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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Irene in Greece office

Irene's Travel Agency


 Based on 244 reviews

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Verified Review

Marvin L.
Submitted on 5.31.2023

We were very fortunate to work with Irene and her team at the travel agency on our recent 23-day trip to Greece.  They worked with us to craft an extraordinary vacation.From the very beginning, Irene was extremely responsive. We told her about our list of must-see destinations and a number of interests beyond those specific places.  Irene put together an itinerary that reflected all of our wishes and made additional suggestions based on our discussion with her. She worked collaboratively with us to flesh out specific details. Once in Greece, all of our logistics were handled remarkably smoothly.  Irene and her colleague met us when we arrived at the Athens airport, and discussed with us all of the final details. Each transition from one location to another  -- we stayed in eleven hotels overall, flew within Greece and took a ferry -- was trouble-free.All of our drivers showed up on time, wore masks (as we requested) and drove safely on roads that could be difficult.  Some of them shared information about the areas and sites as we drove.  In particular, we had a wonderful driver, who was extremely knowledgeable and a delight to be with, for a seven-day drive from Athens through the Peloponnese and then north to Thessaloniki.We had private guides at archaeological sites, museums and cities. One of us is very knowledgeable about and interested in archaeology and history; the other is very interested in photography. Irene had informed the guides of our interests and concerns, and they accommodated our needs.Our hotels were, almost without exception, excellent.  Some weren’t as comfortable as others, but they were charming and were among the best available in those locations.Most of our meals (other than breakfast) were on our own, but several were included in our itinerary, and were among the best meals of our trip.We had never before had a private tour, with private drivers and guides, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  Irene and her team made us very comfortable with all of the arrangements, and provided us with an extremely memorable vacation.  We highly recommend this travel agency.

Travel Agent Cynthia in Greece

Cynthia's Travel Agency


 Based on 14 reviews

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Verified Review

Kevin W.
Submitted on 10.17.2018

UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE! Our travel agent was open and available to help me plan my honeymoon from day one, and always listened and provided expert advice. She gave me all the time I could have asked for and more, and provided multiple iterations of our itinerary as we talked through different options and opportunities. She coordinatated many special little surprises during our trip that truly made us feel special, and all of her suggestions and recommendations proved to be exemplary. She reached out to us several times during our trip to ensure everything was going as planned, and worked with our hotels and resorts to ensure we had al the documentation we needed for the next leg of our trip. She was a delight to work with, and not only would I use her company again in the future, I will be suggesting them to anyone and everyone I know looking to travel in the region.

Travel agent Bülent in Turkey

Bülent's Travel Agency


 Based on 2 reviews

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Verified Review

Ashritha N.
Submitted on 4.27.2023

Bulent was such an amazing planner for my parent's trip to Turkey. Genuinely a kind, empathetic and motivated person! Those qualities really show how he is such a great travel planner. I wanted to gift my parents a trip to Turkey as my appreciation to them for helping me get my first job and paycheck. I relayed this information to Bulent, and he single-handedly molded all my asks/expectations into the budget I had in mind. He truly was so understanding and patient and curated amazing experiences for my parents. They loved everything about the trip and raved about the quiet luxury and culture that Bulent and his team instilled. They loved Turkey so much and brought so many things back, and would not hesitate to rave about the hotels, food, people, architecture, and even the ease/luxury of transportation. Would 100000% recommend Bulent and the travel agency as they put so much love and care into their clients and their experiences. Thanks so so much Bulent :)

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Travel agent Eleni in Greece

Eleni's Travel Agency


 Based on 9 reviews

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Verified Review

Praneet S.
Submitted on 10.19.2022

We were specifically looking for a family travel planner for Greece. From the get go the interactions with this travel company and Eleni were very professional. She understood what we wanted from the trip and helped us plan a dream vacation. We had a perfect vacation in Greece. It included a very kid friendly mythological guided tour in Athens. The kids participated in mythological comic making workshop. We then spent our days in the island of Naxos and the stay as well as the excursions were very well planned. They helped us throughout the trip and were very responsive. They went above and beyond by checking us in to our flights.They even arranged for a surprise birthday cake for my sons birthday, delivered at our restaurant at dinner.Overall the best experience we’ve ever had with a travel company. 

