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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Paul in Peru

Paul's Travel Agency


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Galapagos / Ecuador
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Verified Review

Eva P.
Submitted on 1.20.2022

I don’t know where to begin. My husband and I travel a lot and had never been to South America. We decided we wanted to visit the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forrest, Machu Picchu and the Galápagos Islands. In researching, we came in contact with our travel designer with this tour company. We corresponded over days/weeks.  I gave the designer the basics of what we were looking to do and see. The travel designer took my suggestions and came up with the ideal tour. We started out three nights in the Amazon Rain Forrest with a wonderful lodge. Very remote inside the Forrest. We loved the open wall design. We could see monkeys and other wildlife right room the open room. Our tour guide was the best! Then we traveled to Cusco Peru. There we had a terrific guide. Our guide was a local guide. His knowledge and kindness was priceless. Our guide took us on the trek across the mountain into Machu Picchu. This was a very difficult trek, we had moments wondering if we were going to make it to Machu Picchu. Our guide was very patient with my husband and I. We are 61 and 73 and from US. High altitude acclimations are very important. We did make it after about 8 + hours. We stayed several nights in a wonderful resort in Machu Picchu Pueblo. We travel backed to Cusco and stayed 4 nights in a luxury hotel. Our guide took us daily on tours of ruins and historic sites . We then traveled to QUITO Ecuador. Our tour guide in Quito was a local guide too. His knowledge of the area was priceless as well. Our last week the designer planned the 8 day 7 night on a small yacht to tour the Galápagos Islands. We couldn’t hand picked a better yacht to explore the Galápagos Islands. The staff was knowledgeable and the yacht was perfect. Our naturalist was the best! His enthusiasm was contagious and we learned so much. The food was delicious. The accommodations were great. The entire trip was planned perfectly. The travel designer had every detail planned perfectly, from transfers to guides, to accommodations. We were gone three weeks. Before our trip, I had many questions. The designer was always quick to reply and answered every question or concern I had. Anytime in the future, I plan to travel to South America, I will use the travel designer and this tour company. The travel designer is a real Jewel!

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Travel agent Alex in Costa Rica

Alex's Travel Agency


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Costa Rica

Verified Review

Debra D.
Submitted on 3.4.2022

The trip was truly a trip of a lifetime thanks to my travel planners and team.  Traveled with 7 family members for my 70th birthday. The team did a fantastic job in matching adventures/excursions to make all the family happy - from 70yr olds to 40 year olds to 7 and 10 year olds.The itinerary created by the travel company showed us some of the highlights of Costa Rica - Mount Arenal, Monteverde and Manual Antonio.The entire trip went incredibly smooth - not one hiccup.  All of the people we interacted with from the team and from their partners for the adventures and hotels were all so thoughtful, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  The best customer service!I highly recommend the travel company! 

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Travel agent Elena in Italy

Elena's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Pamela K.
Submitted on 1.17.2022

The travel agency is a fabulous company. Our 14-day trip to Italy was 3 years in the making.  COVID forced us to schedule and reschedule the trip.  We started with 16 people traveling with us and ended up with my family of 4.  Through all of the changes, the travel team was amazing.   We used custom tour companies in the past but never encountered service like this agency.   They watched every step of our trip and made adjustments before we even knew there was an issue.  Our train from Venice to Milan was canceled because of COVID staffing issues.  A travel planner contacted the manager of our hotel in Venice who came to our table at breakfast to make us aware of the change and let us know about the new train schedule.  They do not overlook a single detail!  Our guides were exceptional in each city.  I highly recommend using this travel agency.  I look forward to touring more of Italy with them in the future!   

