! We had initially put our trust in another travel company, and when they were slow to respond with an itinerary, we immediately reached out to this travel company. Three weeks to plan a 17-night honeymoon trip to Paris - Switzerland - Italy was not a small feat, yet Tomaz immediately set up a time to speak with us. Within 24 hours, we had received an itinerary online and was able to give him commentary and changes. A quick back-and-forths of edits and emails later, they were able to get all hotels and transportations booked within a week! They have access to a great database of hotels and activities and it's extremely easy to review and comment on their online itinerary on your web browser. During our travels, they were quick to respond via WhatsApp and notified us of different alternatives or announcements. On our birthday, they even had a little welcome surprise at our hotel. They absolutely made our trip seamless and memorable and were beyond pleased with the hotel choices + route that they recommended!A piece of advice: For travelers who are not into touristy sites and main destinations, do not fear and make that preference known to this travel agency. Do a bit of your own research or talk to friends and ask for the unique experiences that you want to make your trip your own. Work with them and listen to their recommendations on how to make an effective but efficient journey and let them book it all. (For example, we told them we were interested in local events like festivals, and they recommended a music festival in Paris that we would not have found by ourselves!)By doing this, our travel agency cut down our travel planning stress from the usual 100% to ~10%. Worth it!
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