Travel Agent Marcus in Morocco

Marcus' Travel Agency


 Based on 216 reviews

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Verified Review

jyoti L.
Submitted on 5.24.2023

Marcus from the travel agency planned our amazing  itinerary. He provided guidence as to when to visit Morocco. We followed his advise and delay our trip on account of Ramadan and Eid. Every attention to details of itinerary was exhibited. He also prepared us with what to expect and discuused with us in great details before we started our trip. His local Morocco team was very helpful. Having same guide and Driver is a great idea. They were excellent, open minded and very knowledgeable and trustworthy. They became our Moroccan family.I am BK  amputee and for me Marcus arranged shower chair and that helped a lot.I did talk to Zicasso and another travel agency for our visit to Morocco. I am glad I decided to go with this one. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and relatives going toMorocco.

Travel agent Nikos in Greece

Nikos' Travel Agency


 Based on 20 reviews

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Verified Review

Philippe G.
Submitted on 6.2.2023

Wow! We had a great trip. 4 weeks in Greece felt like just a few days. Nikos was a gem: he listened to our itinerary requests and fully embraced them, given us just the right kind of suggestions to enhance the experience. During the trip, he was just a click away to respond promptly to our occasional special requests. 

Travel agent Anthia in Greece

Anthia's Travel Agency


 Based on 63 reviews

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Verified Review

Barb M.
Submitted on 5.24.2023

Our trip to Greece was fabulous from start to finish.  The Zicasso process of leveraging local travel agencies is very helpful - our final itinerary was a compilation of great hotel / location suggestions from both of the agencies I worked with. Had I only worked with only one from the outset, our trip would not have been as varied or rewarding. I ultimately selected this travel company for the value of the overall package. We were extremely happy with our 7 night / 8 day trip and our driver was fantastic! I would, however, like to give a HUGE thumbs up to the other company we were matched to for their ideas and input to my questions and requests for "other things to consider".  Irene was absolutely terrific. Without one of her suggestions, we would have missed what turned out to be my favorite "hidden gem" place! I am very picky about details and research everything before traveling, so I had a general idea of what I wanted going in, but the collaboration process really improved the end itinerary and ensured a trip I would recommend to anyone! 

Travel agent Anna in Greece office

Anna's Travel Agency


 Based on 27 reviews

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Verified Review

Lindsay C.
Submitted on 11.4.2022

We had the best experience with this travel company! We loved the plan Anna put in place and everything went so smoothly while we were there! We didn't have a single issue and all our cars, tour guides, and experiences were right on time according to plan. We also felt we had unique experiences planned for us every day with guides who made us feel so special and taken care of. The hotels were awesome as well, with friendly and helpful staff. We simply could not have planned a trip like this without their help! 

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Featured Reviews

Luxury Turkey & Greece Trip Review: Athens, Santorini, Crete, Istanbul, Fishing Tour, 20-Day Vacation


Karen B.
Dec 08, 2022
I can't say enough about the quality of service provided by this travel company. My husband's and my trip to Greece and Turkey was 20-days, and everything went as planned. The guides were prompt, personable and knowledgeable. More importantly, they were flexible, as interested in who we were and what we wanted to get out of our travels.  Working with Irene was fun. We planned this trip during the pandemic, and Irene was sure to keep me up to date as to any changes in our itinerary (and there was nothing major).   We stayed in boutique hotels and were treated with first-class service. The food was amazing. We took foodie tours and cooking classes. The breakfasts were lavish and showcased the local food.We spent four nights in Athens, three nights in Santorini, and five in Crete. The Turkey leg was seven nights, ending with four in Istanbul. Again, the guides, drivers, hotels, transfers, porters, flights -- all of it was spot on and professional. In Turkey, our guide went the extra mile to make sure I found my phone. Thank you.Irene's team checked in at the right rhythm, just enough to know that support was available if needed.  Great trip. Wonderful time.

Greece & Turkey Family Vacation Review: Athens, 10-Day Tour


Cleon Y.
Aug 09, 2022
This will be my 4th vacation using Zicasso and I've never been disappointed with any of their travel specialists.This year was Turkey and Greece, two destinations that have always been on my bucket-list. After some back and forth with a few of the Zicasso referrals, it soon became obvious that this travel company was clearly the agency I wanted to work with. They were prompt to reply, pro-active in their communications and suggestions, and went to great lengths to understand what my family and I wanted in our travels.For many years, I took it upon myself to book every facet of our travels. I tend to be a meticulous researcher and even enjoyed looking into the nuts and bolts of booking flights, picking hotels, and selecting just the right tour. Lately though, I've been using Zicasso and their curated travel specialists because I feel that the value each agency adds in terms of their local knowledge is something I could never replicate. Working with our travel agency (based in Athens) again reminds me that all the research in the world cannot replace local knowledge and experience.I worked with two agents from this travel company and hand-off between them was flawless. I really couldn't be happier with their hotel or tour choices.

