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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Rossean in Australia office

Roseann's Travel Agency


 Based on 233 reviews

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Cook Islands
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New Zealand
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Verified Review

Nancy H.
Submitted on 2.26.2023

My husband and I went on a wonderful trip to New Zealand - North and South Island - that was actually planned for 2021 but could not go until this year. I like to work with an agent and Lindsay from our travel agency was extremely responsive offering helpful options and suggestions. Even though the time we spent on the North Island was right after the torrential rains, we modified the itinerary to spend 4 days in the Taupo area and 2 days in Rotorua. We hiked in the Tongariro National Park and part of the Great Lake Pathway, sailed to view the Maori Rock Carvings and visited Orakei Korako geothermal pools and Huka Falls in the Lake Taupo area. In Rotorua, we relaxed in the mineral pools of the spa and enjoyed the indigenous Maori experience at Te Puia. The next 12 days were spent on the South Island where we had sunny and warm weather! One of our favorite places was Abel Tasman Park where we went Kayaking and hiked on the beautiful Coast Trek. We continued our adventures on a memorable heli-hiking experience on the Tasman Glacier in the Mt. Cook region, followed by visiting the unique blue penguins and Royal Albatrosses on the Otago Peninsula and a hike and cruise on the famous Milford Sound in Fjordland National Park. We ended our journey with 3 days in Lake Wanaka area where we kayaked, hiked, and went to some of the region's famous wineries. 

Travel agent Laura in Italy

Laura's Travel Agency


 Based on 52 reviews

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Verified Review

Anne S.
Submitted on 1.8.2023

We had an amazing vacation in Italy! Our travel agency helped plan the trip to make the most of our short time in Rome and Milan. They were very responsive throughout the planning process and provided great advice and recommendations. Veronika was always available to answer my questions. The drivers, tour guides and activities they booked for us were all top-tier; everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend this agency to anyone planning a trip to Italy.

Travel agent Alexandra in Italy office

Alexandra's Travel Agency


 Based on 112 reviews

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Verified Review

Katrina A.
Submitted on 11.28.2022

Our honeymoon was the trip of a lifetime thanks to Alexandra's incredible planning. Every activity, excursion, tour was meticulously planned and intentionally designed. Alex was so communicative throughout the trip so we really felt like we were taken care of and had support when needed. Not to mention all of Alex's vendors were outstanding! They were knowledgeable, kind and went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed and attended to.

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Travel agent Eleni in Greece

Eleni's Travel Agency


 Based on 9 reviews

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Verified Review

Praneet S.
Submitted on 10.19.2022

We were specifically looking for a family travel planner for Greece. From the get go the interactions with this travel company and Eleni were very professional. She understood what we wanted from the trip and helped us plan a dream vacation. We had a perfect vacation in Greece. It included a very kid friendly mythological guided tour in Athens. The kids participated in mythological comic making workshop. We then spent our days in the island of Naxos and the stay as well as the excursions were very well planned. They helped us throughout the trip and were very responsive. They went above and beyond by checking us in to our flights.They even arranged for a surprise birthday cake for my sons birthday, delivered at our restaurant at dinner.Overall the best experience we’ve ever had with a travel company. 

Travel agent Pierre in Costa Rica

Pierre's Travel Agency


 Based on 11 reviews

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Costa Rica
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Verified Review

Andrew S.
Submitted on 2.17.2023

The trip had a nice variety of accommodations, but we would probably spend less time at a 1 / 2 of them. We enjoyed each of the properties we stayed in. The highlights were the two tours we took at the coffee plantation and the organic farm.

Travel agent Courtney in Italy

Courtney's Travel Agency


 Based on 8 reviews

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Verified Review

Benjamin D.
Submitted on 1.6.2023

We had an amazing memory-making one-of-a-kind trip to Italy, thanks to Courtney at this travel company!!! Within three weeks, based on a last-minute whim for us to go to Italy and blessedly finding our travel agency, Courtney had our hotels booked, tours selected, restaurants reserved, and private transfers logistically solved. Her itinerary for us was outstanding, the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, casual and sophisticated dining, experiencing things as first-time tourists and as locals. She gave us her firsthand recommendations which was worth its weight in gold. She saved us a ton of time from internet “hunting and pecking” through fake reviews, sifting through hundreds of random websites and blogs, and hoping for the best - the way we usually travel - to ensuring we had a wonderful experience based on her deep real-life expertise. Courtney also checked in with us throughout our trip to check that things were going well, who does that??? That’s the kind of genuine-care top-notch support you’ll get with this travel team!