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Travel agent Rossean in Australia office

Roseann's Travel Agency


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Cook Islands
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New Zealand
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Verified Review

Kristin B.
Submitted on 4.24.2020

This was a trip of a lifetime.  We worked well together, came up with an awesome itinerary for 6 weeks to New Zealand and Australia.  You name it we were going to do it.  This truly was an itinerary with planes, trains & automobiles.  Let's not forget to include boats, helicopter, camel and kayak.  We had such a variety of things planned including wine tasting in both NZ and Australia.  I can't say enough good things about our travel company!!!  In the planning stages they even spoke to us about where and when to go as far as seasons and which way to go whether it be Australia first or NZ. As it turned out, the recommendation to go to New Zealand first was perfect. We were saved the experience of Australia for only a few weeks and maybe being stuck there!  No stone was left unturned, even when the fires occurred in Australia.  Our impact was going to be minimal.We left the US on March 9th for NZ arriving on the 11th.  No problems with Covid-19, we continued on with our itinerary.  Sailing in the harbor in Auckland, wine tasting on a beautiful little island outside of Auckland.  On to Queenstown which is delightful and Milford Sound for an overnight on a ship.  Absolutely beautiful.  Glad we did this vs a day trip or boat ride.  We flew back to Queenstown, which I'd recommend because you have a great overview of the mountains.  Breathtaking!!  Picked up a rental car and drove to Franz Josef to climb the glacier.  We're an older couple, but this was an incredible, first-time experience! My husband still marvels! We took a train to Christchurch which is still suffering the after effects of the 2011 earthquake.  Again a train up the Pacific Coast which is beautiful to Nelson.  Kayaking, hiking and a catamaran in the Tasman Sea.  What scenery!!  Up to Rotorua for more fun.  Well this is where the wheels starting coming off of our fun.  Things got cancelled because of Covid-19 and the ever changing environment of new shut downs and what the government was asking of people and vacationers.  Starting on the 15th of March our travel agent was continually in contact with us about Covid-19 and how our itinerary was going to be impacted.  She made alternative suggestions, we made the decision to extend in NZ.  As our trip went along, things kept changing....  NZ decided to shut down on March 25 midnight.  Our new flight home was March 29, then March 27.  She worked with us so closely and was so helpful she actually got us a flight home on March 25.  While we were having fun and enjoying ourselves, this company was working for us behind the scenes.  You can't ask for more than that!!  By the way, we came home and quarantined.  To date, we're healthy.

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Travel agent Matteo in Italy

Matteo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Philip V.
Submitted on 12.9.2021

From the time we arrived in Venice airport, we were escorted to our hotel. It was a worry and anxiety free trip of a lifetime. We were introduced to the culture, history and cuisines of Italy. At the same time, we had opportunities walk around on our own to explore the great cities of Venice, Florence and Rome. The side trips to Bologna, Pisa, Siena, Lucca and Orvieto were unforgettable. This trip planned by this Italy travel company was probably one of the best. We whole heartily recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Italy.

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Travel agent Daniel in England

Mario's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jonathan O.
Submitted on 12.10.2021

My wife and I were looking forward to this trip soo much, specially with all the COVID issues going on in the world, AND everything turned out just perfectly! Even with all the COVID restrictions, testing requirements and overall precautions in place with travel, it was an amazing trip that I wish we could relive. We really wished we could have stayed another month plus. Big thanks to our travel company & specifically Marie-Lys for helping us create and live out the perfect trip to France!! I highly recommend working with this team and hope that we can one day work with Marie-Lys once again! 

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Travel agent Jay in India

Jay's Travel Agency


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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Jessica M.
Submitted on 9.20.2021

Our travel specialist did a great job in working with us during a difficult time of traveling! COVID-19 certainly provided a lot of roadblocks and extra hassles, but they were able to help us go on a wonderful vacation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They did a good job of checking in with us and arranging our COVID-19 tests. The driver and the activities they picked were very good, fit our needs, and there was a great mix of different things in our itinerary that we liked. We also loved our accommodation options. Overall we had a great vacation!Some things that could use improvement: Attention to detail- there were some things that were overlooked. For example, their travel contract clearly said we were responsible to get our own country tourist visas. We used another service to help us with this and when there were delays, our travel specialist seemed upset. When we reached out to them, they said that was a mistake and they were doing our visas and the hold-up was on us because we had used another agency to help us with the visas. Very frustrating communication. We had given them our passport and other information months before the trip. I am a US service member and was deployed and did not have access to email at that time- I usually am on top of details like my passport expiring, but this was an unusual circumstance. We then found out two weeks before our trip was set to leave that my passport expired 5.5 months after our trip and we almost were not able to take the vacation- we then had to rush to get a passport. This is why we pay a travel agent to have an eye for detail and the way in which our travel specialist responded to this issue was less than ideal. During the vacation, we had no scheduled lunches. Every day we had breakfast at the hotel, and dinner was planned at a hotel, but during the day we would sometimes wait a very long time before we were able to have our driver find a place for us to eat. Definitely something that should be considered for the next trip.

