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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Tomaz in Slovenia

Tomaz's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Lauren E.
Submitted on 1.11.2022

I had a wonderful trip to Switzerland with my husband, over the Christmas and New Year holidays, which we had been planning since prior to the pandemic starting. Once we finally made the move to coordinate, our travel agents (and team) were beyond attentive with coordinating initial calls, to ensure we included everything we wanted within this trip and then planned everything down to the very last detail. Our itinerary helped us so much! From directions on which trains to take, metros to transfer to and walking instructions to our various hotels and activities, we desperately appreciated when navigating unknown cities. It took the stress of having to do it ourselves off our plate and allowed us to truly enjoy where we were. Even when problems arose, with us getting lost on the bus, a travel agent was readily available via an app, planning our travel and navigating us back to where we needed to be. We’re so very thankful for their service, support and care. I would definitely reach out again for our next trip! Thank you!

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Travel agent Matteo in Italy

Matteo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Philip V.
Submitted on 12.9.2021

From the time we arrived in Venice airport, we were escorted to our hotel. It was a worry and anxiety free trip of a lifetime. We were introduced to the culture, history and cuisines of Italy. At the same time, we had opportunities walk around on our own to explore the great cities of Venice, Florence and Rome. The side trips to Bologna, Pisa, Siena, Lucca and Orvieto were unforgettable. This trip planned by this Italy travel company was probably one of the best. We whole heartily recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Italy.

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Travel agent Alexandra in Italy office

Alexandra's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kristin D.
Submitted on 3.13.2022

This is what I just wroteWe were matched with a travel designer and she was fantastic! From start to finish we were able to get in contact with her. She responded quickly and effectively to all our needs, concerns, questions, texts, emails, etc. While in Italy things went as they were outlined for us and helped relieve so much stress that could come from traveling. We would absolutely recommend Zicasso as a company and specifically our Italy specialist. Our tour guides were amazing and so knowledgeable. Our two favorite guides were in Florence and in Rome,(this may also be because Rome and Florence were our two bucket list cities) but all the guides in Venice, Siena, Pompeii, and in Naples were amazing and transformed each city into a memory well never forget. Making pasta with a Chef was incredible and her and her husband are so kind, knowledgeable, passionate, respectful, and very patient with us! Our drivers were always on time, and did a great job answering questions or helping us understand more of the culture every ride we had. We especially enjoyed our driver on our longer drives to Sienna his willingness to make the trip personal was so appreciated. This was an incredible experience, an incredible company, incredible culture and people and we would highly recommend booking through them! I personally have been out of the country before doing things the “Rick Steves” way, or on my own, and this was by far the best way to go!

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Travel agent Daniel in England

Mario's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jonathan O.
Submitted on 12.10.2021

My wife and I were looking forward to this trip soo much, specially with all the COVID issues going on in the world, AND everything turned out just perfectly! Even with all the COVID restrictions, testing requirements and overall precautions in place with travel, it was an amazing trip that I wish we could relive. We really wished we could have stayed another month plus. Big thanks to our travel company & specifically Marie-Lys for helping us create and live out the perfect trip to France!! I highly recommend working with this team and hope that we can one day work with Marie-Lys once again! 

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Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


 Based on 191 reviews

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Verified Review

Lilian P.
Submitted on 9.18.2021

Eleonora planned the perfect trip to southern Italy for our family! The Amalfi coast and Puglia are stunning and it was the trip of a lifetime. We could not be happier with our experience. She designed an excellent itinerary and arranged exceptional activities. We like boutique hotels and she found some lovely ones for us. The transportation services were excellent, the drivers always on time and courteous. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, especially in Matera. We had questions arise several times due to changing pandemic conditions and she quickly resolved every issue. We are seasoned travelers and have never experienced better service than hers.I highly recommend them!!

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Travel agent Vanessa in Italy

Vanessa's Travel Agency


 Based on 54 reviews

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Verified Review

Ashley P.
Submitted on 5.18.2020

The trip was amazing, a once in a lifetime opportunity and trip. My sister and I spent 16 days in Italy for her high school graduation trip, and we had an unparalleled experience. We went from Venice to Florence/Tuscany to Cinque Terre to Sorrento to Rome. Everything in each city and in between was incredible. The team scheduled activities / events for us where we wanted them to, and left a portion of the trip for us to plan ourselves. Absolutely breathtaking, and the team at Zicasso did a superb job.

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Travel agent Elena in Italy

Elena's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Pamela K.
Submitted on 1.17.2022

The travel agency is a fabulous company. Our 14-day trip to Italy was 3 years in the making.  COVID forced us to schedule and reschedule the trip.  We started with 16 people traveling with us and ended up with my family of 4.  Through all of the changes, the travel team was amazing.   We used custom tour companies in the past but never encountered service like this agency.   They watched every step of our trip and made adjustments before we even knew there was an issue.  Our train from Venice to Milan was canceled because of COVID staffing issues.  A travel planner contacted the manager of our hotel in Venice who came to our table at breakfast to make us aware of the change and let us know about the new train schedule.  They do not overlook a single detail!  Our guides were exceptional in each city.  I highly recommend using this travel agency.  I look forward to touring more of Italy with them in the future!   

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Agent travel Mary in Italy

Mary's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

John H.
Submitted on 10.18.2021

Our vacation to Italy, Turkey and Greece was amazing, the travel designer at this travel agency did a great job of planning our itinerary with having very little time to work with due to our last minute decision to travel because of covid 19, we managed to see all of the major sites and still had enough free time to enjoy some leisure time on our own. I would recommend this travel agency and Zicasso to anyone who would like to enjoy a worry free vacation. 

