Vineyards surrounding Grinzane Covour in the Piedmont region of Italy

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Filomena in Portugal

Filomena's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Natasha P.
Submitted on 8.24.2022

Ms. Filomena with this travel company was the most exceptional travel agent I have ever met! From the very first planning date to the very last minute that I have spend in Portugal, she was truly incredible, professional, kind, and extremely accommodating. She was always in touch with us to see if we need anything at all. Every step of the way was perfectly designed and planned. We did not have to worry about anything at all. All hotels, restaurants bookings, tours and transportation was well taken care of by Filomena and her amazing crew!! This made our trip most unforgettable and memorable! This made us want to come back and visit more incredible places in Portugal. And we will use Filomena over and over again. We already highly recommended her name and her company to a friend of ours! We also will be using Zicasso for any of our future travels. Their customized and personalized service is exactly what we like and prefer and enjoy!

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Travel agent Jay in India

Jay's Travel Agency


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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Jessica M.
Submitted on 9.20.2021

Our travel specialist did a great job in working with us during a difficult time of traveling! COVID-19 certainly provided a lot of roadblocks and extra hassles, but they were able to help us go on a wonderful vacation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They did a good job of checking in with us and arranging our COVID-19 tests. The driver and the activities they picked were very good, fit our needs, and there was a great mix of different things in our itinerary that we liked. We also loved our accommodation options. Overall we had a great vacation!Some things that could use improvement: Attention to detail- there were some things that were overlooked. For example, their travel contract clearly said we were responsible to get our own country tourist visas. We used another service to help us with this and when there were delays, our travel specialist seemed upset. When we reached out to them, they said that was a mistake and they were doing our visas and the hold-up was on us because we had used another agency to help us with the visas. Very frustrating communication. We had given them our passport and other information months before the trip. I am a US service member and was deployed and did not have access to email at that time- I usually am on top of details like my passport expiring, but this was an unusual circumstance. We then found out two weeks before our trip was set to leave that my passport expired 5.5 months after our trip and we almost were not able to take the vacation- we then had to rush to get a passport. This is why we pay a travel agent to have an eye for detail and the way in which our travel specialist responded to this issue was less than ideal. During the vacation, we had no scheduled lunches. Every day we had breakfast at the hotel, and dinner was planned at a hotel, but during the day we would sometimes wait a very long time before we were able to have our driver find a place for us to eat. Definitely something that should be considered for the next trip.

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Travel agent Paul in Peru

Paul's Travel Agency


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Galapagos / Ecuador
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Verified Review

Bill K.
Submitted on 7.4.2022

The itinerary was fantastic. With one exception, every activity exceeded expectations and there were so many things we did that were true "bucket list" experiences that it's hard to keep track! I think our travel agency knew the best companies, operators, and vendors to work with. The tour guides were true experts and everything was first class. The one day that didn't work out as well was the first day when our flight was late and we had to rush to the dive shop to get gear fitted, so some of the activities we hoped to do (hiking, kayaking) were canceled or abbreviated, through bad luck more than anything else.Jason was a big help planning travel, making adjustments, and advising on insurance. Thank God I got the trip cancellation insurance because I had to rebook all my flights the day before I left because of cancellations.Some of the activities surprised us with how strenuous they really were. I wasn't sure I was going to make it but with our guide's encouragement I was able to do the big climbs. On one hand, I didn't feel like the strenuous nature of the via Ferrata, Inca Trail trek, and Huayna Picchu climb was fully presented in the itinerary. On the other hand, if it had been I might have been a reluctant and could have missed out on three of the most spectacular experiences on the trip.  

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Travel agent Vasilis in Greece

Vasilis' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Amy F.
Submitted on 8.15.2022

Our trip to Greece was amazing!  Yvonni from the travel company was outstanding and helped us plan the perfect trip for our family.  She was able to get us into all of the best hotels/resorts and restaurants and we felt like we had the best rooms and tables at each of those. The transfers and guides that she set up with were uniformly excellent and professional. Everything went extremely smoothly and we would highly recommend Yvonni and the travel company.

