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A 12 day trip to Peru 
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An ideal experience for those who want to combine a cultural destination as well as health, using the benefits of the first thermal bath in Peru, including Anti aging Nutrition - Anti aging Beauty - Radiesthetic Homeopathy treatments.

- Health Treatments
- Cultural & Heritage Tours
- Natural Hot Springs
- Culinary Experience

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Lima - Cajamarca - Cusco

Departure Dates 

Special Departure 2012:
December 12

Fixed Depatures 2013:
January 14
February 16
March 17
April 13
May 17
June 15
July 13
August 17
September 28
October 26
November 23
December 19

Group Size: Minimum 4 passengers.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1

Arrival, Lima (In Room Spa)

Arrival to Lima, Peru's capital and it is actually the second biggest city located at a desert in the world. The landscape of Lima is diverse and ranges from colonial to modern, gleaming high-rise hotels, exceptional seafood restaurants and an entertaining nightlife.

Lima has evolved into a fast-paced Peruvian metropolis and although this is very much a 21st century city, you won't have to travel far to find pre Incan pyramids, historical churches and other touristic locations.

On arrival to the Hotel you will start this journey with a Welcome in Room Spa, custom designed to nurture and indulge you in the comfort and privacy of your own hotel room. In order to create a smooth atmosphere, we’ll provide you with our special welcome spa basket containing flowers, a healthy snack, a bottle of water, music, aromatherapy oils and other renewal gifts.

Accommodation : Westin Lima
Activity : In-Room Spa
Altitude : 144 meters / 472 ft.
Average Temperature : 22°C / 72°F

Day 2

City tour & The Larco Museum- Culinary Adventure

Early in the morning you begin your city tour of Colonial Lima for a glimpse of its majestic past. You will visit the Church of San Francisco, its convent, museum of colonial art, cloisters and catacombs. Afterwards, you will have a panoramic view of the Main Square with the Government Palace, the Municipal Hall, the Train Station and a spectacular glance of traditional mansions and Moorish style balconies. You will then continue the tour through the most traditional residential and commercial areas of contemporary Lima, passing by sites of pre colonial civilizations, dating back to the beginning of the Christian era. Finally, you will enjoy an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

Welcome lunch at the Rosa Nautica Restaurant on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
You will visit the Larco Museum, founded in 1926, which has the largest private collection of pre colonial art in the world. The collection concentrates on the refined ceramics of the Moche Dynasty and the people who lived along the northern coast of Peru between 200 and 700 B.C. You will learn about their religion, agriculture, transport, dance and music through their ceramic designs and shapes. Afterwards, you will return to your hotel.

Culinary Adventure with Gaston Acurio, one of the best Peruvian chefs considered an ambassador for Peruvian cuisine beyond our borders. He promotes a innovating mixture between a new and traditional indigenous Peruvian cuisine recreating lost recipes discovered on his travels around Peru.

Accommodation : Westin Lima
Meals : Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Activity of the Day : City Tour & Larco Museum - Culinary Experience
Altitude : 144 meters / 472 ft.
Average Temperature : 22°C / 72°F

Day 3

Diagnostic Medical Test Day

You will have access to a Healthcare diagnostic medical test of your choice: Anti Aging Nutrition - Anti Aging Beauty - Radiesthetic Homeopathy.

Evening visit to the Magic Water Circuit, one of the newest and most visit attractions in our city. Honored with a Guinness Record and unique in America, this circuit offers thirteen impressive fountains that combine movement, lights, sounds and images.

Dinner with Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who will take you on a virtual trip through the Amazon wildlife, with his unique Amazon fusion cuisine. We recommend you to close your eyes, enjoy and experience these unique tastes and textures made to perfection by a truly inventive chef of the prestigious Malabar.

Accommodation : Westin Lima
Meals : Breakfast - Lunch – Dinner
Activity of the Day : Diagnostic Test – Magic Water Circuit - Culinary Experience
Altitude : 144 meters / 472 ft.
Average Temperature : 22°C / 72°F

Day 4

Lima - Cajamarca Thermal Medicine Bath

Transfer from your Hotel to board a plane towards the direction of Cajamarca, located in the Northern part of the Peruvian Andes. Its name has its origin in the ancient Caxamarca culture that inhabited this region. During the Inca Empire, Cajamarca was very important. The last Inca, the Inca Atahualpa was kidnapped here by the Spaniard Francisco Pizarro and the powerful Incan Empire started to decline. The room that was filled with gold and silver for the rescue of the Inca Atahualpa, this is still preserved in Cajamarca.

We will be able to visit the ancient thermal baths of the Incas in Cajamarca. Nearby the city on the hill Santa Apolonia, where is preserved the "Throne of the Inca". The city of Cajamarca is also an example for the colonial time, its cathedral and many buildings has colonial characteristics. Cajamarca has four sources of hyper-thermal water in abundant quantities. These have been classified as "very healthy" with a balanced mineral and metal concentration.

