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About Using Uber & Other Transportation Apps in Italy

Is there Uber in Italy?

Uber does exist in Italy, and you can use Uber in the cities of Rome and Milan; however, Uber in Italy does not have the same options that other countries have and provides various prices that could be more expensive than other transportation options such as taking a taxi. 

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  • Uber in Italy
  • Other Ridesharing Apps in Italy
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The only Uber option available in Rome and Milan is Uber Black, which operates more like a limousine or private town car and makes a ride across the city or within the same neighborhood much more expensive than taking public transportation or a regular taxi. Uber Lux and Uber Van are also available and offer similar promises of luxury as opposed to simple ease and economy.

Other Ridesharing Apps in Italy

Ridesharing and transportation apps can help tourists and locals navigate the cities of Italy with ease. The following apps will help you explore, experience, discover, and enjoy your travels whether in cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, or lesser-visited destinations like Bari, Reggio-Calabria, and Trieste.



The MyTaxi app is one of the most popular and practical transportation applications in Italy. The app allows you to contact a cab from your destination when you are ready for pick-up. You can also schedule a pick-up for later date and time using the app, making it easy and convenient in addition to obliging the driver to always use the meter, as well as following tracked routes for your convenience. 

Welcome Pickups: 


The Welcome Pickpus app works as a transfer service much like a taxi but operates mainly between ports of arrival and departure, such as Fiumicino Airport in Rome and Malpensa Airport in Milan. The app allows you to prearrange your transport to and from the airport for ease and convenience as well as a set price.


Scooterino is an straightforward app that offers users ridesharing services on demand in Rome. The app works like a taxi or Uber with the customer calling for a scooter on-demand. A driver arrives with an extra helmet that is designed for safety and comfort, acting as the transport as they effortlessly weave through the infamous traffic of the city. As of 2019, Scooterino is only available in Rome and its surrounding suburbs such as the Fiumicino Airport and Ostia.

Other Helpful Transportation Apps



Eurail App

The Eurail app is considered one of the essential applications for train travel across Western Europe as it has a list of the timetables and information for every running train across the continent and does not require a wifi or internet connection.



The TRENIT! app is Trenitalia’s application that specifically lists the operating trains for Italy and the Italian rail network. The app also allows you to purchase tickets directly from the site, which are then available on your phone or tablet. The app also helps with easily showing platform numbers and any information regarding delays.



The Omio app offers various different types of travel across Italy with trains acting as the most popular commute for travelers through the country. The app only books e-tickets that are available directly on Omio, through Trenitalia, or Italo making it an easy aggregate for finding the best train fares but does not offer accessible information on train routes or timetables.





The Romebus app provides accurate information on real-time locations, updates, and distances for Rome’s metro and bus stops. The app also provides information on establishments near the bus and metro stops in occurrences of strikes, direction changes, or traffic to help better calculate your route.



The MYCICERO app works in Rome and provides easy access to the city’s public transport where you can purchase and validate your tickets in seconds. The app offers a variety of public transportation tickets as well, such as 90-minute, 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour passes. MYCICERO also allows you to purchase Trenitalia tickets. You do need an internet connection when using this app in order to show the necessary ticketing information.



The Moovit app helps to plan routes across Italy by providing information on the proper public transportation to take in order to reach certain destinations while also providing extra information on any of the sites that are close to each stop. The detailed routes and maps help guide you through a city with clarity whether traveling by metro, train, light rail, or bus.


Many cities have their own apps that are specifically geared for public transportation, whether it be metro, bus, or vaporetto. The following is a short list of the apps that are available in the different cities of Italy:
    • Milan – ATM
    • Florence – ATAF
    • Venice AVM
    • Rome – ATAC
    • Naples – Gira Napoli




Traveling by scooter in Italy is always a popular choice, and new apps that are available around the country make it much easier to access a scooter in large cities like Rome, Milan, and Genoa. The following list offers examples of new scooter apps that are popular with Italians:

eCooltra App

The eCooltra app allows holders to rent a scooter at any number of its locations around Rome paying a preapproved price per minute. The scooters are available for Italians and international holders of the app.

Transportation Included with Zicasso Tours

All Zicasso Tours include transportation, making it much easier for you to relax, enjoy, and experience your surroundings. Instead of concerning yourself with train times, bus schedules, or booking a taxi for dinner, Zicasso provides you with private transportation, pre-booked train tickets, and knowledgeable guides who are eager to introduce you to the cities and towns of Italy, taking away the guesswork of international travel so you can fully immerse yourself in Italy’s legendary culture and heritage.

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