Travel agent Isabella in Italy

Laura's Travel Agency


 Based on 12 reviews

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Verified Review

Jim B.
Submitted on 10.11.2022

After two years we finally made our 40th wedding anniversary trip to Italy. It was awesome. I have used many travel agencies in the past, but this was truly one of the best plan trips I’ve ever been on in my life. Ivana was tremendous, she stayed in touch with me and made the trip so pleasant. She was like a personal administrator, stayed on top of every detail. I cannot tell you how thankful and how grateful my wife and I are for this company and the expertise they showed and delivered; they are number one. It was truly a dream vacation.Thank you to our travel company,Jim B

Travel agent Irene in Greece office

Irene's Travel Agency


 Based on 233 reviews

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Verified Review

Karen B.
Submitted on 12.8.2022

I can't say enough about the quality of service provided by this travel company. My husband's and my trip to Greece and Turkey was 20-days, and everything went as planned. The guides were prompt, personable and knowledgeable. More importantly, they were flexible, as interested in who we were and what we wanted to get out of our travels.  Working with Irene was fun. We planned this trip during the pandemic, and Irene was sure to keep me up to date as to any changes in our itinerary (and there was nothing major).   We stayed in boutique hotels and were treated with first-class service. The food was amazing. We took foodie tours and cooking classes. The breakfasts were lavish and showcased the local food.We spent four nights in Athens, three nights in Santorini, and five in Crete. The Turkey leg was seven nights, ending with four in Istanbul. Again, the guides, drivers, hotels, transfers, porters, flights -- all of it was spot on and professional. In Turkey, our guide went the extra mile to make sure I found my phone. Thank you.Irene's team checked in at the right rhythm, just enough to know that support was available if needed.  Great trip. Wonderful time.

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Featured Reviews

Belize & Guatemala Tour Review: San Ignacio, Placencia, Tikal, ATM Cave, 9-Day Travel


Richard M.
Feb 21, 2023
Belize is a beautiful and fascinating country! This was our first time there. We had heard glowing reports about the country, its scenery, its culture, and its people. Our high expectations were exceeded! Our Belize adventure was enabled and enhanced by the outstanding and courteous service of Catarina and the team at the travel agency. As soon as Zicasso put us in touch with Catarina, she took an active interest in our Belize travel plans, and tailored a wonderful trip agenda to suit our needs and wishes. We loved the hotels she booked us into, as well as each of the excursions that she arranged for us. Thank you very much to Catarina, this travel company, and Zicasso!

Luxury Australia & New Zealand Vacation Review: Milford Sound, Mount Cook Hike, 6-Week Trip


Robin P.
Nov 02, 2022
Our 6 week trip to Australia and New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime. It was delayed by approx. 2 years due to...YOU KNOW WHAT!!! Our first post Covid adventure. The fine-tuned itinerary allowed us to see so much and drive between locations at our own pace and explore. Many options and suggestions gave us things to do when the weather wasn't perfect.The boutique hotels that Helen in Australia and Jo and Amanda in New Zealand arranged for our stay were all unique and lovely. Sometimes we stayed up late chatting with the owners or managers of the properties. Our tours and excursions were really nice and personalized .The agents at this travel company were in contact with us during our trip and kept us updated with any time changes for flights or tours. They were also very responsive to any questions we had during our trip.My only regret is that we didn't have more time to spend in several of the locations.This is the 8th trip that we have taken using Zicasso vetted travel companies. Can't wait to start planning #9

Luxury Costa Rica Vacation Review: Culture, Nature, Wildlife, 8-Day Travel


rich w.
Feb 27, 2023
We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica that was largely made better by our travel agency. We were met at the airport by Alex and his wife with a small gift to make us feel valued. The following day we had some complications that Alex and Francisco immediately accommodated for the rest of our trip changing what would have made for a poor experience. Alex truly cared that our experience was exceptional and he went to great lengths to show it. Costa Rica is an amazing place full of variety in flora, fauna, culture and climate making Hawaii seem boring and I would highly recommend this travel company as a guide to helping you explore it. 

Luxury Costa Rica Family Trip Review: Fishing, Wildlife, 10-Day Vacation


Kim B.
Jan 11, 2023
Our family trip to Costa Rica was amazing. The hotels were beautiful, service was top notch. Tours were carefully chosen and all were from good companies with wonderful guides. Transportation and transfers were flawless (although driving in Costa Rica is a bit scary:))My only area of improvement would be communication before the trip, it was sometimes hard to get a response, but they were really busy for the Christmas season. I would also have liked an itemized list of all the costs, we never knew the cost of any of the things we did.Thank you,Kim 

Costa Rica Trip Review: 11-Day Vacation


Lisa A.
Feb 05, 2023
Our trip to Costa Rica was fabulous! Everything, from the moment we stepped foot on the ground in Costa Rica to our return home was extremly well laid out. Our travel agency took time to understand our vacation desires and created an itinerary that was perfect. They reserved excellent hotels, coordinated professional transfers and set up quality tours for us. They were in communication with us as well as the vendors we had to assure everything was OK. I would highly reccommend Zicasso as well as this travel company to anyone. In fact, I have already done that multiple times throughout our trip and upon our return.

