Mongolia Discovery Tour

A 9 day trip to Mongolia 

See wild horse, visitto steppe nomad family, horse riding, riding on 2 humped camel, hiking on high rolling hills, fishing and sailing in the lake, enjoy throat singing and contortion acts

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General Information

Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Ulaanbaatar city, Wild horses National park, Khogno Khan Mountain Natural Reserve Area, Khara Khorum- Ancient capital City site, Orkhon River basin area- UNESCO Cultural Heritage place area, Tovkhon Monastery in Khangai Mountain National Park, Turkish City Ruins, Ogii lake

Departure Dates 

Any date between March and December

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, Transfer to hotel, Check in hotel, Free time, Stay in hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast, Drive to Khustain Nuruu National Park, where herds of wild horse Przevalskii are re-acclimatizing since 1991, Lunch in restaurant at the national park,Explore wild horses /Mongolian name is takhi/, Visit natural museum displaying about wild horses and the national park area including flora and fauna, Dinner, Stay overnight in Ger camp.

Day 3

Breakfast, Drive to Elsen tasarhai sand dunes /210 km & 5-6 hours driving/, Lunch, Visit to horse breeder's family to explore the nomadic lifestyle and to have talking with nomads about their life and tradition, There is nice chance to try Mongolian national drink-Airag-fermented mare's milk and other milk products, Experience daily activities of local people, 1 hour horseback riding, Dinner, Walking on sand dunes with bushes and vegetation, Stay overnight in the tourist camp or tent camping.

Day 4

Breakfast, Drive to Khara Khorin town, where developed Khara Khorum capital of Great Mongolian Empire in 13-th century, Lunch, Explore Erdene Zuu Monastery Museum - First Biggest Buddhist Center in medieval ages and it was closed and badly damaged in1930's, Explore Turtle rock on the south hill, Dinner-Mongolian Cuisine-Barbecue picnic, Stay overnight in tourist camp.

Day 5

Breakfast, Drive to Tovkhon temple in beautiful mountainous area /80 km-3 hours/, Trekking visit to Buddhist temple, After lunch hiking to small cave called mother belly, Soft hiking to the peak of hill with stupa, where the surrounding nature view looks fascinating, Free trekking in the mountains, Dinner, Stay overnight in ger tourist camp.

Day 6

Breakfast, Drive to Khoshoo Tsaidam on bank of Orkhon river to explore Turkish Rock Inscription-Monument about Kultigen King of Turkish tribe and battling, /50 km & 1 hour driving/. This Khoshoo Tsaidam area was ruins of Ancient Turkish city, who were very strong in 6-8AD, Drive to Ogii clear water lake, Lunch, Free time, Walking along lakeshore, Dinner, Stay overnight in camp or tent.

Day 7

Breakfast, Drive to Ulaanbaatar city /380 km & 8-9 hours driving on paved road/, Box lunch in open air, Transfer to hotel, Accommodation, "Goodbye" Farewell Gala dinner, Stay in the hotel.

Day 8

Breakfast, City tour including visits to Gandantegchilen Monastery- Present biggest monastery, which houses for giant standing Buddha statue, National History Museum gives you real insight into Mongolian origin and history, Lunch, Natural History Museum offers nice chance to see petrified dinosaur skeletons and nestled eggs, Visit main Square Sukhbaatar, Friendship Monument on Zaisan hill, Free time for shopping the main street shops, art shops and antique shops, National Folk Performance Concert with songs and contortion acts, Dinner, Stay in hotel.

Day 9

Breakfast, Transfer to the airport/ train station, Departure.