Australia Luxury Vacation: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hamilton Island & Brisbane

A 13 day trip to Australia 
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A little bit of indulgence never went astray! Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury holidays, with a 13-day tour that embodies the best of Australia. Make the most of electric Sydney, visit extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage sites and spend five blissful tropical days at the outstanding Qualia resort, where helicopter flights, luxury yacht cruises, secluded beach picnics and the Great Barrier Reef are not just a flight of fancy.

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General Information

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australia sydney harbor bridge and luna park
australia blue mountains rockface and valley
australia two jumping kangaroos on kangaroo island
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sydney opera house at sunrise surrounded by calm water
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Depart the US

Set your expectations high as you jet off on an international flight to Australia’s most populous — and well-known — city, Sydney.

What’s included: international flights

Day 2: Cross the International Date Line

Although you won’t feel it, you’ll move forward in time as you cross the International Date Line. Don’t worry you’ll gain the lost time back upon your return.

What’s included: international flights

Day 3: Australia’s Largest City (Sydney)

Sleek skyscrapers preside over a sparkling natural harbor, while botanic gardens, golden beaches and dreamy headlands frame a city that is part contemporary urban metropolis and part breezy coastal town. Steal your first glimpses of Sydney, as your driver takes you from the airport to the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of the city.

Located in the historic Rocks district, the hotel is within a hop, skip and a jump of the dazzling harbor foreshore, Circular Quay Wharf, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Many of the city’s shopping arcades, boutiques and markets can also be found within an easy walking distance.

Freshen up after your long flight and, when you feel up to it, venture out onto the streets to explore the stylish restaurants, bars and historic pubs that surround your hotel. Pick one and toast your first night in Australia with a glass of local wine.

What’s included: private airport transfer, accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Day 4: Meet The Icons of Sydney (Sydney)

Few people can mistake the majestic white sails of the Sydney Opera House or the boomerang-like curve of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The iconic structures, which sit on opposite ends of the world-renowned harbor endowing it with character and postcard views, have earned fame in all corners of the Earth.

Get to know the icons a little more intimately as you spend your day touring the legendary feats of architecture and engineering. Begin with a tour of the Sydney Opera House, which will unveil not only its majestic interiors, but also the turbulence of its creation, plagued by stories of sabotage, rivalry and politics. Find out why the mastermind behind the design quit before its completion, in a tale as dramatic as any you’re likely to see performed inside.

The mighty Harbour Bridge will be your next destination, as you make your way to one of its pylons and embark on a three-and-a-half-hour adventure to its summit. Walk the gentle curve of one of its arches, stopping once in awhile to listen to stories about its construction, the surroundings and how it shaped the history of Sydney. Once you reach the top, pose for a celebratory photo and take in the breathtaking views, before crossing to the other side and making your descent.

What’s included: accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Sydney Opera House tour (optional), Sydney BridgeClimb (optional)

Day 5: A Wildlife and Mountains Adventure (Sydney – Blue Mountains)

Because of its isolation, climate and a few other random factors, Australia now boasts a completely unique — and often bizarre — native wildlife. From lazy koalas to bouncy kangaroos, to the adorable platypus, which resembles a beaver crossed with a duck and is one of only five known mammal species to lay eggs, the creatures from down under continue to enamor and baffle.

Come face to face with some of the quirky animals, as you set off early to visit the koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park. After you’ve had your morning meal, watch as the cute creatures munch on eucalyptus leaves and give them a pat, then check out some of the other residents and feed kangaroos and wallabies that roam freely around the place.

Once you’re done, continue driving west until you reach the Blue Mountains. See the famous Three Sisters sandstone rock formation that overlooks Jamison Valley, visit Scenic World and take a gondola ride above the mountains or the world’s steepest scenic railway into the heart of the rainforest. See beautiful lookouts and verdant flora, before being swept away to a clearing where you can drink champagne while watching wild kangaroos hop about the place, unaffected.

What’s included: accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Eco Adventures Wildlife and Blue Mountains Tour (optional)

Day 6: Uncover Coastal City Wonders (Sydney)

Sydney’s dazzling harbor cannot be ignored. It’s loud, it’s proud and it definitely deserves at least one day of your time. Unearth its hidden coves, sheltered lookouts and well-guarded local treasures on a full-day harbor adventure.

Begin by joining a morning tour of the best harbor-side spots in Sydney. Walk the promenade along the harbor and learn about the local indigenous people, the European colonization of the area, and the colorful characters who interacted with the very same harbor you stand on. Then head east to the world-famous Bondi Beach where lifesavers, locals and beach loving crowds occupy sandy shores. Finally, travel to South Head and follow a short heritage trail for stunning views over the Pacific Ocean.

Next, climb on board a swanky 52-foot yacht and view the harbor from a different perspective, on a four-hour cruise. Sail past major landmarks, visit timid coves and headlands, while enjoying a delicious lunch and the refreshing ocean breeze on the deck of the Calypso.

What’s included: accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Day 7: Escape to Tropical Paradise (Sydney – Hamilton Island)

Begin day seven of your Australian adventure by waving goodbye to Sydney as you fly north to the tropical paradise of Hamilton Island. Located off the eastern coast of Queensland, and part of the Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton boasts easy access to the UNESCO World Heritage -listed Great Barrier Reef, idyllic white sand beaches and more than 20 kilometers of natural bushwalking trails.

You’ll find the secluded Qualia Resort on the very northern tip of the island, nestled among eucalyptus trees, ferns and the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea. Expect peace, tranquility and indulgence, as you settle into your sea-view room for five incredible nights.

