London, Paris & Barcelona Tour in 14 days

A 14 day trip to France, Spain & UK 
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These are three of Europe’s greatest metropolises, the urban conglomerations that have become synonymous with fine taste, fine food and fine scenery. They’re the places that set the bar for fashion and art, architecture and cuisine, science, politics, and culture. They’re the cities that every world traveler simply must visit – and there has never been a better time to experience them all.

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General Information

Buckingham Palace, London.
People inside the Louvre, Paris.
The Louvre Palace and Tuileries Garden, Paris.
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

London, Paris, Barcelona

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Beginning Your European Excursion

You touch down early this morning in puissant London, the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the greatest cities in Europe. A private driver will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to take you to your elegant and centrally-located hotel, where you can drop off you bags before setting out to explore this mighty metropolis. You can stroll the streets or walk along the banks of the winding River Thames, enjoying dinner at one of London’s finest restaurants. With some of the best chefs in the world choosing to set up shop here, you’ll find your options are almost limitless.

Day 2 - 3: The Monuments and Memorials of Mighty London

Prepare for a day of history and memories as you turn to the streets of London to discover more about this famous and fascinating city. Start by visiting the Neo-Gothic Palace of Westminster, where Parliament meets to discuss affairs of state and where a stirring clock tower houses Big Ben, the world’s most famous bell. From here, it’s just a short walk to Westminster Abbey, where the kings and queens of England were crowned and some of the great citizens of the country lie buried. You can go on a guided tour of this magnificent structure, taking in all of the many highlights, from the dual sarcophagus holding Queen Elizabeth I and her sister Mary to the sensational monument to Sir Isaac Newton to Poet’s Corner, where the greatest pens in the English language are commemorated for eternity.

You can also head further down the river to marvel at Sir Christopher Wren’s crowning achievement, the incomparable St. Paul’s Cathedral. One of the largest churches in the world, you’ll be impressed by the opulent interior, the gorgeous artwork and statuary that fills the cathedral, and the soaring dome that still dominates London’s skyline more than 300 years after its construction. You can climb the stairs to the roof to gain an incredible panorama of the city, or turn down to the crypts where the remains of two of the UK’s greatest heroes – Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington – are interred.

Day 4: Day at Your Leisure in London

Day 5: From Swinging London to Fashionable Paris

This morning, before your flight across the Channel, you’ll certainly want to enjoy London’s incredible fashion scene. Saville Row and Jermyn Street have been regarded as the best places to buy a suit for decades, while most of London’s high-end boutiques can be found on Bond Street. Royalty and celebrity alike frequent the storefronts along Beauchamp Place, and no trip to London would be complete with stopping by Harrod’s, the world’s most famous department store, where the offerings are extensive and the atmosphere is truly incredible.

In the afternoon, a driver will collect you from your hotel and take you to the airport, ready to board the plane that will take you to Paris, the gorgeous City of Lights. Once you touch down at Charles de Gaulle, a private car will escort you to your amazing hotel in the heart of the city, where romance and culture fill the air. The evening gives you the chance to explore the many offerings of this culinary capital. The best places are generally found in out-of-the-way arrondissements (districts), and rustic and authentic fare can be found at many bistros within the Left Bank.

Day 6: Hitting the Highlights of One of the World’s Great Cities

Paris is a city that takes you in and fills you with its majesty, turning you into something different than when you took your first steps on the shores of the Seine. There is history on every corner and art in every breath, the legacy of some of the great painters, poets and politicians of the past millennium still present after all these years. Set out for the Île de la Cité, one of the remaining natural islands on the Seine where the city was founded in the Middle Ages. Here you will witness one of the great architectural achievements of the medieval age: Notre Dame de Paris. You’ll ogle at the incredible span of the famous flying buttresses bracing the cathedral to the ground, while inside gives you the chance to behold the beauty of its stained glass windows and world-class reliquary. The Crown of Thorns, a Holy Nail and a portion of the True Cross are all said to be present in Notre Dame’s vast stores.

Enjoy a freshly made panini or crepe on the streets of Paris for a truly authentic lunch experience before setting out to discover some of the city’s other notable landmarks. The Hotel de Invalides offers a number of sensational exhibits dedicated to France’s military past, highlighted by the massive sarcophagus of Napoleon I, while the Tuileries Garden is one of the city’s largest and most beautiful public parks. From here, you can take a stroll down the famous Champs-Elysees before climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, which affords perhaps the best view of the city. Far off in the distance, you can make out the monuments of the Left Bank, while the Eiffel Tower rises gracefully and grandly just to your right.

