Secluded Tour Through Australia’s Red Centre

A 5 day trip to Australia 

The romance of Australia surrounds you, from its glistening starry nights to its majestic seclusion. Within the deep red of the desert shines the sand and the stars, the rocks and natural springs, all ready to fill you with wonder. The didgeridoo rattles your bones as the red center stretches endlessly before you. This is the romance of Australia where nature’s wonders and human ingenuity give you the privacy of the desert and the luxury of home. 

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General Information

a sea of trees in front of the macdonnell ranges in the northern territories australia
the macdonnell ranges at sunset in the northern territories australia
the sun shines behind the standley chasm canyon in the northern territories australia
landscape view of the standley chasm in the northern territories on a sunny day with a bright blue sky
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta National Park, West MacDonnell Ranges, Desert Park

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Ready for the Lovely Centre

Arrive in the secluded city of Alice Springs, the oasis of the Red Centre, nestled between the MacDonnell Ranges that shield you from the glowing red sands of the Australian desert. Once in the city you will be guided through the highlights of The Alice on a tour. The Telegraph Station was established in the late 19th century as a relay between Darwin and Adelaide. The sight is the best-preserved station of the 12 along the Overland Telegraph Line. The interior of the museum contains the antique workings of the original station after its 60 years of operation, such as a special franking stamp to post a letter at the post office, remnants of the building’s history before becoming a school for Aboriginal children.

Continue on to the Royal Flying Doctor Service created after Reverend John Flynn witnessed the struggle of pioneers living in remote areas where just two doctors provided the only medical care for an area of almost 800,000 square miles. Your tour through The Alice concludes with a visit to the School of the Air, where school lessons were conducted through shortwave radio to reach mostly Aboriginal students located in secluded areas of the Australian outback. The breeze sweeps through the city and brings with it the earthy scent of the desert. After your tour you will settle into the luxurious hotel of your choice, from the Aurora Alice Springs, the beautiful Crowne Plaza Alice Springs, or the lush Alice Springs Resort, Rivergum Room. No matter your preference of hotels your comfort and luxurious stay in The Alice is sure to be nothing less than pure delight.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 2: The Desert Beauty

Today you will be guided through a sensational journey along the outskirts of Alice Springs. The secluded depths of the desert are yours to explore and experience within the West MacDonnell Ranges. The scent of warm earth fills the sky. Clouds drift through the air and linger around the sun. Simpsons Gap is a unique space between converging rock formations. The oxidized range glows orange and red in the sunlight. Step through the gap and witness the stunning life that can thrive in the desert. The secluded space opens to you where the grass shines green along the water’s edges. Trees grow and sprout bright verdant leaves.

Continue your adventure to the unique and secluded areas of the MacDonnell Ranges with a visit to Angkerle, also known as Standley Chasm. The rocks tower high above the sunken desert valley and glow bright red in the drifting sun. The large space opens between the rocks. Stand within the opening and experience the magnitude of the rocks, the space, and the desert beyond. Rocks have spilled over inside creating a plateau within the gap, a space to reach a little bit higher to look out over the rift and see the colors shine.

Make your way to Desert Park where the stunning world of the arid region continues. Kangaroos lounge in the heat of the afternoon, dipping their faces into waterholes to cool down. The green brush spreads over the sandy red desert floor. The facility was built to educate visitors and locals alike about the flora and fauna of the area, from the desert rivers to the craggy rocks. You can feel the heat from the sand rising into the air as you explore one of the various trails that meander through the park. They will even give lessons in the art of Aboriginal survival, the tips and tricks that have kept the indigenous people thriving in the area for many thousands of years. The day begins to fade into early evening and you return to Alice Springs ready to settle in for the night.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, lunch

Day 3: Romancing the Sunset

Today you will make your way out of Alice Springs and into the secluded majesty of the Red Centre. Venture past the West MacDonnell Ranges where the landscape expands into a sparkling red, where you can practically feel the warm, red powder in your hands, falling through your fingers and sifting back to the earth. Travel along the desert roads where camels stretch their legs in the distance. Brought to Australia around the turn of the 20th century, they remain a valued resource in the heat of the desert. You’ll have the opportunity to climb aboard a camel at a local camel farm where you can feel the rock and sway of the animal as it moves through the sand, giving it its illustrious name, the “ship of the desert.”

