“The Tour Awakens” in a Continent Far, Far Away

A 10 day trip to England, Iceland & Ireland 
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Embark on an unprecedented expedition to a breathtaking continent far, far away. Inspired by the recent Star Wars film, this groundbreaking and immersive private tour combines the three magnificent countries of Iceland, England, and Ireland. Traverse the alien terrains that inspired the imaginative planets across the silver screen universe. Faithfully retrace the fabled footsteps of resistance fighters, knights and lords alike. Discover remnants of extraordinary saber battles waged underneath majestic forest canopies, or tour isolated islands in search of a monastery that has housed hidden zealots, such as Luke, for time immemorial. May you be enlightened, as you fulfill your destiny on this once-in-a-lifetime tour to the actual filming locations of this legendary series.

Exploring Further

Did you know that this film series shares some of its breathtaking filming locations with another famous series? Lake Myvatn in Iceland was also filmed as the territories beyond the North of the Wall in the popular HBO Series Game of Thrones. To learn more, visit the Spain tours page on Zicasso.

Note: Zicasso and “The Tour Awakens” are not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, The Walt Disney Company or Lucasfilm Ltd.

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General Information

Madame Tussauds. Photo by Cezary p at Polish Wikipedia
Greenham Common. Photo by Silo Front on Flickr
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Iceland - Reykjavik, Akureyri, Myvatn, Waterfall Dettifoss, Blue Lagoon

England - London, Bristol, Forest of Dean, Puzzlewood, Greenham Park

Ireland - Shannon, Skellig Michael, Portmagee, Ring of Kerry via Cahersiveen, Killorglin, Sneem, Caherdaniel      

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Reykjavik – The Tour Awakens

Reykjavik is Iceland’s cosmopolitan capital city that is considered one of the cleanest, greenest, and safest cities in the world. The world-class city has 1,100 years of history and acts as a gateway to a universe far away. Fishing boats wade in the water along the shores of the Faxaflói Bay. Colorful buildings stand out on the tranquil cobalt waters, and expansive prairies border the city. Mount Esja towers over the city’s skyline. Snow often tops the mountains, offering a slight connection to the icy landscape of the enemy base. Your private transfer meets you at Keflavik International Airport upon your arrival in Reykjavik.

You settle into the Art Deco Borg Hotel, located in the heart of the city across from the Althingi, the Icelandic parliament building. Iceland’s first parliament was founded in the 10th century, but the current parliament building was erected in the late 19th century. The stone building carries a graceful ambiance, speaking to the importance of community and cooperation.

What’s Included: private transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Reykjavik – Forest and Ice of a Mobile Planet 

In the morning, you find a breakfast fit for a rebel fighter. The aroma of coffee rejuvenates your senses. The fresh bread and pastries help revive your energy so that you are ready for a full day of exploration. The white concrete exterior of Hallgrimskirkja Church, the largest church in Iceland, glows like a beacon in the morning light. The tower stands 244 feet tall and is visible from up to 12 miles away. Your private transfer meets you in the hotel lobby and escorts you to the airport for your short flight to Akureyri Airport. Your guide awaits your arrival, and you are soon en route to Lake Myvatn.

The landscape is otherworldly, taking you away from Iceland and onto alternate planet, a world of lava streams, obsidian, and turquoise lakes. Mud-pools splutter from the geothermic heat, as unique lava formations rise from opulent waters. You can see the steam rising out of the craters of Krafla, a volcano reaching an altitude of nearly 594 feet. From the summit, you have an exceptional view of the Gjástykki lava field winding along the landscape. The cooled black rock moves like a river, shaped by the surrounding mounds and valleys. It is easy to imagine space fighters locked in an aerial battle over the field. In the evening, your guide leads you along the secluded landscape for an unforgettable view of the Northern Lights that resemble sabers locked in an ancient battle somewhere in the galaxy.  

What’s Included: breakfast, dinner, private tour, private transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Reykjavik – Balance of the Knights

In the morning, the sunlight washes over the turquoise waters of Lake Myvatn. The view from your room at Hotel Reynihlid captures the hills that encircle the water. After breakfast, your guide meets you at the hotel, ready to take you on a private Super-Jeep tour of the Myvatn Region. The powerful landscapes of Iceland take you into an entirely different world, one where troopers and knights try to outmaneuver one another. The balance of nature’s secluded beauty is omnipresent in Iceland. Your guide leads you across the region.

The image of distant galactic battles replays in your head, as you witness the large steaming vents of Krafla, the Dimmuborgir lava field, and the lunar landscape of Hverir. You arrive at the edges of Dettifoss Waterfalls. White granite borders the banks. The water thunders over the cliff, a staggering 144 feet drop, in an unforgettable display of power. The waterfall is 328 feet wide, creating a large cloud of mist floating up from the whitewater. Rocks are strewn across the landscape alongside pockets of windswept grass. The landscape resembles what you imagined waterfalls to look like on a foreign planet completely out of this world.

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 4: Reykjavik to London – In the Heart of Lagoons and Wax Exhibits

Steam rises from the private bathing lagoon attached to the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel. Outside of your window, you can see the stunning landscape highlighted with intermittent lava fields. The teal color of the Blue Lagoon contrasts the flowing black rocks of the surrounding landscape. You can spend time simmering in the otherworldly atmosphere of the colorful water and converse with mud-daubed visitors. As you listen to the variety of languages around you, you feel like you’re visiting a port in a foreign planet famous for its geothermal activity.

