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What to Expect During Your Spain Trip

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Playa de Ondarreta in San Sebastián, Spain

Playa de Ondarreta in San Sebastián, Spain

From the passion of flamenco to the sophisticated menu of a Michelin-star restaurant, Spain offers a dazzling array of cultural experiences.

Travel across the epic landscape of Don Quixote or sample the culinary feast of home and professional chefs. Or visit the simple pleasures of a pristine beach or discover the fantastical ambiance of medieval cities. Whether looking for historic royal grandeur, Moorish aesthetic, or soulful traditions, Spain is sure to surpass your expectations.

Read more to learn more about the wide array of enticing experiences and destinations Spain has to offer.

  1. Step off the beaten path
  2. Experience the popular and surprising
  3. The change in Spain travel
  4. The expectation vs. reality of Spain travel
  5. Ready to Book your Spain Trip?

Step off the beaten path

Cíes Islands in the Galicia region of Spain

Cíes Islands in the Galicia region of Spain

While first-time visitors may wish to visit Spain’s key highlights, your true discovery will come when your interests align with the history, culture, cuisine, and beauty of Spain. Surprising cultural nuggets are sprinkled across the land, and working with a local Spain travel specialist can lead you to the roads less traveled, including experiences perfectly matched to your interests and where fewer crowds will be present, ensuring even higher safety during the COVID era.

Experience the popular and surprising

Madrid, Spain cityscape at Calle de Alcala and Gran Via

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona are the most important capital cities of Spain and considered the most popular destinations among travelers, especially first-time visitors. As travel returns to Spain, these cities will most likely remain just as popular as before, though there will most likely be changes in the way people visit these destinations, such as trains vs. flights vs. private transfers. In addition to the popular cities, many visitors will most likely show more interest in mountain and beach areas, which are also increasing in popularity.

The change in Spain travel

La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain

It is difficult to think of a Spain trip without visiting La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Alhambra in Granada. The iconic destinations of Spain continue to inspire travelers around the world. Thanks to vaccines and reliable health protocols, travelers also feel more comfortable exploring Spain again, which includes limited capacity at museums or tourist sites. The travel landscape is constantly changing and as Spain opens to travelers, the environment will either go back to being very similar to before Covid, or both locals and travelers will learn to accommodate the newer conventions.

The expectation vs. reality of Spain travel

Moorish architecture at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Your expectations of Spain may come from information from books, movies, or recommendations from past travelers. But when working with a Spain travel specialist, you often get significantly more than expected. It doesn’t matter how much you may have read or heard about the Alhambra, the gastronomy, or a Real Madrid and FC Barcelona match – nothing compares to actually experiencing all these firsthand.

Ready to Book your Spain Trip?

Woman in flamenco dress on the stairs at Plaza de España

Sevilla, Spain

Understanding what to expect from your Spain trip can help you discover new cuisine, explore ancient cities, or experience the diverse culture of the regions. From Barcelona’s beaches to Granada’s Alhambra, flamenco in Seville to Rioja’s enticing wines, Our Spain Travel Guide has a wealth of information to help you prepare for your custom vacation. You can also find inspiration for your trip with our Spain Tours & Vacations. Ready to start planning your trip? Speak with a Spain travel specialist by calling us at 1-888-265-9707 or submit a Trip Request.

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