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Travel agent Veronica in Peru

Veronica's Travel Agency


 Based on 275 reviews

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Verified Review

Brook P.
Submitted on 3.22.2020

This travel team was excellent in every way.Our travel designer and the whole travel team were so great to work with. They helped organize an individualized trip, within our budget, that met our interests.They developed an excellent itinerary for our group and checked in throughout our vacation to see how we were doing. From the outset, we were well taken care of.  We were met at the airport by our driver, who was very friendly and welcoming. He was very helpful in orienting us to Lima and getting us settled in our hotel.We were consistently met and transferred easily and happily from spot to spot and from Peru to Ecuador during our trip.The hotels were great and and the activities and guides were wonderful.I would recommend this team to anyone wishing to visit Peru and Ecuador.Thank-you to the whole Travel Team!Thank-you to Picasso for referring us to this travel team. 

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Featured Reviews

Spain Travel Review: Luxury Family Vacation, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Flamenco Show


Sue J.
Jan 03, 2022
Thank you for planning this vacation for us. You did a fabulous job. Travelling with kids requires a lot of mindfulness, but you had it all covered! Every one of your drivers and tour agents were on time, very presentable, professional, courteous and friendly. Each hotel was centrally located to the main attractions. This was my first time booking with Zicasso and I'm absolutely going to do it again. I had zero stress on this vacation as you handled it all. We dealt with the travel designer in Barcelona and every time I reached out to her on my trip, she was quick to respond. While booking the trip she listened to what I wanted and worked around it make sure we got it done. Thank you.

Italy Travel Review: Culture, Relaxation & Activities, Luxury 16-Day Vacation


Azarmeen P.
Feb 05, 2022

This agent organized one of our top 5 vacations of all time! Impeccable attention to detail. Excellent communication and extremely responsive before and during the trip. I have a rule of never using American agents to plan a foreign trip but I’m very glad I made the exception here because the agent’s ties to the country as well as employees on the ground in Italy mean that they have an intimate knowledge of the best that Italy has to offer. They created bespoke tours based on our interests and these would not have been possible if they were not themselves immersed in their destination. Once you choose this agent though, do listen to their advice trust that they know what they’re doing. 

Travel Review: Costa Rica Luxury Vacation, Multigenerational Family Vacation, Zip Lining & Boat Tour


Alexandra E.
Nov 30, 2021
Everything about the trip was perfectly executed - the pick-ups at the airport with the itinerary and pic-up times for every excursion. All the drivers and tour operators were overly polite and knowledgeable.  They were so friendly and we learned also much about the country and the culture from them.  Catalina was always very responsive and very organized.  This was truly one of the easiest and best vacations that we have ever taken!Catalina and her group are wonderful!  Everyone who visits Costa Rica should use this travel company.  We already recommended them to two friends.  We had a group of 11 people from age 8 to age 76 and everyone had an equally memorable and amazing trip! She planned the perfect vacation for us!  Thank you Catalina!

South Africa Luxury Honeymoon Review: Sabi Sand, Table Top Mountain, Botanical Gardens, Cape Point Nature Reserve, 11-Day Tour


Brittney F.
Sep 10, 2021

We had an amazing and very memorable honeymoon! It is honestly hard to put into words just how fantastic the whole experience was. We have been telling all our friends and family that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. My husband and I can not say enough great things about Natalie. She made planning our honeymoon such a pleasure and we credit her with the amazing time we had. All of her suggestions, tips, and planning made this experience great for us. She stayed on top of everything, was quick to respond to our questions, and follow up was greatly appreciated. We had a couple of schedule changes due to flight changes and weather and she took care of everything, we have nothing to worry about because she was on top of it all. 