You return to Reykjavik and visit “Black Head” Street before continuing to the airport for your flight to London. Reykjavik citizens officially renamed the street in August 2015 to Svarthöfði, or “Black-head,” the Icelandic translation for the series’ most famous antagonist. Your guide meets you at the airport and leads you to the grand city of London. Historical buildings line cobblestone streets. The London Tower Bridge connects the banks of the Thames River. Inside Madame Tussauds wax museum, you find an immaculate recreation of the film’s universe. The exhibit depicts 16 heroes and villains carved from wax, along with some of the most iconic scenes from the series. Sit next to your copilot in the cockpit of the iconic space fighter, as you head into deep space. Consider learning more about your England travel agency that strives to produce a highly personalized touring experience that is catered to your particular interests and desires. 

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, private transfer, accommodation

Day 5: London – Finding the Resistance

The Corinthia Hotel is located near the bustling center of Trafalgar Square. The highlights of London surround you, from the Westminster to Covent Garden, along with the centrally located Pinewood Studios. The studios have served as the base for productions around the United Kingdom, including the latest installment of the series. The largest sound stage is 59,000 square feet. Next, your guide leads you on an England tour to Greenham Commons. The location was once used by the Royal Air Force to store missiles until 1993. Grass mounds hide the silos beneath them. The lush greenery encircling the site adds a serene ambiance to the chaotic atmosphere of resistance fighters racing to their ships to battle the opposition. A control tower continues to rise over the landscape, dating back to World War II, connecting transmissions to both the Royal Air Force and space fighters. 

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 6: London – Searching for Furry Bipeds

The light pierces the forest canopy and shines over the cottages at Puzzlewood. Trails meander along the wilderness floor, providing access to the Forest of Dean, where scenes from the series have been filmed. Puzzlewood is an ancient woodland area encompassing 14 acres. The intergalactic connection of the area runs deep, as the woodland is the safe haven for space travelers. Ancient trees and scowles, geological features of shallow pits and labyrinthine hollows, fill the landscape.

Roots wind out of the grass and knolls. Fallen Yew branches have been utilized to make fences and bridges over streams. The aroma of fern and wild garlic emanates throughout the fields. You follow in the footsteps of your favorite protagonist as she ran through the forest, trying to escape her connection to the larger forces at play. The scenery is inspiring in its earthen and intergalactic beauty.

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 7: London to Portmagee – On the Trail of a Knight’s Journey

In the morning, the birds twitter with the returning sunlight. Lush grass encircles the open mounds that resemble homes dug into the landscape. Foxes prowl and hide in the underbrush. After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you to Bristol Airport, where you board your flight to Ireland. You land at Shannon Airport, where your private transfer waits for your arrival. While filming in Ireland, the staff and crew stayed in the town of Portmagee.

Colorful houses line the single main street. Boats fill the harbor with vibrant life, crossing back and forth between Portmagee and the Skellig Islands. Traditional Irish music emanates from the neighborhood pub, befitting of the finest luxury Ireland vacations. You settle into the charms of the Moorings Portmagee Hotel, nestled in the picturesque seafront of the village. The walls of the restaurant are made of exposed stone, and the rooms have a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by the natural pine furniture. The outline of Geokaun Mountain overtakes the horizon.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, accommodation

Day 8: Portmagee – Following in the Footsteps of The Knight

In the early morning, the fishing boats set out on the Atlantic Ocean in search of a perfect catch on the tranquil waters. You can hear the wake lap at the edges of town. After breakfast, your guide leads you to the harbor, where you board a ferry traveling to the shores of Skellig Michael. The water is a deep blue, and the clear sky shines brightly. Mist splashes into the air from the nose of the ferry. You can see the two mountain peaks in the distance, the taller of the two reaching 754 feet above sea level. Early Christian monks established a community on the island in the 6th century and continued to reside there until the 13th century.

You ascend the stone stairs that lead from the shoreline to the plateau. Your guide points to the monastic buildings burrowed along the pass. You climb the 600 steps to reach the location where Luke finds solitude in the remote aquatic planet while searching for the first temple. The water splashes against the boulders below. The sea wind sweeps across the island. Beehive cells pepper the plateau. A sense of wonder emanates from the island that undoubtedly has a connection to the film.  

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 9: Portmagee – Director’s View

In the morning, avid kayakers venture out into nearby lagoons to scout the network of waterways feeding into the Atlantic. The local pub, known as the Bridge Bar, continues to buzz with delight from when the staff and crew visited while filming. Consider learning more about your Ireland tour operators, who meet you in the hotel lobby after breakfast and take you to a helicopter launching pad for a unique perspective of Skellig Michael. You circle the island with an unobstructed aerial view. The ocean crashes against the limestone base. The peaks tower over the water. You can see the steps you climbed the previous day in full view, winding along the rim of the island upwards to the monastic ruins.

Your helicopter ride frames the island similarly to the iconic final scenes of the movie when Luke finally meets the scavenger; however, your perspective is even better. Your discovery of the landscape continues after your return to land, with a tour around the Ring of Kerry. Your guide leads you on the 111-mile journey, taking you along pristine beaches, medieval ruins, impressive mountains, and opulent lakes. The village of Killorglin hosts the Puck Fair, the oldest traditional fair in all of Ireland. The people crown a wild goat as their king to reign for three full days. In another galaxy, the goat might be able to speak and rule with a firm but measured hand. Gardens add color to the walkways. Vivacious buildings decorate the town center. A statue of a goat crowns a boulder on the banks of the River Laune.

What’s Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 10: Portmagee – Returning Home in Less than a Few Parsecs

In the morning, the rainbow hues of Portmagee return with the sunlight. The herbaceous aroma of freshly brewed tea accompanies breakfast. The sea shines cobalt blue against the verdant grass spreading across the foothills outside of town. Fishing boats wade in the harbor after returning from the greater Atlantic. In the distance, you can see the faint outline of Skellig Michael. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you to Shannon Airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer 


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