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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


 Based on 220 reviews

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Verified Review

Donna L.
Submitted on 10.19.2022

We had a very enjoyable trip and Eleonora was very timely in response to our requests, both before and during our trip.They managed to accommodate our wishes in terms of when and where we wanted to go and were successful in getting us the hotels we had selected.While most of the time we were on our own, the tour guides we had were knowledgeable and very accommodating.The travel company provided many helpful recommendations for tourist sites, restaurants, and shopping that we utilized.

Travel agent Matteo in Italy

Matteo's Travel Agency


 Based on 451 reviews

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Verified Review

Catherine M.
Submitted on 11.6.2022

Daniela tuned in very quickly as to what we were looking for and clearly delivered on that. The experiences were all and even more than we anticipated. The drivers were excellent, interesting and accommodating, especially our driver to the Caves at Balzi Rossi, who took the time to accommodate our request for an additional stop. All the guides were most knowledgeable and really covered the history. Our favorites were “Emma” and the Stibbert museum and our guide in Naples who also covered Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as the guide/vulcanologist who took the time to explain the history of the volcano as well as sift through the stones to talk about the differences.There were some glitches with the hotels. The hotel in Genoa was beautiful, but some staff were rigid in the rules such that even though we had arrived late morning in Genoa after out transatlantic flight, we were made to wait in the sitting area until 2 pm to get into our room. Other were more helpful trying to get us connected to Wi-Fi.Barbara of Daniela’s staff was incredibly helpful. When husband had severe attack of vertigo in Florence, arrangements were quickly made to get a doctor to  the hotel room. The hotel in Florence could not have been more accommodating and went out to fill the prescription. Thoroughly enjoyed stay there as everyone was so helpful, was in a great location and beautiful.  Hotel in Naples, staff was again very helpful, especially helping to get luggage to and from drivers, which could not park close by. Staff also stepped up to contact Barbara by phone, when internet was down to let her know the driver to the airport had not arrived. Once Barbara was contacted, in a very short time had a driver to the hotel which got us to the airport in time to make our flight home.

Travel agent Jordi in Spain office

Jordi's Travel Agency


 Based on 59 reviews

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Verified Review

Mark T.
Submitted on 8.25.2022

Enjoyed a wonderful week in Barcelona and Madrid after the conclusion of our Canary Islands cruise. All of the arrangements made by our travel company ran like clockwork. The guides showed up on time and were very professional and personable. The hotel accommodations were well located, clean and pleasant. The transfers to the train station and airport were first rate and on schedule. All things considered, this travel agency removed all of the aggravation and worry over planning and made for a great trip experience. 

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Travel agent Vanessa in Italy

Vanessa's Travel Agency


 Based on 71 reviews

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Verified Review

Charlene P.
Submitted on 10.23.2022

The trip could not have gone any better. Not only was everything well planned and timed, changes as we went along were handled quickly and with better than expected results. Using a travel company that puts you together with local experts is for us an absolute must for a first class experience. It is the small details and the out of way places that you would miss that makes you want to do this versus doing it yourself or in our case using a US agent. The hotels were great, drivers were professional, and the restaurant recommendations gave us the taste of Italy that you dream about. One example of great service was the cancellation of the boat tour of Cinque Terre. We had already explored Cinque Terra with a guide on foot but the sea was too rough for the boat tour. Very quickly Viviana arranged for a tour of the Carrera marble quarries. This turned out to be an unforgettable experience that added to the experience. We plan to come back to Italy and will use Viviana again based on the quality of the tour. We would highly recommend anyone who wants to experience Italy to work with Viviana.

Travel agent Isabella in Italy

Laura's Travel Agency


 Based on 12 reviews

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Verified Review

Jim B.
Submitted on 10.11.2022

After two years we finally made our 40th wedding anniversary trip to Italy. It was awesome. I have used many travel agencies in the past, but this was truly one of the best plan trips I’ve ever been on in my life. Ivana was tremendous, she stayed in touch with me and made the trip so pleasant. She was like a personal administrator, stayed on top of every detail. I cannot tell you how thankful and how grateful my wife and I are for this company and the expertise they showed and delivered; they are number one. It was truly a dream vacation.Thank you to our travel company,Jim B

Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


 Based on 26 reviews

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Verified Review

Richard L.
Submitted on 10.7.2022

Our travel representative at this travel company did an outstanding job not only designing a lovely trip for us throughout Southern Spain based on our likes and dislikes, but also kept in touch with us throughout the trip. He checked in to see how things were going and whether we needed help with anything. He provided assistance in deciding on the list of local restaurants they recommended and in making reservations for us when requested. Our trip was truly a reflection of activities we enjoy in combination with opportunities to learn a lot about Spain, its history and its culture. The custom app this travel agency provided for our phones was extremely helpful. It itemized each day’s events by the hour, and included all event or train tickets needed for the day. Honestly, we can’t wait to work with this travel team again on our future trips to Spain and Portugal and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with a very professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly travel consultant. 

Travel agent Cameron in Italy

Cameron's Travel Agency


 Based on 125 reviews

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Verified Review

Larry W.
Submitted on 10.16.2022

Our travel company designed and executed an exceptional visit to Puglia, Italy. I was kept well informed during the planning process and they responded very quickly...usually leading me to do research and make decisions. I was completely impressed with their knowledge. During the trip, everything happened exactly on schedule and the guides and drivers provided were uniformly excellent. While I carefully examined the suggested hotels in advance (the travel agency provided all the info for me to do that), I was very impressed upon arrival and my stays were excellent.