Luxury Australia Vacation Review: Sydney, Port Douglas, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Bridge, Great Barrier Reef


Pam R.
Jan 24, 2023
Following a Backroads multi-adventure trip to New Zealand, we worked with Shelley to plan a multi-adventure itinerary in Australia. This was our first time visiting Australia (and our first time working with Zicasso) and Shelley was great to work with and coordinated a variety of desired experiences (and all the necessary transport and hotel reservations) in Sydney, Port Douglas/Cairns and Melbourne. In addition, she helped coordinate our travel logistic to and from Auckland, New Zealand.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zicasso as well as Shelley and our travel agency to anyone interested in visiting Australia.

Costa Rica Trip Review: Dominical, Uvita, Nature & Wildlife, 10-Day Vacation


Laura W.
Feb 16, 2023
Wonderful trip to Costa Rica! Our travel agent, Mauricio, was able to set us up with an itinerary that matched us with some wonderful options on the trip prior to meeting up with friends renting there, and we were able to include our friends in 2 excursions as well. The guides and tours chosen were all top notch (and everyone was so punctual!!). The expertise of guides was much appreciated, especially in the nature preserves. The travel agency was very easy to deal with and responsive to questions and variations on trip planning. Every step of the itinerary went off smoothly.  

Costa Rica Vacation Review: La Fortuna, Private Tours, Rafting, Horseback Riding, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Nature, 8-Day Travel


Allie L.
Mar 07, 2023
Mauricio was absolutely wonderful! He spoke on the phone with us multiple times in planning our trip to make sure we were getting exactly the experience we were looking for asking about the level of adventure we were seeking, our favorite activities, and had suggestions that we hadn't even considered. It made us feel so excited that he was as invested in our experience being fun and unique as we were! Once we arrived in Costa Rica, we felt immediately welcomed with little stuffed sloth friends greeting us in our airport transfer. Everything wildly exceeded our expectations! Our accommodations were AMAZING and wildly exceeded our expectations. All of our guides were so personable and fun, and Mauricio somehow managed to always have us be with a small group or have private excursions. The cherry on top was how communicative he was during our trip to make sure that we were having an excellent time!

Luxury Australia & New Zealand Travel Review: Sydney, Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, Franz Josef Glacier, Hamilton Island, 28-Day Trip


Yoriko S.
Mar 22, 2023
From the beginning to the end, this travel agency delivered an outstanding service on our trip to Australia and New Zealand. My husband and I usually plan our trip by ourselves, but boy, it sure made a big difference with Dick, from the agency, helping us. Having a local travel agent made all the difference in the world.  We couldn't have done possibly any better than what his service has provided.  We had an awesome 28 day trip, 10 days in New Zealand and 18 days in Australia.  Dick is very knowledgeable of all aspects of the travel in Australia and New Zealand.  He personally knows the locations/hotels/restaurants/vendors very well.  We had an initial conversation on Zoom to discuss our interest and the budget and to get to know each other better.  Dick made us feel at ease from the beginning and then proposed a plan according to our wishes in a few days.  We visited many places and did a lot of activities that we thoroughly enjoyed.  I also liked his suggestion that we'd have some free days along with many planned days.  It was a good idea for us since we are senior and could use some down time or just sit at a cafe, watching people.  My husband liked the app the agency has provided that has all the information of our trip; date, time, hotels, flight schedules, activities, and something about where we visit.  It keeps reminding you so there won't be any misunderstanding.  Each day, we referred to the app so we know what we will be doing that day and where we should be.  This trip was on my bucket list for 50 years and we finally made it and we thank Dick for making this trip such a memorable one!

Luxury New Zealand Trip Review: Mount Cook, Queenstown, Stewart Island, Franz Josef Glacier, Tasman Glacier, 3-Week Travel


Rene R.
Feb 07, 2023
     We were very pleased overall with the trip to both islands, and our travel agency’s planning for both activities and travel within New Zealand, was outstanding. Our travel, whether by air, train, private transfers or tours happened both timely and professionally. When we needed to check on anything, we used the app in our digital itinerary for easy communication, and also had a phone number for immediate contact as well. We would highly recommend this travel company for any trip to New Zealand you may plan or are thinking of planning.     The trip was wonderful. New Zealand is very friendly, and we found the tour guides, drivers and hotel staff both friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. The scenery, especially South Island, is extraordinary. Combine that with seeing whales, dolphins, penguins, seals, sea lions….and birds, birds……birds……yes, a lot of them, and it was a delightful 3 weeks in New Zealand.      
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