Turkey & Greece Honeymoon Travel Review: 2-Week Tour


Juan L.
Jul 06, 2022
I booked my honeymoon to Turkey and Greece and it was a fantastic experience! First, they are very attentive and respond to any questions or concerns very promptly. They do a great job on listening to what is important for you and what you want your trip to be like, and tailor it to your preferences. All the hotels, guides, activities they recommended were excellent! Also, having all the internal transportation taken care of removes a lot of the trip’s stress and makes it much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this travel agency to anyone, you will not regret it!

Luxury Greece & Turkey Travel Agent Review: 16-Day Tour


Kim A.
Jun 14, 2022
This travel company was amazing. From the initial email to the final departure, everything was amazing. Irene and team made it easy to plan a vacation and ensured that all of the things we wanted to experienced were planned out. They made the trip a breeze and took care of every last detail. The trip itself was by far the best trip we have taken with amazing experiences in both Turkey and Greece. Highly recommend this travel company - they will take care of you from start to finish.

Luxury Turkey & Greece Tour Review: 10-Day Vacation


Adam K.
Jun 05, 2023
This was a wonderful experience with our travel company. It was a very stress free trip. The team took care of everything and we didn’t have to worry. It was a very memorable and overall great experience. We will continue working with them again! 

Greece & Turkey Travel Review: Cappadocia, Crete, Istanbul, Izmir, Athens, Cave Visits, Balloon Ride, Historical Tours


Virginia F.
May 26, 2022

I booked a trip with this travel company from a Zicasso referral. Originally the trip was booked for September of 2021. However, due to a family medical emergency, I postponed the trip until May of 2022. The agency was very understanding and supportive, issuing credits for all bookings. As with any trip, there are always things I’d probably do differently but there’s no way to know when there’s no familiarity with the countries and specific destinations. 

Panos went above and beyond accommodating us and our itinerary changes. My travel companion asked to change a hotel reservation in Athens which was done. I regret not keeping the original reservation at a better hotel. The transfers were always on time in comfortable vans. 

The accommodations in Cappadocia were amazing. That experience was by far our favorite. 

Turkey and Greece are special countries steeped in mythological history and ruins. I highly recommend the trip to anyone. 

Greece & Turkey Trip Review: Delphi, Olympia, Peloponnese, Crete, Athens, Istanbul, Rethymnon, 2-Week Tour


Maria B.
May 08, 2023
Everything was efficient and timely. The hotels selected were precisely within the price range I requested. I would have preferred a different hotel in Athens with less noise but the location was excellent. Our contact, Panos, was always available and responsive even when we where outside of Greece.Our tour guides were very, very knowledgeable.The pick ups at the airports and hotels were ALWAYS on time.

Luxury Greece & Turkey Travel Review: Athens, Istanbul, History, Culture, Ancient Ruins, Food Tour


Gail C.
Jun 09, 2022
Excellent service. Irene is very easy to work with, had wonderful suggestions for both Athens and Istanbul. Developed a perfect itinerary for our interests. Impressed that she personally met us at our Hotel when we arrived in Athens. Reviewed our itinerary, provided us with a cell phone with our itinerary and to use to contact her directly.We wanted to add a food tour, she made it happen, turned out to be one of the best food tours we have ever taken.All guides and airport transfers were on time. All of the guides were top notch, extremely knowledgeable.Thank you Irene and Team for a fabulous visit to Athens and Istanbul.

Luxury Greece & Turkey Vacation Review: Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Cappadocia, Catamaran Tour, ATV Ride, Hot Air Balloon


Vicky L.
Oct 31, 2022
From planning to finalizing our trip, I always get prompt response/answer to my inquiry.Some of the local tour guides they hired were excellent but some are not. 

Solo Trip to Turkey & Greece Review: Santorini, Athens, Cappadocia, 10-Night Tour


Christina S.
Jun 07, 2022
Overall an awesome experience!!Panos went above in beyond in helping me plan exactly what I wanted to do within my budget. Also, he met with me in Athens and showed me different places that I wouldn't have found otherwise. He is very nice and planned excellent activities. The only downside is that I feel like the markup for travel planning/services was a little on the high end, but it was nice to have everything planned and not stress about it.I definitely recommend this travel company if you are shopping for an agency, I would book through them again. 
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