Gobi Desert Off-Road Motorcycle Tour

A 10 day trip to Mongolia 

Ride Yamaha WR enduro motorbikes across the infamous Gobi Desert. See some of the most amazing sights and geographical formations that this country has to offer, including big granite mountains with bizarre rock formations, pink and white coloured limestone cliffs weathered by wind and rain, golden sand dunes 100km long and a cold mountain canyon up in the Gobi mountains. Meet families leading the ancient nomadic lifestyle and have a chance to experience their fascinating culture.

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Ulaanbaatar city, Middle Gobi Province, Gobi Desert

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1

Transfer to airport for departure.

Day 2

Transfer to airport for departure.

Day 3

Ride through Mandalgov, the capital town of Dundgov Province and continue across the open steppe of Middle Gobi to Tsagaan Suvraga, an amazing series of cliffs, white and pink limestone rock formations taking the appearance of stalagmites up to 30 meters high. It is an excellent site for some out-of-the-ordinary photography. Overnight ger camp. Approximate riding distance 180km

Day 4

The track to Dalanzadgad, capital of Umngov Province (“South Gobi”) has little traffic, even though we are travelling on the main road. This is Mongolia as one imagines it – distant horizons, dry rocky earth and a huge blue sky. The town appears like a mirage and it takes nearly two hours of riding to reach it after seeing it from afar. Overnight ger camp. Approximate riding distance 225km

Day 5

Ride up into the mountains of the Gurvansaikhan Uul (“Three Beautiful Mountains”) . This national park is so unexpected in the middle of the desert and it is a delight to feel so cool in the deep canyon where sunlight reaches for only a few minutes each day. After walking into Yolyn Am (the “Vulcher’s Mouth”) we ride westwards at the foot of the mountains to Khongoryn Els where huge sand dunes meet the end of the Altai mountain range. Overnight ger camp. Approximate riding distance 200km

Day 6

Leaving the golden dunes behind us we ride through a wonderful mountain pass and on to Bulgan village. Not far from here is Bayanzag, a forest of rare saxaul trees and the “flaming cliffs” where many dinosaur remains have been found and Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first dinosaur eggs during his expedition of the 1920s. Overnight ger camp. Approximate riding distance 140km

Day 7

Today we travel north-east to Mandal-Ovoo and then to Saikhan-Ovoo. Here, on a bend in the Ongi river, are the remains of two monasteries, one on each bank of the river. Overnight ger camp. (B, L, D) Approximate riding distance 180km

Day 8

Continue northwards through Middle Gobi to reach Zorgol Khairkhan, a dramatic granite mountain with bizarre rock formations jutting out against the skyline. Our last night is spent in this wonderful place and if you have enough energy you can climb on the mountain in the evening for great views of the area and different photographic angles. Approximate riding distance 225 km

Day 9

As we return to Ulaanbaatar, the landscape becomes gradually greener and more mountainous. Even close to the city people still live the traditional lifestyle; there are more horses and less camels than we encountered in the Gobi. We expect to arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the early afternoon. Overnight hotel. Approximate riding distance 125 km

Day 10

Transfer to airport for departure.