Accommodation : Laguna Seca Hotel & Hot Springs Rural Hotel
Meals : Breakfast
Activity of the Day : Thermal Medicinal Bath
Altitude : 2720 meters / 8923 ft.
Average Temperature : 20°C / 68°F

Day 5

City tour & Inca Thermal Bath

We’ll enjoy a morning visit to the main Plaza of Cajamarca and the famous Rescue room of Atahualpa. It is said that the Inca ordered to be filled once with gold and silver twice this room as payment to the Spanish conquerors for his release. Then we followed by the Hot springs of “Baños Del Inca”. Then return to the hotel to rest and enjoy the facilities.

Accommodation : Laguna Seca Hotel & Hot Springs
Meals : Breakfast
Activity of the Day : Thermal Medicinal Bath
Altitude : 2720 meters / 8923 ft.
Average Temperature : 20°C / 68°F

Day 6

Cajamarca - Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley of the Incas & Wellness activities

We begin with an early transfer to the airport and connection to the city of Cusco. We will fly over the Andes Mountains to Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire.

Upon arrival, you will be met by a representative and transported to your Spa Resort Hotel in the Sacred Valley. You will be welcomed with a coca leaf tea, a hot drink to help acclimatize to the high altitude and you will spend an afternoon enjoy a relaxation and recovery wellness program.

Accommodation : Aranwa Hotel & Wellness
Meals : Breakfast
Activity of the Day : Spa &Wellness
Altitude : 2,800 meters / 9,187 ft
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 7

Sacred Valley

Day at leisure. Unno Spa offers an escape into the magic world of the ancient wisdom of the Incas, contact with nature and the full indulgence . The propose of Unno Spa is to help you feel the experienceof living in harmony withyourself. Therapies for this day are not included.

Accommodation : Aranwa Hotel & Wellness
Meals : Breakfast
Altitude : 2,800 meters / 9,187 ft
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 8

Sacred Valley - Community of Chinchero textiles - Maras & Moray

Morning visit Chinchero, a small traditional village located on the way to Urubamba from Cusco. At Chinchero you will visit a traditional weaving workshop, were you will be given a very interesting presentation on how the local artisans use natural products, such as various plants, minerals and even insects, to obtain the varied selection of colors used to dye their textiles. Additionally, there will be some time to visit Chinchero Market (only on Sundays), and the towns Colonial Church.

Following we move on to the Maras Salt Mines. These Salt Mines have been used since long before the Incan times. The extraction method employed involves using an ancient drying process, with saltwater flowing from an underground stream, is left in thousands of wells until it has evaporated, leaving behind only the salt, which is then ready to be sold or exchanged for provisions.

Next, we continue towards the Archaeological Site of Moray, these unusual Incan constructions, mostly consisting of several enormous terraced circular depressions, have been built in such a way that the temperature difference from the highest and the lowest terrace can be of up to 10 °C. Moray seems to have been an Incan agricultural experiment station to adapt crops to different microclimates.

The journey will continue with a lunch at Huayoccari Hacienda, the restaurant, in an exceedingly elegant farmhouse high in the hills above the Sacred Valley. The place is rather emphatically designed to feel like one is a guest in the home of a local agricultural patron.

Later, continuing by Ollantaytambo, you will walk by Incan streets and observe the houses, which were built over Incan Ruins. Ollantaytambo Sanctuary is one of the largest archaeological complexes in Peru; it has religious, astronomical, administrative, urban and agricultural complexes. It is possible to observe different buildings like the Sun Temple, Mañaracay or Real Hall and the Incahuatana. Then we’ll return to the hotel.

Accommodation : Aranwa Hotel & Wellness
Meals : Breakfast – Lunch
Activity of the Day : Sacred Valley: Pisac Market - Maras - Moray - Ollantaytambo
Altitude : 2,800 meters / 9,187 ft
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 9

Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Mother Earth Ceremony - (In-Room Spa)

After breakfast we depart from your hotel towards Ollantaytambo Station to board the train to Aguas Calientes, a small town located below Machu Picchu. You will enjoy a spectacular train journey crossing valleys, mountains and typical communities. The altitude will descend to 1,900 meters above sea level. We’ll cross from the sierra to the cloud forests. Upon arrival at Aguas Calientes, reception at the train station and transfer uphill to Machu Picchu (approximately 20 minutes). On arrival you’ll enjoy a tour to the Sanctuary.

This stone citadel is located at 112 km from Cusco, was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. The citadel was built on a very special spot covered in vegetation between two mountains: The Machu Picchu (old mountain) and Huayna Picchu (young mountain), at the foot of which is located the Urubamba or Vilcanota River (lower Jungle featuring abundant flora and fauna). At your arrival you will take the tour of the Sanctuary.

After lunch at the Sanctuary Orient express Hotel you’ll return to Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Where you will enjoy the unique concept that combines the classic nurturing of a SPA with a mystical Andean culture. All products are 100% natural, derived from local botanical extracts, providing a pleasing spiritual, sensual and soothing experience.

