Barcelona, Montserrat & Private Penedes Wine Region Tour

A 6 day trip to Spain 
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Do you dream of the shores of the sea and a city park that takes you from the everyday to the extraordinary? Do you long for a relaxing spa, a reinvigorating massage and a resplendent glass of red wine? Do you desire a communion with the divine where the veneration lays thick as incense? If these are your dreams, your longings and your desires, then Catalonia is the only place for you.

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Barcelona, Montserrat Mountain and Monastery, Penedes wine country

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Welcome to Breathtaking Barcelona!

Arrive this morning on the fringes of beautiful Barcelona, a captivating and cosmopolitan city that has delighted visitors for centuries. A private driver will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the unparalleled Hotel-Monument Casa Fuster, one of the city’s most iconic and unforgettable hotels.  This five-star Modernist masterpiece is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll be amazed by the sumptuous and elegant lobby, the ornate and unforgettable exterior and an astounding lookout terrace, complete with pool and seating areas where you can enjoy the sprawling expanse of the city below you. The hotel’s restaurant, Galaxo, is one of the best of its kind in the city, offering impeccable Mediterranean and vanguard cuisine, and the Café Vienes has been dazzling visitors since the early 20th century with its impressive cocktail menu and its stirring ambience. Enjoy Thursdays Jazz Sessions at the hotel.

Day 2: Touring the Capital of Catalonia

Today, set out on foot to hit all the highlights of this captivating city as a private guide shows you the very best of Barcelona’s eclectic and incomparable architecture. Start at the famed Paseo de Gracia, the most expensive street in Spain, home to world-class boutiques and the world famous “Block of Discord,” where four of Catalonia’s best architects composed some of the best works. Here you’ll see Gaudi’s amazing Casa Battlo, the mosaic tiles of its whimsical roof shimmering under the mid-morning sun; Cadafalch’s graceful and inspiring Casa Amatller, a Modernisme masterpiece; and Casa Lleo Morera, an ornate and opulent structure that was the result of years of collaboration.  You’ll also want to stop by La Pedrera, another of Gaudi’s fine structures that is noteworthy for its abandonment of straight lines and the otherworldly sculptures and formations that cover the building’s exterior.

Then, head to Barcelona’s old town to experience the more traditional and statelier buildings of the city’s glorious past. The Barcelona Cathedral is notable for the gargoyles that crowd the building’s exterior and the cross that came from the decisive Battle of Lepanto, while Santa Maria del Mar offers perhaps the preeminent example of the Catalan Gothic style. Your tour ends at the city’s marvelous Picasso Museum, where you’ll find the most complete collection of the artist’s works in the world, housed in magnificently refurbished medieval palaces. The museum is the home of the entire Las Meninas series, a set of 58 paintings the elder Picasso executed in homage to Velazquez’s famous oil portrait of the same name, as well as more than 3,500 collected works of paintings, engravings and ceramics.

Day 3: The Many Charms of the City of Counts

Prepare for a meeting with Barcelona’s favorite artistic son as the day is dedicated to the best works of Antoni Gaudi, the master of modernism and perhaps the greatest artist to ever call Catalonia home. It begins at Gaudi’s transcendent magnum opus, the inimitable and unbelievable Sagrada Familia, a basilica that is equal parts past and future, a floor plan and design that is all European Gothic and an execution that is nothing if not Catalonian Art Nouveau. This towering structure – when completed, is slated to be the tallest church on the planet – will dazzle and baffle you in equal parts, its details and accents giving it a flair that is unlike any other church in the world. From the fascinating facades depicting the Nativity and the Passion, to the climbing spires that wind gracefully hundreds of feet in the air, this is sure to be a basilica that makes you rethink everything you knew about religious buildings.

From here, take an afternoon stroll through Gaudi’s darling and delightful Park Güell, a stirring and scintillating square of greenery and grandeur that seems divorced from everything outside of it. Once you walk into the park’s gates – past the sapphire salamander covered in mosaic tiles that locals call “The Dragon” – you’ll feel as if you have been transported to a land of pure imagination, where colors and lines blur seamlessly into dreamlike formations, where tiled mosaics wink at you from benches and ceilings, and where the beautiful Barcelona landscape melts into the quirky corners of this spellbinding place.

