Rays of Splendor

A 14 day trip to Iran 
Visiting historical and cultural places

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1

Tehran~ Arrive in Tehran Airport, greetings & transfer to the hotel. O/N in Tehran.

Day 2

Tehran~ Full day city tour with Archaeological and Jewel Museums and Bazaar. O/N in Tehran.

Day 3

Tehran/ Kermanshah~ Flight to Kermanshah, Excursion to Taq-e Bustan (visit Sasanid reliefs), continue to Bisotun (visit reliefs), return to Kermanshah visit Takiyeh Moaven ol Molk and Bazaar, O/N in Kermanshah.

Day 4

Kermanshah/ Ahwaz~ Drive via Pole- Dokhtar (rest of Sasanid bridge) and alongside Karkhe river via Andimeshk to Susa (visit Apadana mound, Museum and Daniel grave), continue for visit Chogha Zanbil, arrive in Ahwaz, O/N in Ahwaz.

Day 5

Ahwaz/ Shiraz~ Drive to Shiraz, en route visit Bishapur with ruins of Sassanid Town and Reliefs in Tange Chowgan, arrive in Shiraz, O/N in Shiraz.

Day 6

Shiraz~ Excursion to Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam with rock graves and reliefs and Pasargadae with Cyrus tomb, after return to Shiraz: Hafez Tomb and Shah Cheragh sanctuary (from outside) and/ or Ali ebne Hamzeh mosque with mirror tiles interior. O/N in Shiraz.

Day 7

Shiraz/ Kerman~ Drive via Maharlu Salt lake to Sarvestan (visit Sasanid Palace), continue via Estahban, Neyriz, Sirjan to Kerman, O/N in Kerman.

Day 8

Kerman/ Rayan/ Kerman~ Drive to Rayen via Mahan with Sufi Mosque incl. small museum and Shahzadeh garden, after visit of Ruined fortress in Rayen, return to Kerman or follow some kilometers the road to Golbaf where you will see beautiful scenery of coloured mountains and return to Kerman. O/N in Kerman.

Day 9

Kerman/ Yazd~ Half day city tour in Kerman with Ganj Ali Khan Complex and Bazaar, drive via Rafsanjan to Yazd, visit Tower of Silence and Amir Chaqmaq Takiyeh. O/N in Yazd.

Day 10

Yazd/ Isfahan~ Half day city tour with Friday and Rokn od Din Mosques, Dowlatabad Garden with wind tower and New Fire Temple, drive to Isfahan via Nain with Jame Mosque and Pirnia House, Evening stroll in Isfahan, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 11

Isfahan~ City tour in Isfahan, visit Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace, in the afternoon Bazaar, Old Bridges. O/N in Isfahan.

Day 12

Isfahan~ City tour in Isfahan with Chehel Sotun Palace, Friday Mosque, in the afternoon Vank Church, Fire Temple, Shaking Minarates. O/N in Isfahan.

Day 13

Isfahan/ Tehran~ Drive to Tehran, in Natanz visit Jame Mosque, in Kashan visit Broujerdi’s House, in Qom visit Fatimeh Masoumeh Mausoleum (from the outside) and, if time permits, Khomeini Mausoleum, Farewell Dinner in a traditional restaurant. O/N in Tehran.

Day 14

Departure~ Transfer to the International Airport for return flight.