Before Dinner, a mother earth ceremony will take place, an ancestral “Pay the Earth” mystical custom of indigenous Andean cultures, led by a “Shaman”. The ceremony involves making an offering of small amounts of native Andean cereals, grains and fruits, together with coca leaf. The ceremony invokes the Apus, spirits of the sacred mountains and the four elements. The three levels of life (Hanan Pacha), the world above, (Kay Pacha) this world and (Ukhu Pacha) the underworld, represented by the components of the offering, and a ritual toast (challa) of Chicha de Jora (native corn beer). The service ends with the ritual burning of the offerings so these, as the belief goes, go back to where they came from, into the sky, while the remaining ashes are buried under the ground to complete the cycle

Accommodation : Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
Meals : Breakfast - Lunch – Dinner
Activity of the Day : Tour of Machu Picchu | In room Spa - Pay the Earth Ceremony
Altitude : 2,800 meters / 9,187 ft
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 10

Machu Picchu - Sun Gate - Aguas Calientes Thermal Medicinal Bath - Cusco

We will hike to the Sun Gate, which is the final entrance from which people who has hiked the Inca Trek, the secret path of the Incas. Enjoy wonderful views, before returning to the Sanctuary towards the Aguas Calientes Medicinal Bath. In the afternoon you will return to the Station to board the Hiram Bingham, an exclusive luxury Orient Express service, an unforgettable experience. On board music entertainment, open bar and gourmet dinner on board. Arrival to and transfer to your hotel.

Accommodation : Casa Cartagena Hotel & Spa
Meals : Breakfast – Dinner on board the train
Activity of the Day : Sun Gate & Medicinal Thermal Bath
Altitude : 3,999 meters / 11,152 ft.
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 11

Cusco City & Temples & Planetarium

In the morning, we will make our way through the valley and to the surrounding ruins of the city of Cusco. Sacsayhuamán, this huge Incan fortress is built on three overlapping platforms, each of them over 360 meters long. Then we move onto Tambomachay also known as the Inca baths. It was apparently a site dedicated to the worship of water and a resting place for the Incan monarch. Kenko, it is said to have been a worship site. There is a huge 5.9 meters high stone block that looks like a puma. There are also passages, canals and stairways with stone engravings representing animals. Finally we visit Puca Pucará, which was an administrative and military centre formed by terraces, stairways, passages, turrets and vaulted niches.

After we will make our way down to Cusco to continue our city tour, visiting the historical Incan and Spanish Colonial Monuments, such as the Main Square, known in Incan times as Huacaypata or the Warrior’s Square, it was the scene for many key events in Cusco’s history. The Cathedral, originally built on the site of the old temple of Suntur Wasi (House of God), now the church of El Triunfo, a particular interest are the choir cloisters, the pulpit, the engravings on the altar and furniture.

Continue onto the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo, a Spanish construction belonging to the Dominican Order, was built upon the foundations of the Inca temple of Koricancha or Temple of the Sun. Koricancha (in Quechua means site of gold) was the main religious building of the Incas, dedicated to the worship of the Sun and whose walls, according to the chroniclers, were plated with sheets of gold. Magnificent blocks of finely carved stone were used in its construction. Return to the Hotel to to relax and take apportunity of the therapies available on the Spa. ( no included)

At night we’ll pick you up from your hotel to the Planetarium. Ancient cultures had a close relationship with their environment, nature and the universe. The Incan culture is not an exception. The astronomy of our ancestors approaches us to the Andean world in order to understand it from a different perspective. In the centre there are two performance halls, where through info graphics and panels we discover an overview of the relationship of the Andean man with the cosmos.

Transfer to a small dome, where a virtual projection of a starry sky and drawings of constellations, with motion simulation, is prepared.

The night is completed in the outdoors, where, if weather permits, a direct observation "to the oldest show of the world" with telescopes. Transfer to hotel

Accommodation : Casa Cartagena Hotel & Spa
Meals : Breakfast
Activity of the Day : Tour of Cusco & Planetarium
Altitude : 3,999 meters / 11,152 ft.
Average Temperature : 16°C / 61°F

Day 12

Cusco - Lima - International connection flight

Transfer to the airport and flight to Lima city, depending on your international connection flight back home.

Meals : Breakfast



Prices starting from: US$ 4274.00 per person

Single Supplement: US$ 1405.00

• Brief presentation prior to departure
• Transfers in private
• Train to Machu Picchu first Class
• Train from MachuPicchu to Cusco Hiram Binhgham Deluxe Orient Express
• Entrance fees
• English-speaking guide
• Meals as specified & Accommodation
• 1 Diagnostic Medical Test Day (Antiaging Nutrition - Antiaging Beauty - Radiesthetic Homeopaty)
• Thermal Medicine Bath
• In-Room Spa Lima & Machu Picchu
• Spa Wellness activities as specified

Not Included:
• Services not specified in the program, extras and tips
• Insurance coverage of personal loss, injury, illness or damages incurred during your trip
• Personal laundry, dry cleaner, telephone charges
• Local airport taxes
• Room service and mini Bar
• Blood Test , Medicine &extras not specified
• National Flight tickets