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Travel agent Rossean in Australia office

Roseann's Travel Agency


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Cook Islands
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New Zealand
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Verified Review

Kristin B.
Submitted on 4.24.2020

This was a trip of a lifetime.  We worked well together, came up with an awesome itinerary for 6 weeks to New Zealand and Australia.  You name it we were going to do it.  This truly was an itinerary with planes, trains & automobiles.  Let's not forget to include boats, helicopter, camel and kayak.  We had such a variety of things planned including wine tasting in both NZ and Australia.  I can't say enough good things about our travel company!!!  In the planning stages they even spoke to us about where and when to go as far as seasons and which way to go whether it be Australia first or NZ. As it turned out, the recommendation to go to New Zealand first was perfect. We were saved the experience of Australia for only a few weeks and maybe being stuck there!  No stone was left unturned, even when the fires occurred in Australia.  Our impact was going to be minimal.We left the US on March 9th for NZ arriving on the 11th.  No problems with Covid-19, we continued on with our itinerary.  Sailing in the harbor in Auckland, wine tasting on a beautiful little island outside of Auckland.  On to Queenstown which is delightful and Milford Sound for an overnight on a ship.  Absolutely beautiful.  Glad we did this vs a day trip or boat ride.  We flew back to Queenstown, which I'd recommend because you have a great overview of the mountains.  Breathtaking!!  Picked up a rental car and drove to Franz Josef to climb the glacier.  We're an older couple, but this was an incredible, first-time experience! My husband still marvels! We took a train to Christchurch which is still suffering the after effects of the 2011 earthquake.  Again a train up the Pacific Coast which is beautiful to Nelson.  Kayaking, hiking and a catamaran in the Tasman Sea.  What scenery!!  Up to Rotorua for more fun.  Well this is where the wheels starting coming off of our fun.  Things got cancelled because of Covid-19 and the ever changing environment of new shut downs and what the government was asking of people and vacationers.  Starting on the 15th of March our travel agent was continually in contact with us about Covid-19 and how our itinerary was going to be impacted.  She made alternative suggestions, we made the decision to extend in NZ.  As our trip went along, things kept changing....  NZ decided to shut down on March 25 midnight.  Our new flight home was March 29, then March 27.  She worked with us so closely and was so helpful she actually got us a flight home on March 25.  While we were having fun and enjoying ourselves, this company was working for us behind the scenes.  You can't ask for more than that!!  By the way, we came home and quarantined.  To date, we're healthy.

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Travel agent Matteo in Italy

Matteo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Khristine A.
Submitted on 8.17.2022

The whole trip from beginning to end was excellent. It all started with the planning. We indicated our interests and our travel agency came up with a tentative schedule. We made adjustments and it was executed perfectly. The trip was stress-less. All the drivers and tour guides were on-time and professional and very informed. They always checked in with us and made sure that we were getting the most out of our experience. The choices of the places we went to was excellent. During the trip, our tour operator checked in with us to ensure we were doing well.  All the restaurant recommendations were top notch and accommodations were excellent choices. Overall, we would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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Travel agent Andrea, specializing in Croatia, Montenegro; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia

Andrea's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Erin F.
Submitted on 7.29.2022

Andrea planned a perfect two-week Croatia vacation including a visit to Slovenia to see beautiful Lake Bled. Our accommodations were spectacular, with the exception of Plitvice Lakes National Park. In her defense we were booked into the best hotel in the National Park which allowed us to walk from our hotel to entrance 2 of the park. Our private tours of Zagreb, Pula, Split & Trogir, and Dubrovnik were lead by very personable and knowledgable guides. I normally would not have done private walking tours but with COVID we wanted to take every precaution. I am now spoiled and may never go back to doing group tours in my future travels.

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Travel agent Veronica in Peru

Veronica's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Rajarshi G.
Submitted on 7.12.2022

Our travel company provided excellent service. They were very knowledgable about the locations (Peru, Bolivia) and exceedingly responsive. Janet (from our travel agency) always responded to my emails within a few hours and worked with me to tune the itinerary exactly how we wanted it. She also did two videoconf calls with me to address my queries face to face.During the trip, we created a WhatsApp group where our travel company's folks stayed in constant communication. We did make small adjustments to the trip and they were efficient about handling those too.The hotels they booked were very good, and we totally enjoyed our stay in South America.In short, we loved the service from this travel agency and will recommend them to our friends.