Travel agent Stefania in Italy

Stefania's Travel Agency


 Based on 11 reviews

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Verified Review

Nancy D.
Submitted on 6.27.2022

My best friend and I went to Italy for the first time for either of us and we had a fabulous time! The travel planner did an amazing job with not only helping us plan our trip, but with foreseeing problems ahead of time.  We had heard from a few other travelers during our trip that some of their activities were delayed or cancelled and we felt so lucky to be in our planner's hands.  She was in contact with us the entire time and really made us feel at ease.  I know I am definitely coming back to Italy, and I will definitely use the travel company again!

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Featured Reviews

Luxury Italy, Spain & Portugal Vacation Review: Vatican City, Local Cuisine, Culture


Denny L.
Aug 04, 2022
This travel agency went above and beyond to ensure our travel exceeded our expectations and was smooth from start to finish. Our trip encompassed on land encompassed visits to Italy and the Vatican City before boarding our cruise to the Greek Islands and Malta. Upon the end of our cruise, our travel company helped to secure a well-planned itinerary in Spain and Portugal. Mary and her team did an excellent job selecting the best location accommodations, transportation, and activities. We would highly recommend this travel agency to our friends and family. Thank you travel team!

Italy & Spain Birthday Trip Review: Rome, Colosseum, Florence, Granada, Madrid, 10-Night Tour


Tara W.
May 15, 2022
This was the best trip of our life. Mario and his travel agency handled everything perfectly. This included transportation, always in perfectly clean Mercedes. Our trip consisted of Rome, Florence, Granada and Madrid Spain. Every hotel was 5 stars, our tour guides were knowledgeable, spoke English, and were incredibly thoughtful. The restaurant selections were unbelievable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this. It’s the first trip that we have been on that didn’t include any planning on our part, truly wonderful! 

Spain & Italy Vacation Review: Mother Daughter Trip, La Sagrada Familia, Exploring Cities


Lynn G.
May 28, 2022

I was planning a trip last minute for me and my 80 year old Japanese mom. The travel planner was able to plan on short notice and also able to locate Japanese speaking private tour guides which made all of the difference. She was also great about letting me know when I was trying to pack too much in. Our hotels were in great locations for what we wanted to do and were the right level of luxury and cost. 

She also noted that I asked for a special birthday reservation and send me a bottle of cava at the restaurant which was so nice and thoughtful. 

Italy, England, France & Spain Travel Review: Family Trip, 16-Night Tour


Pedro C.
Jun 27, 2022
We were very pleased with the services provided by our travel agency before and during our trip. Our agent, Rose was incredibly patient and thorough with me during the planning process as well as available during our trip. My wife and I traveled with my elderly parents and had some unusual requests but Rose and the whole team made every effort to accommodate our needs and make the experience very memorable. Everyone was always on time to pick us up and I was informed of delays and travel changes by our travel company before any one else. We felt as if they were watching over us the whole time knowing where we were supposed to be and making sure that we were. There is no doubt that I will contact Rose and this travel agency on my next travel plans as well as refer all my friends and family to do the same.

Italy, Spain, & Portugal Luxury Vacation Review: Grenada, Cascais, Faro, Capri, Positano, Sorrento, Douro Valley, Alhambra Palace


Rick H.
Jun 15, 2022
Fabulous trip of a lifetime. We had a hiccup in Grenada on our tour of the Alhambra but our private driver did a tremendous job working with the tour operator to resolve our issue.

France, Spain & Italy Vacation Review: 2-Week Tour


Shi o.
Jul 06, 2022
Robert with our travel agency did a fantastic job lining up all of our tours, drivers and accommodations! We were treated like VIPs every step of the way and wholeheartedly recommend him and this travel company! We could not be happier with the service we received!

Luxury European Tour Review: England, France, Italy & Spain, 3-Week Vacation


Deanna G.
Jun 21, 2022
The trip was great. Sarah payed attention to exactly what we were looking for and booked the best hotels and excursions. She also stayed in contact with us during our stay to make sure things were progressing smoothly. I will definitely use them in the future. 

Spain & Italy Vacation Review: Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, Art & Architecture, Dining & Shopping


Fabio G.
Sep 26, 2022
Our trip was exactly what Robert and Meghan would be. We had no major issues with our hotels, transfers, tours, day trips, or city guides. The few minor problems we encountered were quickly resolved by the travel team and our time in Europe was well spent admiring artwork and architecture rather than trying to figure out on our own what to do next and when. Kudos to them for delivering the best and more enjoyable experience we could have had.

European Travel Review: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Nice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Capri, Barcelona


randy g.
Jun 30, 2022
This travel company gave us a trip of a lifetime. We had great experiences with every travel guides we were provided. Our guide in Nice, France was the best!!!!!!!!! Transportation was for the most part flawless. All our hotels were located perfectly in each city.  Anytime we had any issues the emergency help line was there to assist immediately. We will definitely use this company again in the future.I do have to give the reason for the 4 rating. We had a 2 day stay in Florence that was not a great experience. Lack of communication on our hotel and how to get to our bus tour was awful. The hotel was not a 3-star hotel because it wasn't a hotel it was  Airbnb at the most. Our driver from airport dropped us off and we had no idea how to get into the building. After calling the emergency help line, we struggled for another 30 minutes until finally could find our room. There was no AC in the room with 100-degree temps outside.We were to have breakfast provide each morning. Could never find where that was. The bus tour company provided did a very poor job. Again, no communication how to find where we were to meet. Bus had no AC on a 12-hour tour.

Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Spain & Italy Trip Review: 8-Week Tour


Sid F.
May 30, 2022
Outstanding. Perfection. Every detail was taken care of. We were on an 8 week European trip and Mary gave us peace of mind so that we could enjoy our trip. She and her staff thought of everything and continued their support throughout our travels. 
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