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Featured Reviews

Switzerland, Italy & France Travel Review: Lake Como, Zermatt, Jungfraujoch, Fine Dining, Luxury Vacation


Pamela S.
Oct 21, 2021
We had a great trip and the travel agency put together a great package of hotels and experiences for us.  Further, the agency did a great job of steering us through the whole COVID mess over the 18 months it took to reschedule our trip from 2020 when the pandemic hit.  We felt the travel agency was always there for us to answer our questions and meet our needs.

UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands & Italy Trip Review: Mother-Daughter 12-Night Vacation


Kristine S.
Aug 08, 2021

Our travel specialist planned an absolutely fabulous trip for us!  I was able to tell him where I wanted to go and we worked together to set up a trip of a lifetime for me and my daughter.  All of the accommodations and excursions were fantastic and the package of paperwork that they put together for us was beautifully detailed and easy to follow.  Our travel planners were both very quick to answer emails and make suggestions when we needed them.  I could not have asked for anything better especially during these difficult times for travel.

Travel Review: Luxury Italy, France, & Switzerland Trip, Paris, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Boat Tour, 12-Day Tour


Alette G.
Oct 12, 2019
My husband and I had the most amazing trip planned by our travel specialist of the travel company. Every detail was planned exquisitely providing by husband and I with a stress free vacation. Our travel specialist communicated with us throughout our trip which was very comforting considering we were in a foreign country where we did not fluently speak the language. All of our tours, tour guides, hotels, meals, and transportation were excellent. I will be referring anyone traveling to Italy to this travel company! Our travel specialist also planned a few days for us in Switzerland and France so his expertise goes beyond Italy. 

Travel Review: Italy, Switzerland, & France Vacation, Paris, Bologna, Swiss Alps, Food Tour, 2-Week Tour


Lanaya C.
Jul 21, 2019
The travel company planned a lovely trip through northern Italy, the Swiss Alps, and Paris for me and my two sisters. The various private and small group tours were all very good. The hotels throughout the trip were in superb locations. The travel company took care of transfer arrangements, as well as train tickets. We were very grateful for the travel company’s expertise in purchasing the correct Swiss train tickets. We observed many other travelers correcting their costly mistakes after boarding the trains. 

Travel Review: Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, & UK Trip, Florence, Cotswolds, Wine Tour, Champagne Tour, Olive Oil Tour


Debbie R.
Jun 29, 2019
It was amazing. Our trip was through several countries over 10 weeks. All our guides were top notch, knowledgeable and accommodating. The transfers from boat to train to plane to hotel were all perfect.  Our drivers waited if we were delayed for any reason. The travel company was always available by phone for questions and many of our guides had met our travel agent and team personally. The pace was just right.

Spain, France, Switzerland & Italy Luxury Driving Tour Review: Cadaques, Jungfrau, Barcelona, Avignon, Interlaken, Local Cuisine


Robyn C.
May 05, 2019
Our driving trip through Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy went without a hitch.  The route was well planned and for the most part the accommodations were lovely.Cadaques Spain was a wonderful addition, and certainly worth the switchback drive up and down the mountain.I would not recommend Beziers, France as a stop off. The town has much history, but little worth seeing.  Same with Interlaken, Switzerland.  The Jungfrau was a nice day trip, but the town is too touristy.Milan was a wonderful stop for us, but our hotel was subpar and not conveniently located. We love Zicasso and will continue to use them for planning our trips. 

Travel Review: France, Switzerland, Italy, Rome, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Eiffel Tower, Bike Tour, Dinner Cruise


Mark B.
Jul 23, 2018

We had a great time in Europe and everything went according to plan. The tours that were lined up for us in Paris, Lake Como, Venice. and Rome we're absolutely wonderful. Tour guides were very professional, fun, and happily willing to serve us in navigating the city or area. The transfers from airport to hotel and vise versa we're on time, vehicles were clean, and staff was very accommodating and professional. We felt like our agent did a wonderful job lining up the tours, transfers, etc. and she remained at our disposal while in country.

Review: Family Trip to Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany & Austria, Matterhorn, Cliffs of Moher, Alps


Mariah G.
Jun 26, 2018


As a very detailed person myself this travel company and team exceeded all expectations of our family trip abroad! As the person normally in charge of planning for our family, I had to call and check in days before our trip, as I felt as though everything was just too easy; I must had missed something. No fear though, every detail and request was met with the highest standards. All of our accommodations and experiences were first class as requested. Our itinerary was very jammed packed, visiting more countries than days abroad and everything was flawless. Our private drivers were knowledgeable, safe and overall elevated our experience with personal touches galore, such as; macaroons in France and Swiss cheese in the Alps. A minor mishap on our part could have cost us a lot to correct on our own, but one call to our Swiss contact and the problem was resolved!  The app was the most amazing thing! No paper and every detail and more at our finger tips! Our highlights included a picturesque morning sunrise over Matterhorn at 3,100m and a beautiful sunny day at the Cliffs of Mohr. A HUGE THANK YOU for all your hard work helping us make memories that will last forever!

Travel Review: Tour of Switzerland, France, Italy & England, Paris, Venice, Florence, Interlaken, Seine River Cruise


Tina B.
Jun 19, 2018

Outstanding! This was our first trip to Europe and we wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much without  this travel agency. Our itinerary was well organized, detailed, and  directed  to our interests. Our travel team stayed in contact with us throughout our entire journey and updated plans as required. They even arranged  and informed us of alternate travel plans when the trains in France went on strike.

European Vacation Review: Italy Switzerland, Belgium, France, Milan, Lake Como


Amy K.
Jun 02, 2018

The itinerary prepared for us was outstanding. The entire trip was fabulous beginning to end. 

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