When we started planning our honeymoon, we looked at several travel companies but they all seemed to have basic itineraries; however, Zicasso and our travel agent, Natalie, got to know us and our interests and created a specialized itinerary that was perfect for us!

Costa Rica Family Vacation Travel Review: La Fortuna, Tambor, Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, Canyoning, Local Cuisine, Luxury Tour


Tom M.
Jan 07, 2022

Our family just returned from our trip arranged by the travel team.  I would like to give them more stars for the wonderful job but 5 is the highest. 

Our trip was set up with great suggestions by the travel designer and some of our requests we asked. At each step of our journey the folks serving us we timely, friendly and safe. With regards to traveling during the rise of Omicron we were amazed at the steps Costa Rica has taken to keep their incidence rate low. Mask use and compliance was better that I see in the US and most places are open air. Every taxi and van required masking. I also applaud the ease of getting our test to get home. The site is at the airport and hotels will shuttle you there and back. 

Regarding our trip we wanted to see the country and the designer and Team made it happen. We spent a few days in the La Fortuna area and then travelled to Tambor.  The tours we did allowed my young adult kids feel exhilarated and my wife and I to see nature. Each tour arranged was prompt; had extremely friendly guides and allowed us to experience the best of Costa Rica. 

The hotels selected were very nice and relaxing while incorporating nature and much as possible.  

I would strongly recommend this travel team to plan any trip to Costa Rica. 

Travel Review: Luxury Italy Family Vacation, Capri Venice, Florence, Rome, Ischia, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Boat Ride, Food


Gabriel G.
Jul 30, 2021
This trip was so wonderful it’s difficult to describe. My wife and I and even our kids fell in love with Italy(mostly the people, culture and the food) and it seemed that every part of the trip got better and better. Our travel planner was on top of every little detail, which was a concern for us particularly due to the pandemic. The travel agents were all amazing by keeping things interesting and involving our kids. Our drivers were fantastic and our boat ride to and all around Capri was unbelievably beautiful. In short, it was one of the best experiences of my life mostly because my wife had such a wonderful time.

Luxury Family Vacation Travel Review: Egypt & Jordan, Tombs, Temples, Pyramids, the Food & Countryside


Kirsten V.
Jan 02, 2022
We had such a fantastic trip to Egypt and Jordan through this travel company 12/18/21-1/2/22. We were very worried before about security and COVID, but we felt totally safe and the company was very helpful with all of the COVID testing. Our travel was truly bespoke with our wonderful guide who traveled with us the entire trip. Every detail was taken care of and it made us feel so pampered. Thank you so much travel company for a real vacation of a lifetime for our family of 6!

Luxury Trip to Peru Travel Review: Cooking Class on Rooftop Kitchen, Rainbow Mountain, Walking Inca Trail, Family Vacation


Michele R.
Jan 04, 2022
Our travel designer from the travel agency planned our family trip to Peru with the utmost care! Everything was so perfect! Communication was excellent! Anytime I had a question, she would respond immediately. You can tell she really wanted to make sure our trip would be a success. We had the most amazing time! I can’t imagine doing it without the travel agency. We received excellent service & a detailed itinerary. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

Travel Review: Luxury Family Trip to Italy


Marc A.
Jan 06, 2022
trip was amazing, and your travel team didn't miss a beat, everything was perfect, having a local contact was such a helpthanks for giving our family such a great vacation

South Africa Travel Review: Family Trip, Cape Town & Johannesburg Tours, Africa Safari, History


Aya O.
May 04, 2022
The travel company did a phenomenal job helping me plan a family vacation for multiple families. We started planning for this trip in 2019 and were scheduled to travel for Christmas holiday in December 2020; it was originally planned for 20+ travelers.  Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone the trip twice and more than half the travelers had to cancel. The travel planner and her team were unbelievably attentive and patient with all of the changes to the dates, the itinerary, and the number of clients. With every change, she was very mindful of the budget and the overall vision for the trip.  If the details are important to you (and why wouldn't they be with a trip like this), I would highly recommend this travel company!
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