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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Courtney in Italy

Courtney's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Nicole G.
Submitted on 6.27.2022

I would highly recommend the travel company to anyone looking to vacation in Southern Italy. I loved the combination of this husband and wife team where it was easy to communicate with the wife as an American but she met her husband in Sorrento so he is a native there. They both spend so much time in Sorrento that they were able to provide us with excellent recommendations of excursions, tour guides, places to eat and places to stay. I have already recommended them to several of my friends.

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Travel agent Matteo in Italy

Matteo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Donna P.
Submitted on 6.28.2022

Matteo and his staff are absolutely the best! Before our trip even started, they were always available and kept us informed on any new travel restrictions. During our trip we had some changes due to flight cancelations and missed connections. They worked to change transportation and tours. We were greeted by guides at every location that made us feel special! I would highly recommend using them for your travel needs. 6 stars if I could. 

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Travel agent Sabine in France

Sabine's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Maria D.
Submitted on 6.26.2022

We loved the entire experience with Zicasso and then with the travel company.Sabine, our travel agent, was fully committed and guided us with every decision we made.  She grasped, from the beginning, the spirit of our trip, and helped us come up with the perfect experience for our entire family including me, my husband (56 and 58), and our son and daughter (25 and 21).We highly recommend the travel company, and we look forward to plan another trip with them again! 

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Travel agent Adam in France

Adam's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

jennifer p.
Submitted on 6.13.2022

Our travel planner designed a very nice itinerary for us that covered all of our requests. Time was managed very well too.  The communication was the only negative that partially had to do with time zone differences but some was just a lack of clarification and attention to detail. Nothing that overall impacted our trip, this is my only comment in regards to future transactions and making sure that the expectations were met. For example, there was one tour arranged on a day that was a National Holiday and most everything was closed that could have been a different day. And a club night was arranged on a night the club was closed.

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Travel agent Vanessa in Italy

Vanessa's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Bill T.
Submitted on 5.14.2022

Where to begin? I was initially contacted by Nina to discuss what we had in mind for our trip to Italy. She learned of our basic interests and took it from there to a trip we could have never imagined on our own. She was extremely informative, responsive and simply a great all around person who soon became what I now consider a dear friend. She set up a wonderful journey, with many great areas of interest and natural beauty. Everything was taken care of, including luxury transport, lodging, personally guided individual tours with brilliant English speaking guides, and spot on dining recommendations. We wanted for nothing!On several occasions, the scheduled hikes proved a little strenuous for us, so Nina immediately put into place a Plan B which allowed us to continue without interruption, but with a little less wear and tear on our old bodies! So we still got to see the views on the Path of the Gods, and watch the goat herder milk the goats and make fresh cheese, but without the tougher ups and downs originally planned.In short, everything was superb, spectacular and and literally life changing. We will never go to Italy again without Nina planning our trip. The plan she prepared for us was perfect and came off without a hitch. But then we had to go home.And this is where Nina kicked into overdrive. The US requires a negative Covid test no sooner than one day before departure. My test at the Palermo airport came up positive. My two traveling companions tested negative. I was literally taken into custody for a seven day isolation and sent the other two home. Nina tried every which way to get me cut loose to isolate on my own, but in Sicily that is not possible, and I was taken to an awful place and held until I could test negative. Nina helped me reschedule my flights, helped me contact the US Consulate, and ultimately got me transported back to Palermo, lodged in a beautiful hotel, and transported to the airport for my successful flight home. Without her help, I would probably still be stuck in Sicily. 

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Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Adrielle K.
Submitted on 6.6.2022

We originally booked our trip a year before the pandemic, so it took us 3+ years to take the full journey. Throughout the process, Eleonora and her colleagues at this travel company were absolutely fabulous. They worked with us to set up an amazing trip, then re-planned everything and arranged it all for us with some changes after the pandemic subsided enough for us to travel again.During our travels, we got amazing service. Any time we needed anything, we sent a text message and got immediate replies. They recommended and booked restaurants, helped us arrange other things, and were available for our every need. The entire trip went smoothly: drivers were outstanding, tour guides were amazing, and the planning was impeccable. We would definitely use this travel agency again, and will refer our friends and family as well. Our trip to Italy was amazing, and we are grateful for the support and guidance we got along the way.If you’re going to Italy, use this travel company!

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Travel agent Robert in Italy

Robert's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jane S.
Submitted on 6.12.2022

Our travel agency planned an extraordinary 18-day custom vacation through Italy and Switzerland based on our requested activities that exceeded all our expectations. They also suggested additional ideas for fabulous experiences, local guides, hotels and restaurants that made all the difference for an exciting, world-class getaway! Robert was the most expert and friendly travel professional we've ever encountered - who made great things happen and handled all the details.