Day 7 - 8: The Museums of Paris, the Art Capital of the World

Today you encounter some of the greatest art in the history of humanity as you turn to tour two of Paris' best-known and best-respected museums. The day begins in the halls and galleries of the inimitable Musee du Louvre, the most visited museum in the world and home to a staggering collection of more than 30,000 objects. There is art here that stretches across the continents and throughout the ages, from I.M. Pei’s hypermodern glass pyramid that marks the museum’s entrance to the iconic Venus de Milo, completed more than 2,000 years ago. The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities departments are especially fine, and of course the Louvre is the home to the world’s most famous portrait: the unforgettable Mona Lisa of Leonardo. Even though the painting is behind layers of glass and the crowds are often thick, it is certainly still worth viewing.

Turn to the grand dame of modern art museums as you make your way to the train station-cum-museum known as the Musee d’Orsay, where you’ll find the largest collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist pieces in the world. You’ll encounter the best-known works of great masters like Renoir, Rodin and Manet, Seurat’s bright and brilliant The Circus, and the unforgettable Composition in Grey and Black, better known as Whistler’s Mother. These are the works that put France at the forefront of the artistic world, and they are the pieces that continue to dazzle and amaze centuries after they were first shown to the public.

Day 9: Day at Your Leisure in Paris

Day 10: From the City of Lights to the City of Counts

After a leisurely morning around charming Paris – perhaps a croissant and café au lait sipped at one of the city’s outdoor cafes – you’ll be taken to the airport by a private car, where you’ll prepare to set off for the captivating city of Barcelona, an exciting city with a charm and flair that is all its own. After being dropped off at your Barcelona hotel, the rest of the afternoon is free to get your bearings in this almost surreal environment, where the surf of the Mediterranean gives way to the hustle and bustle of Spain’s second largest city. Ramble down La Rambla, the city’s central street, before setting down for a late – and we do mean late – dinner of tapas and wine as the locals bear down for another long and festive evening.

Day 11 - 12: Exploration in the Catalan Capital

Two days are dedicated to discovering the greatest works of Catalonia’s greatest artist and architect, the unforgettable Antoni Gaudi, whose whimsical architecture and brilliant vision has established him as one of the best-known artists of the 20th century. Begin at Gaudi’s crowning masterpiece, the staggering and singular La Sagrada Familia, an Art Nouveau twist on the classic Gothic cathedral resulting in an edifice that is truly out-of-this-world. Despite being only partially complete – construction is scheduled to end in 2026, 100 years after Gaudi’s death – the basilica has already become an indelible image of Barcelona, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make your way to perhaps the city’s favorite construction of Gaudi, the enchanting Park Guell, a public park that is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Graceful lines and seamless curves dominate the park, offering benches and walkways that are secluded and romantic, as well as open spaces that are bright and vibrant, filled with the colorful mosaics that Gaudi used in most of his works. Then turn to two of Gaudi’s greatest residential achievements, the stirring Casa Batllo and the scintillating Casa Mila, where there are no straight lines or orthodox designs to be found. These two incredible buildings offer the perfect end to a tour of one of Barcelona’s most famous sons.

Day 13: One Last Day on the Continent

Your final day in Europe is spent savoring the last moments of discovery remaining to you, enjoying the pace of life and the joie de vivre (joy of living) that is on the heart of every Barcelonan. Enjoy a late morning and a delicious pastry before enjoying some of the city’s other great sites, from the museums that line the streets to the beach that fronts the city. The Palace of Catalan Music is a brilliant, brightly colored celebration of Catalan culture that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The opulent Palau Nacional houses the National Museum of Catalan Art, notable for its remarkable collection of Romanesque church paintings.

There are also a many smaller museums that are sure to attract you with their serene settings and outstanding exhibits. The Poble Espanyol is a noteworthy achievement in displaying the varied styles of Spanish architecture, and it also affords an incredible view of the city from the top of Montjuic, the hill that dominates the Catalan horizon. Here, you’ll also find a first-rate botanical garden, the Catalan Museum of Archaeology, and the Fundacio Joan Miro, featuring many of the master’s greatest pieces.

Day 14: Saying Goodbye

Today sees you at the end of your unforgettable European excursion, filled with the memories of the past 14 days and stirred by the inspiration that these three incredible cities roused in your soul. From the banks of the Thames, to the shores of the Mediterranean, to the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, this is sure to be a vacation that you will never forget, and it’s sure to be the start of ever more adventures into the heart of this charismatic continent.



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