What’s included: airport transfer, accommodation: Qualia Resort, VIP chauffer service, two-seater buggy and use of non-motorized watercraft, non-alcoholic beverages consumed at The Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, non-alcoholic beverages and breakfast from the minibar

Days 8: Sail and Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef (Hamilton Island)

The vast expanse of the UNESCO World Heritage -listed Great Barrier Reef stretches for hundreds of colorful, iridescent miles. The real trick is to find the areas with the most intense, unique or rare coral and marine life.

Luckily in this task you’ll have a helping hand, as after breakfast you board a helicopter or seaplane and go on a scenic flight above the reef and silica sands of Whitehaven Beach, to prime snorkeling and diving spots. Discover hidden underwater worlds, filled with curious fish, vibrant coral structures and the occasional sea turtle, dolphin or even whale. Swim through the warm, crystal clear waters and see underwater gardens bursting with life. Organize a picnic at a secluded beach and drink in the best of the Whitsunday Islands. If you’d rather not venture too far, the nearby Pebble Beach boasts soft and hard coral as well as bright schools of tropical fish, right off its sandy shores. 

What’s included: breakfast, accommodation: Qualia Resort, VIP chauffer service, two-seater buggy and use of non-motorized watercraft, non-alcoholic beverages consumed at The Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, non-alcoholic beverages from the minibar, Helicopter/Seaplane tour (optional)

Day 9: The Whitsunday and Whitehaven Beach (Hamilton Island)

The beautiful Whitsunday Islands — curiously named after a passage which was itself erroneously labeled by famous explorer Captain Cook — are a group of idyllic tropical isles renowned for their white sandy beaches, aquamarine lagoons and coral gardens.

Join the thousands of visitors who sail them every year, by hopping on board a luxurious 45-foot cruiser and gliding onto the open sea. Make a stop at Whitehaven Beach — the white powdery sands, bright waters and verdant green bushland of which make it the most photographed beach in Australia — drop anchor at key snorkeling spots to do a bit of exploring and watch the horizon transform into a wash of watercolored hues as the sun dips out of sight.

What’s included: breakfast, accommodation: Qualia Resort, VIP chauffer service, two-seater buggy and use of non-motorized watercraft, non-alcoholic beverages consumed at The Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, non-alcoholic beverages from the minibar, Atomic sailing adventure (optional)

Day 10: Explore the Island by Land and Sea (Hamilton Island)

With turquoise waters, silver beaches and verdant tropical growth all around you and nothing but time at your disposal, it would be a sin not to make like Robinson Crusoe and explore the area.

Give way to your sense of adventure and paddle the Coral Sea waters on a kayak, seeking the company of playful dolphins and breathtaking island views. Visit nearby islands and stop at remote beaches at your whim, feeling the uplifting effects of complete freedom. Alternatively, join a guided kayaking tour and learn about the local indigenous people, the history, and the flora and fauna of the area as you follow your knowledgeable guide.

If you’d prefer to keep your feet on dry land, Hamilton Island also boasts more than 20 kilometers of beautiful walking trails. Pick up a self-guided map and set off on an adventure. Admire local plant life, keep an eye out for critters that call the island home and enjoy the mind-blowing views of the surrounding islands.

What’s included:  breakfast, accommodation: Qualia Resort, VIP chauffer service, two-seater buggy and use of non-motorized watercraft, non-alcoholic beverages consumed at The Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, non-alcoholic beverages from the minibar, Atomic sailing adventure (optional)

Day 11: A Day of Indulgence (Hamilton Island)

Spend your final day on Hamilton Island by giving into your inner desires and indulging in anything your heart — or senses — crave. Qualia Resort boasts several areas where you can rest your mind, body and soul, as well as a health spa that borrows from ancient Aboriginal wisdoms to create signature treatments.

Begin your day by catching the warming rays of the sun and relaxing on a sunbed on your private sundeck. Then take a dip in one of the two beautiful infinity-edge swimming pools, which overlook glittering beaches and the Coral Sea. Order a cocktail or glass of wine by the poolside and while the afternoon away.

For added indulgence, pay a visit to the luxurious Spa Ethos, which combines contemporary and ancient Aboriginal knowledge to produce a menu of lavish spa treatments, from a Bularri Yarrul hot stone massages performed with 300-million-year-old stones to the Kumali (sacred) Ritual.

What’s included: breakfast, accommodation: Qualia Resort, VIP chauffer service, two-seater buggy and use of non-motorized watercraft, non-alcoholic beverages consumed at The Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, non-alcoholic beverages from the minibar, Atomic sailing adventure (optional)

Day 12: The Capital of Queensland Awaits (Hamilton Island – Brisbane)

Catch last glimpses of the Whitsunday Islands as a short flight takes you south to Queensland’s capital, Brisbane. The thrilling city is renown for its glitzy skyline, rousing restaurant and bar scene and fabulous river cruises.

After a personal transfer to the lux Quay West Brisbane Hotel, drop your bags and spend the afternoon strolling along the picturesque Brisbane River. Stop to admire the historical Brisbane City Hall, wander the Botanic Gardens, and then make your way along the shore, popping into patisseries, cafes, bars and boutiques whenever they catch your fancy, until you reach the iconic Story Bridge.

As evening nears, head to the hip district of New Farm, which lies on the eastern side of the river and pick one of its many stylish restaurants for your dining pleasure.

What’s included: private airport transfer, accommodation: Quay West Brisbane

Day 13: Goodbye Australia (Brisbane – US)

The end of your trip has come.  Pack your bags and bid Australia farewell, as a private car takes you to the airport for your return flight home.

What’s included: private airport transfer, international flight


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