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Travel agent Stéphane in France

Stéphane's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Michael Y.
Submitted on 7.10.2022

We had a great experience working with our travel agency and especially Stephane. He was outstandingly responsive to our needs and provided excellent answers to questions that we had as they came up through the process. He was very knowledgeable with the areas that we travelled to and was able to customize our activities and schedule to one that matched our needs.He met us the first morning we arrived at our hotel and gave us an orientation to Paris. We were able to keep in touch easily via WhatsApp using phone calls and texting both while in the US and while we were in France. He was always available when we called him in France with questions or if we needed him to talk to a vendor or activity host.He was also able to get us Disneyland tickets off the waitlist when my kids decided they wanted to spend a day there. Stephane made it happen!All of the hotels were clean, comfortable and he had good working relationships with most of them. The breakfasts were outstanding. He made several dinner reservations for us which had outstanding meals.We had a very reliable and prompt driver for our travels through Normandy and Loire Valley. It made for stress free travel. All we had to do was wake up in time for breakfast each day! 

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Featured Reviews

Luxury France & Italy Family Vacation Review: 10-Night Tour


Kimberly H.
Jun 17, 2022
Mario and the entire team at our travel agency were absolutely amazing. Every detail was considered and thought through; from the location of each hotel to the amazing drivers, guides and restaurant suggestions, our family trip to France and Italy was truly a magical experience. Mario and his local contacts at each one of our stops guided us through what to expect and handled any changes we wanted to made with ease. Mario runs a first class operation and I will not hesitate to call him on to plan our next trip to Europe. Making these plans over email and phone from the US was a little scary at first; however, after our first phone call I knew our family was in excellent hands. Thank you Mario!

France & Italy Family Vacation Review: Normandy, Paris, Umbria, Rome, Cooking Class


Sallie W.
Jun 29, 2022
This travel company is a team of travel agents, lead by Adam. We worked mostly with Andra. They were very responsive to our wishes for this trip to Normandy, Paris, Umbria and Rome, shaping the trip to our six-person family. There were lots of moving parts (an add-on leg for some of us, parts where we made our own arrangements, car-rental challenges, etc.) At the start an end of our trip, there were flight delays and cancellations (seems to be the way air travel is now) and they were very helpful in changing arrangements as needed. They made sure all the pieces fit and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend our travel agency.

France & Italy Travel Review: 12-Night Family Trip


Michelle M.
Jun 29, 2022
We are a family of four with two kids. Mary from our travel company did a fabulous job of stitching together a family-friendly itinerary, selecting accommodations and local transportations suitable for families, planning everything down to the last details for us, and had all the materials (tickets/vouchers/contacts/etc) so organized that were mailed to us before the trip. She was very flexible and responsive during the planning stage, and was on top of things during the trip too. The local contacts at the destinations were very helpful and there was emergency contacts we could reach outside of office hours too. Overall we had a wonderful time.

Italy & France Two-Week Travel Review


Darryl Q.
Jun 23, 2022
Extremely professional and responded to every detail or requests we asked.    

Travel Review: Solo Italy & France Trip, Rome, Paris, Colosseum, Food Tour, 12-Day Vacation


Sophia M.
Nov 28, 2021
I did a rome/paris customized trip and I would say overall went well. I am pretty sure for the price for a solo traveller package that this could have been done much cheaper. I believe Rome was worth the package/tours. Paris is a city that can be adjusted on your own because the tours/hotel were not as great. I would need to experience other travel agencies to have a better review and frame of reference. But, overall went well. Thank you

Croatia, Greece, Italy & France Travel Review: Culture, History, Traditions, Food & Wine, 18-Day Tour


Alfreda N.
Jun 18, 2022
We just had the trip of a lifetime! We had an ambitious itinerary that proved to be just the right balance of adventure, fun and relaxation. Our travel company thoughtfully planned our trip and was prepared and responsive to all of the unexpected things that popped up prior and during our trip. Having professionals attending to all of the details and providing the benefit of their experience is invaluable! So grateful for their advice and guidance. Thank you Robert and Jeanne!

