Explore Easter Island & Santiago

A 7 day trip to Chile 
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• Easter Island culture, history, and energy
• Rapa Nui culture

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General Information

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Santiago de Chile
Easter Island

Departure Dates 

Every day.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1:

Upon arrival in Santiago de Chile you will be transfer to your selected hotel.
In the afternoon, enjoy a half day city tour to explore the highlights of this city. Night in Santiago de Chile.

Day 2:

Breakfast at your hotel. At appropriate time transfer to the airport to take your flight to Easter Island. Once in EASTER ISLAND:
Reception at Easter Island airport and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon excursion to the volcano Rano Kau (3.5 hours approximately). From the top we have a wonderful view of the sea, crater, and town of Hanga Roa. We will visit the ceremonial site and village of “Orongo” with 53 houses with unique design. Numerous petroglyphs can also be observed in the site. Then, transfer to the site of Vinapu, where the stones look like the ruins of Machu Pichu. We continue with the visit of the cave ANA KAI TANGATA and its impressive cave paintings. Return to the hotel. Night in Easter Island.
Meals included BREAKFAST

Day 3:

Meeting in the morning with our guide and full day tour (7.5 hours approximately) to the Rano Raraku volcano and surroundings. Our journey begins on the southern coast of the island, at the archaeological un-restored site of Vaihu. After visiting the archaeological site of Akahanga where the famous king Hotu Matua is supposedly buried, we arrive at one of the most important and greatest attractions of Easter Island: Volcano Rano Raraku, Almost all the moai were carved in its quarries. We can reach the crater and observe many moai still lying unfinished. We continue towards “Ahu Tongariki” where 15 moai stands aligned, to get finally to “Te Pito Kura” where we can admire a huge moai, the highest ever lifted on an ahu. Our tour ends at the beautiful beach of Anakena, with golden sand and numerous palm trees. Return to the hotel. Overnight in Easter Island.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 4:

Half day tour in the morning to the sector of “Ahu Akivi”. Our journey begins at the ceremonial site of “Tahai” where we find remains of the Rapa Nui culture at its height. Then we visit Ahu Akivi (a platform with 7 restored moai) and the cave Ana Te Pahu, one of the largest in the island. Our tour ends at the quarry of Puna Pau where the Pukao (topknots of the moai) were carved. Return to the village of Hanga Roa and free afternoon. Night in Easter Island.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 5:

Day at leisure to enjoy optional activities, excursions or just explore the island on your pace.
Night in Easter Island.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 6:

Transfer to the airport to take the return flight to Santiago de Chile.
Once in Santiago de Chile. Transfer to your hotel in Santiago. Rest of the day at leisure.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 7:

Breakfast at you hotel.
At appropriate time transfer out to the airport to take your flight back home or continue traveling within South America.



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