Then climb the nearby Montjuic, a hill the dominates the local landscape and where some of the city’s very best museums can be found. The Palau Nacional is an impressive and inspiring structure in its own right.  Be sure to stop by at night, when the structure and the fountains surrounding it are set ablaze with colors in one of the best light shows in the world – as well as the home for the noteworthy National Art Museum of Catalonia, renowned for its collection of Romanesque church paintings and its wide assortment of 19th and 20th century Catalan art. You’ll also want to check out the nearby Fundacio Joan Miro, where you’ll find a number of the master’s best-known works, as well as a space entirely dedicated to showcasing the efforts of young and relatively unknown experimental artists. And, should you tire of the art scene, Montjuic is also the home to a sublime botanical garden, where you can soak in the irresistible allure of this captivating city. 

In the evening, enjoy a traditional Barcelona meal of tapas of Catalonian specialties like escalivada or calçots, doing your best to match the seemingly boundless enthusiasm of the city’s enchanting locals.

Day 4: Exploring a Monastery and Spain’s Best Wine Region

Head out to the environs of Barcelona and the rolling countryside of Catalonia, bound for the lush wine region of Penedes. On your way out, you’ll climb to the serrated top of Montserrat where you’ll find an incredible community built around Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine Abbey that has stood on the mountaintop for more than a millennium. The basilica is a beautiful structure that houses the famous Virgin of Montserrat, a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus that has since become an important pilgrimage destination for people from Spain and beyond. Supposedly Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, prayed before the Madonna and gave up his life of battle service for a life of spiritual service.

The Abbey boasts a splendid museum, housing works from artists around the world and throughout time. There are a number of gorgeous religious and liturgical items in the museum’s extensive collection, an Egyptian sarcophagus that dates from the 13th century, and works from an impressive span of modern artists, great names in the history of art, men like Pissarro and Caravaggio, Chagall and Miro and Picasso. The Abbey is also home to L’Escolania, a boys choir that is one of the oldest and most prestigious groups of its kind on the continent. You can stay and listen to them sing the Salve Regina in the inimitable surroundings of the Abbey’s beautiful basilica, where you’ll feel the incredible power of music and veneration wash over you in a wave of grandeur and splendor.

The afternoon sees you arriving at your accommodations at Mas Tinell Hotel, nestled in an unparalleled environment and filled with the most luxurious amenities and elegant apportionments. Located in the heart of one of the country’s very best wine regions, Mas Tinell is sure to leave you swooning at its tasteful décor and its charming touches. And if the hotel’s sensational scenery does not steal your breath away, you can be sure its impeccable services will.

Day 5: A Day of Leisure in Pristine Penedes

People have been making wine in Penedes since time immemorial – there’s evidence that the Phoenicians first introduced Chardonnay grapes to the area as early as 600 years before the birth of Christ – and thanks to dedicated winemakers, the region continues to be one of the best wine growing regions in the entire country. The area is diverse and fecund, offering a wide array of delicious varietals and skillfully mixed blends from all over the viticultural spectrum, rich reds like Cabernet Sauvignons and Tempranillos and light, foreign whites like Chenin blanc and Gewurztraminer. Perhaps the best wine to try, however, is the delicate and fruity cava, Spain’s answer to champagne and prosecco, which is produced using traditional methods and which best highlights the skills and innovations of the supremely talented winemakers that call this area home.

You might also wish to simply engage the indulgences of your hotel, especially their unmatched spa services. Here, you can enjoy dual massages or a wine therapy session while you take in the breathtaking landscapes of surrounding Montserrat. The soothing mineral waters are sure to revitalize your body and your soul, and the world-class treatments will leave you deep in a state of complete bliss and total relaxation, all complemented by the region’s decadent and delicious wines. However you choose to spend today, you can be sure that it will be as luxurious as it is unforgettable. 

Day 6: Returning Home

This morning sees you back in Barcelona, where a driver will be waiting to escort you to the airport in plenty of time to board the flight that will take you home. From the bustle of La Rambla, to the reverence of Montserrat, to the serenity and sumptuousness of Penedes, you’ll find yourself struggling for reasons to leave, and counting the days until you get to return.


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