France, Italy & Switzerland Honeymoon Trip Review: Paris, Rome, Interlaken, Mürren, Tuscany, Hang Gliding, Hiking, Food Tours


David P.
Jun 23, 2022
Tomaz and Mojca were excellent to work with!! We had initially put our trust in another travel company, and when they were slow to respond with an itinerary, we immediately reached out to this travel company. Three weeks to plan a 17-night honeymoon trip to Paris - Switzerland - Italy was not a small feat, yet Tomaz immediately set up a time to speak with us. Within 24 hours, we had received an itinerary online and was able to give him commentary and changes. A quick back-and-forths of edits and emails later, they were able to get all hotels and transportations booked within a week! They have access to a great database of hotels and activities and it's extremely easy to review and comment on their online itinerary on your web browser. During our travels, they were quick to respond via WhatsApp and notified us of different alternatives or announcements. On our birthday, they even had a little welcome surprise at our hotel. They absolutely made our trip seamless and memorable and were beyond pleased with the hotel choices + route that they recommended!A piece of advice: For travelers who are not into touristy sites and main destinations, do not fear and make that preference known to this travel agency. Do a bit of your own research or talk to friends and ask for the unique experiences that you want to make your trip your own. Work with them and listen to their recommendations on how to make an effective but efficient journey and let them book it all. (For example, we told them we were interested in local events like festivals, and they recommended a music festival in Paris that we would not have found by ourselves!)By doing this, our travel agency cut down our travel planning stress from the usual 100% to ~10%. Worth it!

France & Italy Family Travel Review: Paris, Rome, Louvre, Cooking Class, 8-Day Trip


Acacia C.
May 12, 2022
We had an amazing European vacation with our travel agency. We traveled to Paris and Rome for my 40th birthday from Florida. My husband and I, mother and two children stayed for 6 days. I initially planned to navigate booking everything on my own but as I have never travelled to Europe it became quickly overwhelming and I thought maybe an experienced guide would be the better route. The BEST decision EVER. Mario and his team are so attentive down to the smallest details. We had private vans from the airports to hotels and to sightseeing. All tour guides and drivers were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. One of the best parts of booking with this travel agency is their accessibility. Being in a foreign country can seem intimidating, especially not knowing certain customs. I was able to text Mario at any point during our trip and he or a member of his team would respond pretty much immediately, no matter if it was directions, how much to tip, anything, they responded immediately! The tour guides were absolutely fabulous. All tours were with your immediate group only and they included pass the lines so you truly felt like you were getting a VIP experience. Both hotels were absolutely lovely. They were boutique type hotels which we loved, not your standard cookie cutter hotel but more authentic and  felt true to the culture and country we were staying in. Both hotels had free breakfast each day which was amazing and in wonderful parts of both cities. I honestly have no experience in Europe and it was a bit intimidating trying to book a trip across the ocean with 2 kids in tow but our travel agency made it absolutely seamless. I honestly don’t think I could have began to have done this on my own and could not be happier with their service. We are definitely customers for life and will absolutely choose them for our vacation trips abroad in the future! 

Italy, England, France & Spain Travel Review: Family Trip, 16-Night Tour


Pedro C.
Jun 27, 2022
We were very pleased with the services provided by our travel agency before and during our trip. Our agent, Rose was incredibly patient and thorough with me during the planning process as well as available during our trip. My wife and I traveled with my elderly parents and had some unusual requests but Rose and the whole team made every effort to accommodate our needs and make the experience very memorable. Everyone was always on time to pick us up and I was informed of delays and travel changes by our travel company before any one else. We felt as if they were watching over us the whole time knowing where we were supposed to be and making sure that we were. There is no doubt that I will contact Rose and this travel agency on my next travel plans as well as refer all my friends and family to do the same.

France & Italy Travel Review: Luxury 19-Night Tour of Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Monaco, St Tropez, Milan, Lake Como, Napoli


Michael B.
Oct 02, 2021

We used our travel specialist to plan our family vacation to Europe this year. They came highly recommended and they did not disappoint.  Our trip included six adults plus a baby with multiple flights, train rides, transfers with private drivers, and tours. In a little over two weeks, we visited the French Rivera, Milan, Lake Como, and the Amalfi coast, and numerous nearby cities. I cannot begin to appreciate the amount of detailed planning that went into pulling all of this together.  

From the villa in France with our own delightful private chef to the wonderful hotel accommodations, the cities and villages that we visited, the restaurants, the incredible wine and food, the tours with local experts, and special activities that were planned for us like boat tours of Lake Como and the Amalfi coast, everything was incredible.  

It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Devaki, for an unforgettable family vacation that far exceeded our expectations and a lifetime of wonderful memories that will be easier to remember because of your surprise family photoshoot on our last day.

I highly recommend our travel specialist to anyone who wants a spectacular well-planned vacation experience.

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