You journey through the Red Centre continues with your arrival to Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas. The domed rocks stretch high above the sunken desert below, its deep red glowing like a beacon in the sun. Follow your guide along the trails of the Olgas, from the outer expanse of the towering rock faces, to the cool caverns hidden within the collective. Your guide will tour you through the waterholes that spring from the earth and collect from the rain, the scent of soothing earth filling the air. Listen to the wondrous stories of Dream Time and the myth of the Rainbow Serpent that brought all of Australia into existence, beginning with the colorful desert of the Red Centre. The sun continues to glide through the open sky and you arrive at the lookout point of Uluru (Ayers Rock). With a glass of champagne in your hand, the crisp bubbles tickling your tongue, you have a secluded view of the largest monolith in the Southern Hemisphere. The sun begins to set casting shades of light along Uluru, changing the rock’s colors from bright red to vibrant pink, and eventually fading the rock into a silhouette of the night. Luxuriate in the desert evening with your choice of stunning hotels, each one designed to optimize your privacy and the beauty of the open horizon. Whether it’s within the comforts of the Ayers Rock Resort, Outback Pioneer, the lush surroundings of the Desert Gardens, or the extravagances of the Sails in the Desert, the wonders of the Red Centre evening will wash over you.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 4: Romancing the Red (Desert)

The sunrise over Uluru gives you another chance at the private world of the Red Desert, where the colors of the monolith change just for you. The scent of rich coffee and cool earth rises around you. The vibrant world of color shifts on the rock from deep purple to the pulsing red for which the rock is known. Visit the trickling waters of the Mutitjulu Waterhole where the rainwater falls along the crevice and often makes the red sand look as though it is a collection of pastels melting back into the earth. Rainbow Bee Eaters, tiny birds with sharp beaks and vivacious green and yellow feathers chirp in the warming light of day.

Cave paintings decorate the sides of the rock walls and shine white characters connoting food, laws, and history as you wander around the base of Uluru. The romantic red of the monolith almost echoes the sun. Areas of the monolith are off limits to visitors due to their holy considerations by the local Aboriginal tribes. Although part of the Aboriginal world is off limits to outsiders, the glimpses offered to strangers is as magical as ever, with aspects of their private world available for understanding, from the stories told through the rock art, to the myths told in the Cultural Center. The Rainbow Serpent slithers through the main hall of the center offering the legends of creation with the expanse of its spectral skin. The hum of the didgeridoo echoes through the rooms and tingles your skin. Traditional instruments, whether for eating or for making music, are displayed, along with chances to create or purchase your own at the Maruku Arts and Craft Cooperative.

The sun disappears behind the horizon giving way to the stars sparkling in the night like diamonds strung through the sky. You will have the stunning experience of the Sounds of Silence dinner, where the majesty of the evening sky mixes with the enchantment of Aboriginal storytelling. The air is perfumed with decadent meats and root vegetables. Your taste buds dance with the sweetness of champagne. The stars dance in the darkness of the night. The storytellers begin their tale of the universe as the didgeridoo buzzes through your bones. Drums pulse in the open desert air. The private world of the Aboriginal traditions open up to you beneath the romantic night and tell you stories of the past, the present, and the future, hidden within the purr of the didgeridoo.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, dinner

Day 5: Rosy and Romantic

Today the romance of the Red Centre will become a memory as the tour comes to an end. You have traced your fingers across the myths of the desert and felt the warmth of legends and the powdery sand. From the sensational wonders of the Royal Flying Doctors, to the antique quality of the Telegraph Station, to the natural grandeur of Uluru and its surroundings, you have explored the Red Centre, felt its warm embrace, experienced its splendored seclusion, and felt its romantic touch. Your journey through the Red Centre may be ending but there is no reason why your romantic adventure has to. Let the romance continue by extending your exploration of Australia and the Southern Hemisphere; after all, you can never have too much romance.

What’s Included: transfer

If you'd like to spend more time in Australia, consider extending your stay.  Be sure to read the Australia travel reviews section for additional ideas and to see what travelers experienced on their customized trips.


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