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Featured Reviews

Greece Review: Mykonos Island Tour, Sailing, Food Tours, Acropolis, Santorini Cooking & Wine Tour, Culture & Archeology


Jennifer J.
Jun 01, 2022
The travel agent from the travel company was wonderful to work with from the very beginning. He really listened to what we wanted out of our trip and curated a perfect itinerary to match. We had a great mix of history and culture, and a great mix of structured activities and free time to do what we wanted. All of our hotels were of good quality, unique, and included breakfast. The tour guides were fabulous, and some of the best we have had! He curated a nice mix of mainland Greece and Island time and we left each stop happy with what we got to do. Some of the highlights were the private tours of the Acropolis, the food tour in Athens, the island tour with a private guide in Mykonos, the sailing tour to Delos while in Mykonos, the cooking and wine tour in Santorini, and the archeologic and food tour in Crete. Drivers to all activities and from all ferries/airports made the trip much less stressful. Our agent was responsive throughout the whole process and checked in often during our trip to make sure everything was going well and answered any questions we had. We had a wonderful experience and would recommend the travel company and Zicasso to anyone interested in traveling to Greece. We would use them again in a heartbeat!

Luxury Spain Vacation Review: Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Seville, Mallorca, Food & Wine Tours, 2-Week Trip


Jul 07, 2022
Outstanding!!!!! We couldn't have been happier with both the planning process to make sure we customized our trip to my families needs as well as the trip itself. Every hotel, every tour guide, and even transfers/drivers exceeded my expectations.  I often feel lost in a new city but Manlio planned introductory walking/food tours in each city that let us truly enjoy every part of the trip vs. us trying to work things out on our own.   

France, Italy & Greece Vacation Review: Paris, Athens, Santorini, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Kayaking, Food Tours


Ramona M.
Jun 19, 2022
Great trip for 3 weeks in Europe. Everything was perfectly planned and customized for a wonderful food and wine experience. We would definitely book again.

Portugal Travel Review: Wine Region Tours, Cooking Class, One-Week Trip


Francisco B.
Jun 01, 2022
The Portugal trip was amazing. The planning, recommendations for hotels, private tours and experiences in the wine regions and cities were right on with our intention to have a relaxed trip. Response time was excellent. It was really helpful to have the expertise of this travel agency to plan our trip.

Portugal Trip Review: History, Culture, Food, Wine, Sheepherder Visit, 3-Week Trip


Ann B.
May 02, 2022
The trip was perfect and exceeded our expectations!This is the third trip we have had coordinated through Zicasso and it was the best! For 21 days everything we did was perfectly coordinated! We had great and very knowledgeable drivers/guides throughout our trip and enjoyed every minute with them! Our goal, as expressed to the travel agent, was to "know" Portugal after 21 days. We wanted to experience the country, their food, their wine and their people... a tough goal for many travel agents who look at tourists who only want to see a few sights and shop. We did not want the tourist experience, we wanted to be immersed in history and culture, we wanted to experience food and wine in each part of the country and experience the overall feeling of the country. We received all of this and more!For example, at one point, I wanted to meet a sheepherder and see him with his sheep... so our guide, during that portion of our trip, coordinated a visit to a sheepherder on the fly! That was a very memorable part of the trip for me... and I appreciated it very much! The travel guides who were with us knew from each other that I could not walk very far (I used a cane and tried to get around as best as I could), so they made sure that they drove me as far as possible with the car so my walking needs were minimal... Everyone was FANTASTIC!The travel Agents (Filomena and Jorge) were EXCEPTIONAL! Everything we needed was taken care of... they even provided us with free Internet connectivity as we traveled. They coordinated the best trip we have ever been on... Just Fantastic!

Italy 9-Day Vacation Review: Tours, the Food & Cities


Michael N.
Apr 26, 2022
This was the trip of a lifetime! I can't say enough about the travel company and the associate we worked with, the travel agent, was absolutely amazing. She developed an itinerary that met all of our needs and wants. We were shocked at how wonderful our tour guides were too. My recommendation is to call the travel company and talk to one of their fantastic travel agents. They are widely available and flexible. I don't ever write reviews, but after the unforgettable time we had in Italy, I felt compelled to give as much credit to the travel company as I could.

Luxury Portugal Travel Review: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Douro Valley, Boat Ride, City Tours, 10-Day Trip


Tracey A.
Jul 08, 2022
We had an outstanding trip to Portugal! Filomena and her team are top notch, I highly recommend them. From planning to execution, everything was perfect! The tour guides and drivers in each city were outstanding- friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable. We loved them all!! Thank you- Filomena, Walter, George and Ricardo!! The tours were exactly what we asked for and more!! Filomena listened to all our requests for tours, hotels and restaurants and booked incredible selections! The small touches go a long way!! Filomena and her team are a 5 plus, plus start group!We have travelled a lot and to many countries with many different travel agents and Filomena has far surpassed all the other outfits. 

Southern Spain Review: Luxury Vacation, Barcelona, Mallorca Island, Wine Tours, Yacht Tour, Cooking Class, Walking Tour


Dominika J.
Jun 07, 2022
We used the travel company to plan our recent trip to Barcelona and Mallorca.They were excellent!! We loved the suggestions from the local rep that made our trip memorable.We did an amazing cooking class, private walking tour in Barcelona and Palma with tapas tour!! Best way to eat some amazing local authentic food. All the private tour guides we had were amazing!! Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. It was a fantastic way to explore the cities. Aside from seeing the well-knows famous landmarks, we also did two wine tours with amazing food and a hike in the mountains of Mallorca. The local transportation the travel company arranged was fantastic. Great vehicles, with very nice drivers that were always on time. The company provided regular email communication. A personal call a few days before to review details. When in Spain we had a cell number we could text for emergencies or inquires and they replied right away.We have never been on a trip so planned!! All details were taken care of. We did a ton and it was relaxing and stress free!!We highly recommend this service!!! We will for sure use them again!!

Luxury Greece & Turkey Travel Review: Athens, Istanbul, History, Culture, Ancient Ruins, Food Tour


Gail C.
Jun 09, 2022
Excellent service. Irene is very easy to work with, had wonderful suggestions for both Athens and Istanbul. Developed a perfect itinerary for our interests. Impressed that she personally met us at our Hotel when we arrived in Athens. Reviewed our itinerary, provided us with a cell phone with our itinerary and to use to contact her directly.We wanted to add a food tour, she made it happen, turned out to be one of the best food tours we have ever taken.All guides and airport transfers were on time. All of the guides were top notch, extremely knowledgeable.Thank you Irene and Team for a fabulous visit to Athens and Istanbul.

Travel Review: Italy Luxury Tour, Truffle Hunting, Food Tours, Cooking Class, Wineries, Pompeii, Rome, Tuscany


Victoria M.
Apr 19, 2022

Our agent with the travel company is a dream come true. I’ve been hesitant to use a travel agent after our family travel agent retired. I've never found anyone like her and at her caliber. However, we’ve discovered the travel agent! This is our first time using this agent and her first time getting to know us. Overall, she did a fantastic job learning about us through a pandemic and executing our postponed honeymoon with finesse. I'm picky about travel agents, and finally, I've found someone I adore as much as my retired travel agent. Our agent was always available when we got there and always had a suggestion when we asked. We cannot recommend enough the agent and travel company. You will not be disappointed! 

The drivers were top-notch. The other quick drivers were great, but we spent so much time with the above, and they were the perfect personalities for our journeys together. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by our three mentioned drivers and the level of detail they each provided. We tipped them more than usual because they worked hard, and we have seen so much lack of care from

People everywhere with work; it was genuinely refreshing to see them go above and beyond. We know it’s hard right now for everyone. It’s sometimes just enough to make it through the day. That is why we wanted to show our appreciation. And, *hint, we want them again if we are in those areas. 

Not only were the drivers great, but we also loved our accommodations! The agent provided choices, and we made selections based on her input, and sure enough, we were so pleased in totality. We stayed in 4 exceptional accommodations across several cities and towns. Our favorite was the Rome hotel, followed closely by our Tuscany hotel, with our Positano final hotel closing out the top 3 out of 4 favorites. 

From the tours to the transportation, everything she arranged was great for just getting to know us. The quality was excellent as well. With her now knowing a bit more, We are excited about what details she will recommend for next time.

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